We Went To Japan to Buy Mystery Technology

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We Went To Japan to Buy Mystery Technology

Hey guys, this is Austin, and welcome to a very special episode of Mystery Tech, featuring Japan. This is Ken's idea obviously. So this is probably one of my favorite parts of the store. So sorry. Number seven? Number seven. All right that's 28,250 yen, so this sounds like a month's salary. Just gonna put this back. This shot epitomizes everything that is terrible about Mystery Tech. Think you mean great. You wanna try Finals? Yeah, I just said that. There are some over ear headphones Okay cool, let's do these. No wait, let's do some other ones. No, we can get affordable ones. No, keep going down the. Here, here, here. Yeah, oh cool. I didn't think you'd agree with that, but I am more than down to try these. Look, Xbox! You know, 'cause they sold 15 of them here in Japan. What is this? I'm pretty sure we can just buy that in the States though. Really? I've never seen these before. Yeah, we're gonna do this. Cooling fans for the Switch. This is so dumb. Oh yeah, you just put it on the dock. I kind of feel like we have to try this. This one has three. That's a turbo, I need a turbo. I think we should head over to the retro video game store. 

Well, it's kind of closed, but we can go another day. We have a few more days left to try. So first spot is Trader's. This is the first thing that's open for us so let's see if Austin can get some gaming stuff here. Gaming stuff you say? Yeah, gaming stuff. Sounds about right. A Wii for $30 basically. This is better than GameStop. Junk, no warranty. Oh man, look at this. Woo! Dude, that's too expensive. But it looks so good. It's in orange. How could you not want it? Dude, it's like $180. Yeah, but it's in orange. I'd rather do a PSP Go. But it's not in orange. I don't understand why you want this, but I want this now. You still have to plug in USB, yeah all right, sold. This I think easily is my favorite video game store of all time. It's incredible. Well, you haven't seen the other one yet. Definitely. Oh, no. This is bad. Oh, no. No. Wait, wait, wait. Ah, I hate this. We're here at the next spot. So it's actually called Super Potato. Is it really? Yeah, it actually is. So it's one of the main gaming, like retro gaming destinations. It's probably a little touristy as well, but their selection's actually pretty decent so I think you might be able to find something there as well. Excellent. Oh we should also just get out of the rain. Can we just get out of the rain? Wow. This is dangerous. Oh yo. 

Mario Paint? That's actually kind of cool. That is really cool. It's just straight up a mouse. Is that a floppy? What is this thing? I mean I'm not going to spend 60,000 yen on it. Yo, oh. Oh, that's actually pretty good. Should we take one? No. Feel like I found something you might be interested in. Huh. Jokes. So we're back, and it is time to take a look at what monstrosities that we chose to purchase in Japan. Oh, the stupid wireless charging AirPod case. I think this probably made a lot, well thank you very much. I think this probably made a lot more sense back before there was an actual wireless charging AirPod case, but sure why not? I also don't know how this is mystery if I went shopping with you. It was a mystery in that we didn't know what we were looking for. We were in a land of mystery, a land of intrigue, a land of magicalness. It's only a mystery for Matt. He's the only one that hasn't seen any of these items. Well, we haven't tried them. We're halfway through the video and you're already questioning? How are we halfway through the video? We literally just started. Excuse me Matt, there was a whole intro where we shot in Japan. Did you forget that part? I like how we start recording. 

Look, it's me and Ken, everything is no problem, we're having a great time, Matt shows up and now we're all arguing and like, "This isn't real Mystery Tech. "This isn't real tech. "This isn't a real country. "Wa, wa, wa." It turns out friendship was the real mystery all along. That's good Matt, I like that one. I mean it just looks like I've got big AirPods. All right, can I get a wireless charger please. No problem. Is this is the Galaxy S10e? Is wireless power share on right now? Can I just drop it on? No, you need to turn it on. Why didn't you do that first? So it's not this way right? Is it this way? Oh, it's working. I heard a vibratey thing. There we go! What a great way to start our Japanese Mystery Tech with Samsung literally supporting AirPods. Are you gonna answer your mom's phone call or no? What? It's okay mom, I'll talk to you later. Tell her I said hi. Hi mom. Hey, can you talk for a second? We're shooting Mystery Tech right now, you're on camera. You can say hi to everyone. Well hello world, it's Friday night. Hi Mama Austin! Hi! Hello, children. Austin's children. I'm older than him! Hey oh! Hey oh! Game Boys, I'm excited for Game Boys. All right, so let's actually start with the Game Boy Pocket. Come, come with me for a moment please. 

