Top 10 Cyber Monday TECH DEALS 2019

Top 10 Cyber Monday TECH DEALS 2019 Who has the best Cyber Monday deals Will Apple have Cyber Monday deals Does Amazon have Cyber Monday deals What companies participate in Cyber Monday

Top 10 Cyber Monday TECH DEALS 2019

From the AirPod Pros, to Dyson, over-the-ear bluetooth wireless headphones, and a television surprise. I have your top 10 Cyber Monday Tech Deals. (chiming bells) (claps) It's Cyber Monday time. Yep yep, oh yeah. Hello, that looked wrong but I'm the TlcShoppe deal guy Matt Granite live from, where I have the top 10 Cyber Monday 2019 deals, but on that website as well I have all sorts of awesome, techin', lifestyle items. There's a couple of TV deals I can't wait to show you and a reminder I am giving away so many of the Cyber Monday deals. If you are subscribed to my email newsletter is where you can sign up. I will show you how to do that in a moment, and then of course, all the terms and conditions also on I do use affiliate links which means I may make a few cents or couple dollars off your purchase and I thank you for using my links, because that goes right back into this WEBSITE. 

Now with that being said, lets count down those top 10 deals. And, if you head over to, you will see all of my big latest deals and of course that pop-up box. If you get on my daily email newsletter, you'll find out if you've won and then more importantly I do this all year long, not just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Let's start with the Airpod Pros. Now of course I am giving this away. The Airpod Pros are on sale Cyber Monday. Amazon and a few other retailers have better Airpod Pro deals than they did on Black Friday, so this is a unique deal. You're looking at prices around $234, $235. I think their completely over-priced to begin with, and again not something I would buy, but a lot of people have this on their wishlist this holiday season, so that will be the top 10 deal in the number 10 spot. In the number nine spot, perfect for winter driving and actually anytime of the year. It is a jump starter meets power bank meets Swiss Army knife. You know what, let me show you the price, then I'll show you the product. 

At $69.99 down from $130, this powers all chargers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and of course, a full accessory kit. It will also break your windows, no more waiting for towing companies or triple A. It is such a good grab in the number nine spot. In the number eight spot, the Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness read. This has been fluctuating in terms of price, both in and out of stock, but at 50 bucks, awesome! A great deal for Cyber Monday from Amazon and a reminder, I will be live from Amazon. Their production headquarters actually is where I will be, counting down their top Cyber Monday deals. I will also have my much easier on the eyes significant other helping me out so we can make sure you get all the deals. Make sure you are reading live on Cyber Monday and if you have your notifications turned on, you'll know when I go live and I'll also announce more giveaways. In the number seven spot at 59 bucks or 49 depending on how much you buy this 360 degree, 1080p, Deci-Cam is a phenomenal grab. 

You might have seen this on the WEBSITE before. So many reductions tied to this line which I happen to love. They were a Black Friday door-buster and they are now live following this debut on Best Buy and Walmart, with a very good Cyber Monday price. With the 2-way audio and night-vision this is great as a baby monitor, which I've used it for in the past. You also get temperature readings along with fact that you can control this with a 360 degree rotation. Oh! I love it. Great follow-up to the Arlo deals which dropped on Black Friday. Those aren't omni-directional, this one was. In the number six spot, congratulations Dell. You win in terms of reductions for Cyber Monday. Very aggressive Cyber savings from Dell. I, in the past, have not been a huge fan of their customer service but it has improved. Great to see this on the list. In the number five spot, the Nespresso deals. Both live on Walmart, Amazon, and in this case Target. Great grabs for Cyber Monday. In the number four spot, the Echo and many of the Echo bundles. They were huge deals on Black Friday. 

Amazon is basically replicating all of the Black Friday deals and then some, with some awesome Cyber Monday deals tied to the Amazon Alexa voice service. In the number three spot, a $34.99 power bank. This was a door-buster from Ebay, very cool to see that, and it is a power bank. Wireless Qi charger, I'm not calling it Q-I like I did in another article, I looked like an idiot. Do you know how many people don't know that in the tech world. Thank you for correcting me, subscribers, I was embarrassed. But I did use this as a USB-C USB charger and of course that wireless component, if your phone is equipped for Qi charging, with both Samsung and Apple devices. A great grab in that number three spot. In the number two spot we have a tie, and this rare because television deals are not a thing, for the most part on Cyber Monday. I'm going to select both Target and Walmart, as holder of some great surprise Cyber Monday TV deals. This is an example right here but not the top. The rest are on, and Best Buy doing that as well. 

Again, this is not their best TV deal, I'm just showing this as an example so I can give you that updated list on In the number two spot, yes, I had all sorts of headphone deals that I was gonna do. Beats by Dre still on sale for the most part, but I am going to go with this IntelliShopper deal of the H78 Bluetooth Diamond Studio headphones. 200 bucks down to 99. You get more, you get the performance of Sennheiser or Bose at a fraction of the price. I back these headphones' great deal on And finally, I'm going to go with Dyson actually right now is one of the top Cyber Monday brands all over the place. This is an example of what you would see if you went to Amazon right now. I'll be updating the list, but if you've been in the market for Dyson. 500 bucks down to 249 and all sorts of other great deals make this brand number one in terms of Cyber Monday savings on the tech aisle. Now that's just a top 10. There are many more deals you may want to take into account and of course whether they are the deals dropping left, right and center on Amazon, which I am streaming live on Cyber Monday, or some other tech deal that you might've heard about, but you don't see here yet because it's not yet reduced. (claps) (grunts) I wanna hook you up. Reminder, get on my email newsletter. 

There will be some massive draws including an iPhone 11 Pro given away to a subscriber. (claps) That gets me excited, yes. And, if there's a product you want me to hunt down on sale after Cyber Monday as we lead into Christmas, keep in mind this is not a good time of the year to buy toy deals, I would be happy to help you make your Christmas, Hanukkah shopping, or at least help you improve your finances as we start, I'd say 2020 on a better note but more importantly end this year off strongly. So thank you for reading. If you're not yet on my email newsletter, subscribe to this WEBSITE, this I what you can do. Click on my over-sized head right here, that will subscribe you to this WEBSITE. If you need help turning on your notifications or leaving a comment, click here, you'll know when I go live on Cyber Monday. And, that last big roundup of deals I did, right over here.
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