What Apple needs to do better in 2020

What Apple needs to do better in 2020 Apple made a big Hollywood splash in 2019. In 2020 it needs even more What will Apple release in 2020? Will Apple release a new iPhone in 2020? What is Apple's newest product? What is the release date for iPhone 12? iphone 12 2020 iphone 2020 design apple iphone 2020 price iphone 2020 leaks iphone 2020 model iphone 12 design what is the release date for iphone 12 2020 iphone rumors

What Apple needs to do better in 2020

Apple made a big Hollywood splash in 2019. In 2020 it needs even more

What's up everybody Brian strong here and welcome to the Apple bits for everything good and bad inside the world of Apple hey 2019 was a good year a really good year overall for Apple because it felt like Apple is finally listening to us it's actual user base and giving us what we wanted okay fine they they didn't give us everything but we're moving forward here and this is everything Apple needs to do better in 2020 now before we get to it this video sponsored by skill share skill shares an online community with thousands of classes in design business technology and more a Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes from experts working in the field so you can improve your skills unlock new opportunities and do the work you love now to the classes that I really enjoyed we're going freelance which is exactly what

What Apple needs to do better in 2020

I'm doing now and DIY cinematography helps show me ways to improve the quality of my videos the quality of content and learning on here is really legit stuff from true experts in their field now still shares annual subscription is less than $10 a month and more affordable than other learning platforms but you can go to this link on screen to get a free two-month trial I think you're gonna really enjoy it so check out Skillshare tomorrow is for the taking all right back to the video for how Apple can be better and let's start off with the iPhone 11 Pro that not only brought the best overall camera experience with it's amazing triple lens it's seamless switching between the lens the image quality and it's smooth UI but they went back to the basics and actually made the iPhone thicker and heavier to give it a battery life that normally gets me through a full day before I even have to charge it battery life is sexy I put that on a t-shirt the iPhone 11 Pro is one of my favorite iPhones in a long time I made fun of how it looked and it surprised me how they really focused on improving two of the most important things to us and

What Apple needs to do better in 2020

I've been telling you right 20/20 is really the iPhone to get and I still stand by that because it's gonna make that next jump in tech for Apple we've heard all the rumors for it 5g a potential 90 to 120 Hertz promotion display for that buttery smooth screen an additional time-of-flight camera for depth sensing and new augmented reality improvements a possible in display fingerprint scanner and an all new phone design with a metal frame that calls back to the iPhone 4 or 5 design that I just love and this is also if we've heard and if it does all happen it'll be exciting but I'm sorry the knot is still ugly F like I don't complain about it throughout the year just so I could go in on it right now at the end of the year it looks dated now and 2020 would be year 4 of the knotch if they don't get rid of it even if Apple brings in in-display fingerprint reader and that's not guaranteed they gotta do something about the knotch even make it smaller just do something okay now we've also been hearing a lot about

Apple potentially releasing around five to six new iPhone models in 2020 I know this is a Tim Cook specialty but call me a simpleton I'd still like a tighter iPhone lineup with less models especially if they plan on really releasing these five or six new ones alongside of keeping models from two or three years back at lower price points it just gets to be too much now Apple did a lot of great things with hardware in 2019 the new MacBook Pro finally brought back the keyboard we always wanted that I had always been asking for with also new cooling to boost its improvements they did great there they still gonna give me that SD card slot but you know one can only dream for a basic feature that should be in a pro machine also the Apple watch Series 5 is still the best SmartWatch on planet Earth and the Mac Pro showed us that Apple can go big serving the pros that used to be the heartbeat of their company all of these huge highlights for 2019 but the biggest thing Apple needs to do next year is get their software right this was a horrible and pretty embarrassing year for

Apple os's after a year of fine-tuning in iOS 12 Iowa's 13 was a disaster out of the gates with four updates within the first like five to six weeks of its release seriously and you know what I'm glad they're addressing the issues they should be but that many updates come on now that's just a bad apple the Mac OS Catalina was the new OS that works great if you're buying new hardware but creatives and people with legacy 32-bit apps we're in for a world of hurt and yes look Apple has been warning us over the years that support for 64-bit apps only was coming but honestly how many normal consumers even knew or pay attention to this on the regular not only that it cost some people's machines to break or continues to ask for permissions and authorizations for others no software update is perfect I get it in my review I said if your computer is working just fine and it has everything you need it to do you probably shouldn't upgrade now Apple knows that 2019 was an ugly one for software I'm not saying it's easy but it just shouldn't be this bad either