Just, just. So, you may have watched Mystery Tech from oh I don't know a year or two ago, and noticed this on the back of the set. So a long time ago, I think for the very first Japanese Mystery Tech, Ken purchased these. All the original Game Boy games for Pokémon. Pokémon games for Game Boy, and now we're going to actually try them on a Japanese Game Boy. I'm not used to being this close to the camera. It's slightly uncomfortable because as you can see on A cam, this is a little close. It's a little close. I don't usually sit inside the camera. However, this is a special occasion. It's something that doesn't happen all the time, and that is when we don't take a look at Ken's dumb on Mystery Tech, we take a look at mine, which are Game Boys. You can go back over there now it's fine. We're good. 1999. All right, time to challenge my Japanese skills. They don't exist. I'm going by memory 'cause I played this game like 20 years ago. So one of the things I really like about the Game Boy Pocket, is specifically compared to the original Game Boy, is the screen. I mean there's obviously the size comparison. I mean it's literally like maybe a third the size, but the thing is this is a very retro green screen, which I get. 

That's kind of like the classic way to play the Game Boy, however these days, I mean it's just not great looking. Now this at least is a black and white screen as opposed to a black and green. Now the Game Boy Pocket still only has four colors. It's black, dark gray, light gray, gray? So, when it comes to games like this, it's maybe not the greatest way to play, however, it's fine. Next, we have the Game Boy Micro. Aw, it's so tiny. Is it a picture, or is it the real thing? I can't tell. What? Oh! Crazy right bro? What? Woo, look at that high quality screen. So this has a fully back-lit display, it's color, and honestly it looks so much better than the Pocket. Dude, this is so legit. Like the Game Boy Advance was realistically like obviously the peak of Game Boys, but it really felt like a portable version of the Super Nintendo. There was so many great titles for it. Not just Pokémon. There were things such as Advance War, and honestly while the Game Boy Micro definitely does have some limitations, personally I still do prefer the larger screen and the better form factor of the Game Boy Advance SP. This is actually the very first time I've ever owned a Game Boy Micro, which is actually was the last Game Boy. I've literally owned every other Game Boy. 

This is the last one I don't have in my collection. (breathes in and out) Oh, the Finals! So this is actually the very first time I've ever heard of Finals was on Mystery Tech probably a year ago at this point, and I daily drove the Final E4000s for quite a while until the cable finally broke, actually no, it wasn't the cable that broke, it was actually my right ear bud. Yeah, because the cable is replaceable. Yeah, but still. Very impressed with Final audio quality. I don't remember how much we spent on this, but I'm sure it was fine. $150, $200, something like that. It's actually kind of a lot. Ooh. Ooh that's nice. They're decent. They actually sound solid for like $150 pair of headphones. They don't blow me away. They're lacking a little bit of high end sparkle I guess would be the best way to describe it. There's a decent amount of bass, and honestly sound stage is actually really quite good for some sealed up, over ear headphones, but I'm not in love with them. I definitely prefer the way the E4000s sounded, that's probably a little bit more of personal preference, but they're good. They're just not like, not as good as I hoped. Oh, the giant stupid keyboard! So this if I recall correctly, was quite expensive for not any particular reason. No, there's a good reason. Okay, well let's find out. 

What the hell was that? It's called style, Ken. You should get some someday. Thanks, that'll be fun to clean up later It's okay, we'll make him clean that up. Got anything else to add, Matt? Why is the studio always a mess? (keyboard typing sounds) Did you find what you're looking for? What are you looking at? I'm experiencing aural bliss. Can you hear this aural bliss? Aural! Aural bliss just listen, just listen. Shh. Appreciate the aural bliss. (keyboard typing sounds) Interesting. That's not what I thought that switch would look like. Topre switches are actually completely different. It's really weird, yeah, yeah. So it's like the spring is actually inside the switch. I guess that makes sense if you want to I guess better protect against like dirt and debris because you would have to go, not only through the key cap, but you also have to go through what looks to be a sealed piece of plastic around it. That's clever. Okay so the way I would describe this, is a very good mechanical keyboard, which you are correct Matt, is quite quiet, however there's something actually that's really reassuring about it. Like the build quality feels rock solid, right? And there are a lot of great mechanical keyboards out there, most of which are in to gaming. 

