What's In My Bag? | MINIMALIST TECH BAG 2019

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What's In My Bag? | MINIMALIST TECH BAG 2019

Hey everybody and welcome to the article this is Josh here and today we're gonna be taking a look at what's in my bag for those of you that may be new around here I'm a freelance videographer and photographer living in Portland Oregon I'm happy to say that as of this year I am working from home full-time but I'm often leaving my home office to meet with clients or sometimes work remotely with each passing year I aim to carry as little as absolutely possible with three years of commuting on foot under my belt I've learned that every ounce matters it's really taught me lessons for what I need and don't need on a day-to-day basis my current bag of choice is the ISM classic backpack I love this bag for the compact size and the attention to quality in detail it's a combination of nylon and leather and unlike many other backpacks this would not look out of place in a corporate setting when I'm meeting with my clients the bag is relatively new to me but so far

I've been really liking it be sure to let me know down in the comments if you'd like to see a full review sometime in the future starting off in the back compartment here we have my laptop this is the 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro I picked this up last year because I needed something more powerful to handle 4k video footage and so far it has been absolutely perfect for my needs not only does it serve as my mobile editing laptop it is my main desktop computer in my home office in the back compartment I also carry my Kindle this is the original Kindle paperwhite have had zero complaints with this and absolutely love being able to carry my entire library in such a compact space opening up the main compartment here I keep my 32 hydro flask this takes up a significant amount of my bag but all you hydro homies understand you got to stay hydrated if you saw my article last year I had started using the straw lid attachment you can purchase from hydro flask I was running into some issues where it was leaking in my backpack so

I switched back to the classic screw top in this first pouch i keep my macbook charger i also like to keep a notebook with me this is great for client meetings when i don't want to keep my laptop out or look like i'm fiddling on my phone while people are talking it also works really well to take notes when i'm filming and using my phone as a monitor the notebook is an oregon themed field notes designed by aran drap 'ln check him out if you haven't yet and the pen is the ultimate left-handers dream it's the uniball jet stream 1.0 it allows you to get that nice inky look without smudging up your hands or your notebook next up I have my battery bank this is the anchor power core slim the 10,000 milliamp hour battery I picked up a couple of years ago it works perfectly and I really love it for the compact size not only am i able to charge my iphone with this but I can also plug in my laptop if I'm in a location that doesn't have power plugs also in this top pouch here I have my hard drive of choice this is the Samsung t5 portable SSD since the past year I've actually purchased a second one of these and this is the two terabyte model this is my main editing drive for all of my current client and

TlcShoppe article projects not only is it fast enough to handle 4k speeds it's very durable if you're out on the go and by default it is a USBC hard drive so no adapters are needed next up we have my wallet it's made by shinola and my hometown of Detroit Michigan I picked it up about 4 years ago the patina looks great and I can imagine getting another 10 years plus out of that wallet in the very bottom of my backpack I like to keep a canvas grocery bag I like to have this on hand in case I'm picking up groceries on my way home so I don't waste any excess grocery bags in the front compartment I keep a handful of quick access items first being a handkerchief it's a great way to save on tissues and paper towel I also like to keep a microfiber cloth for my glasses mainly but also my electronics and we have my headphones of choice the Apple earpods I'm one of the lucky folks where they fit very well into my ears I got them a couple of years ago now as a gift and have not looked back last but not least we have my sunglasses these are the matte black light force Wayfarers from Ray Ban I bought them six or seven years ago now and they have a few scratches but still work perfectly and that is going to conclude the tour through my 2019 backpack

I really hope you all enjoyed this be sure to LIKE the article if you enjoyed it and leave me a comment down below what's your bag of choice thank you all so much for reading no I'll talk to you in the next one.
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