I'm also still waiting for actual Pro apps from Apple to arrive on my iPad Pro and Apple staple used to be at least supporting their hardware with apps it's been four years and we still haven't seen anything from Apple here I pretty much given up on anything happening now and since we're on the iPad pro can Apple finally make an iPad pro case that has a decent keyboard after they finally brought one to the MacBook Pro that flat rubber thing they sell is basically one of the worst options out there right now okay on to the other big thing Apple needs to do in 2020 that's to make major strides in the smart home and open up home kid because they are behind and it's embarrassing now in the most recent report from consumer intelligence research partners they found that Amazon owns 70% of the u.s. smart speaker market Google holds 25% an Apple holds 5% just 5% of the market a year ago Apple held 6% of the market so they lost a percentage point of what little they already had we know the home pod it sounds amazing but it's too expensive for what it is it's learn a few more things but it's still extremely limited the smart home is really one of those new places where consumers are actually investing more than ever with tech

Apple needs to take a page from Amazon here right make it more affordable and put it everywhere other than the overpriced home pot in iPhone use can't use Siri anywhere else Apple needs Siri to be everywhere and they need to introduce a lower priced home pod Mini type device that can be in multiple rooms forget about talking also into your remote and holding up button for your Apple TV the Apple TV should just have Siri built into the box and here you now consumers have changed their behavior and turned to Amazon and Google which worked better than Siri Apple had Siri before any of these companies and it just shows you how badly that they have fallen behind so here we go Apple needs to open up homekit to be more compatible with smart home devices right now Apple supports a couple hundred smart home devices Amazon supports over 20,000 Google supports over ten thousand and Apple Amazon Google and ZigBee just recently announced this new alliance to create a new smart home device standard for all of them to work together but that's not gonna happen anytime soon so can

Apple really the question is at least be a relevant player in the smart home space in the future absolutely if they commit to it they have the ecosystem and the platform they need to make Syria vailable everywhere possible and also make their devices cheaper and open up home kit but right now they are losing and look see I'm not gonna sit here and complain about this stuff I'm going to offer you all solutions an apple they should be watching this too now you all know how much I love the Apple watch here and how it fits into my life even if I didn't upgrade to the series 5 from the 4 they always on display wasn't enough of a game changer for me and that still holds true I don't feel like I'm missing a thing but 2020 is a year that I hope we see a new form factor for the Apple watch they kept the same design and the same internals for the series 5 the processor everything is basically the same except that it works with the always-on display and has a compass that no one is talking about that means that they had a lot more time to focus on the next-gen Apple watch and I'm hoping at the very least we see an even slimmer design or could

Apple open up in even higher tier Apple watch with an Apple watch Pro or get crazy and finally give us the round Apple watch that a lot of people are asking from the starts I know there is there is literally like no evidence that this is happening my dream has always been to finally get FaceTime on an Apple watch cuz I just love that Dick Tracy style watch come on now that's me but in 2020 I hope we see some new form factor design and I guess that was really more of a hope instead of how to get better but who cares like this is my list all right so those are just some of the things that I want to see Apple do better in 2020 I didn't hit every single thing because I want you all that are watching a chime in with your own like do you agree with me or do you disagree let me know in the comments what Apple can do next year and also you know what I like to know what are you gonna do to be better in 2020 for yourself see like let's bring some positivity to 2020 and I will really read all of them well okay let's let's be honest most of them but thanks again for Skillshare for sponsoring this article remember to go to this link to get to three months of online classes from legit experts in their fields

And everybody if you like this article thumbs up thumbs up and hit that notification bell thing to get all my articles when they drop also just check out my weekly Apple bits XL audio podcast where we just dive in deep with all the latest stories each week we also have special guests but everybody thanks so much for reading take care and be safe we'll talk too soon peace.
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