Nothing wrong with RGB, nothing wrong with some optical mechanical switches, however not everyone is really into that, and for someone who's a little more, shall we say, not a 14 year old gamer, this is a great alternative. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. RGB is awesome, and if you enjoy RGB, and if you enjoy very bright YouTube thumbnails with RGB in them, then by all means continue, however this, I can get down with this. I can (beep) with this as the kids say. Wow. Nut. Thanks Matt, I always needed a well-placed nut in my life. Uh, it's November. We're gonna wrap this up with even more gaming. Even more gaming you say? Hey! It's our Switch (beep). Okay, so we have the Switch cooling fan turbo, which okay look, we've taken a look at these kind of things in the past for the PlayStation, for the Xbox, generally speaking, they don't do anything, however there's actually a chance that this could work for the Switch. So as we're walking around here on the Switcher, let's see what kind of temperatures we are getting out of the Switch. Okay, so right now we're looking at about 38, 39 degrees. Let's add the cooling, and see if that actually makes a difference or not. 

So the way I think this works is that the air is coming in through this, it's going through the little channel in the dock to the bottom where it's being intaked through the little grills on the bottom, and then obviously the fan and the Switch is exhausting the air out the top. Let's play for a minute and see if that makes any difference. I think maybe long term it might. I doubt we're gonna see any kind of major drop. So looking at the thermal image, this actually does seem to be helping. You can see there's definitely much much cooler on the outside. I don't think it's a big deal. If you have an original Switch, maybe you might be getting a little bit of a benefit, but certainly if you're having newer red box Switch, this doesn't seem to be particularly worth it, however if you do have your Switch on a little bit more of a more confined space, so say it's like underneath your TV or it doesn't have a lot of ventilation, something like this could actually help, and the good thing is there's really no downside. It fits nice and flush here, even on full turbo mode it's not that loud. You're only losing a single USB port. It's not for everyone. I'm not going to use this on my normal Switch, but there's actually a scenario in which this could be more useful than say some of those PS4 and Xbox One like intercoolers. 

Like it's not bad, it's just not really that necessary. So this a weird one because this is a keyboard that's meant to go in between your Joy-cons. I don't understand why you need this. Well I'll say to start out with, this feels ridiculous. It's like my hands are 15 feet apart from each other. I'm gonna attack this guy. Wait, but like that's the size of the normal Switch. You need tiny hands. Oh wow that's terrible. Who can type on this? Should we do something else 'cause this is not working well. All right, well this thing is probably going to be a million times better or worse. Oh! Yes, excellent! The Tactical Assault Commander. Wait, does this mean I'm gonna be good at Fortnite finally? No! Definitely not. Okay. So you plug the mouse into the controller, and the controller into the PlayStation, and you can also change in between your DPS settings. Okay, that sounds cool. Man, they weren't kidding. They just chopped a PS4 controller in half. Wait, oh you have all your face buttons off. Wait, now this is bad. Is this an eye patch? So this is the way you're actually supposed to use it, with a strap on this side, and your hand free here, so you can really get into the game. Oh that's weird. The mouse basically is scrolling through. What the? Wait, but it works though. The mouse actually feels like a mouse. 

So basically all of my buttons that would be on the top, so L1, R1, those are all mapped to the actual mouse. Woo! Feeling some ways I do prefer this compared to a standard controller. I feel like I'm a little more precise with the mouse. I would want to tune the DPI settings a little bit, but generally speaking it does work pretty well. It's better than I expected. I'm just not totally sure why you would do this when you could use a mouse and keyboard. Come on. Everyone knows that this is the future of gaming. This right here, the future. Look it up. All right, I'm dead. Well that's unfortunate. Future looks grim. It always does.
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