THIS is the Samsung Galaxy S11 2019

THIS is the Samsung Galaxy S11 2019 When did Samsung s11 come out Is Samsung coming out with a new phone in 2019 Is there a new Samsung phone coming out What is the latest Samsung phone Will there be a Samsung s11 What is the price of Samsung s11 Is Samsung coming out with a new phone in 2019 Is there a new Samsung phone coming out

THIS is the Samsung Galaxy S11 2019

This is going to be a pretty exciting article and that's because the Samsung Galaxy 11 has been leaked and yeah this is pretty much how it is going to look like with that massive spent a camera module on the back which seems to be even bigger than on the iPhone 11 Pro max so without further ado these are all deletes leaked servers on a samsung galaxy s 11 so grab that popcorn and those drinks and enjoy how does 100 gigabytes of mobile data for just 17 pounds a month sound like pretty unbelievable doesn't it well it's actually real thanks to smarty mobile our sponsor for this article now this is a Black Friday exclusive deal on the available until December the 3rd and if you sign up you see looking below you not only get those 100 gigabytes of mobile data for 17 pounds a month but he also gets one month for free ok so the s 11 has been leaked quite heavily and we even made a full article about two weeks ago covering everything we know up until that point so the full league summers on yes

11 so that article split into eight different sections covering everything from the display the battery the camera special features and more so if you want to get a very detailed look at yes 11 to check out that article first since this one is mostly focused on just the more recent leaks since our previous article and the biggest leak actually comes from on leaks now on leaks has had some pretty outstanding track record in the past up to the point where if he does leak something or even especially a render a full render then we can probably bet that's exactly how the phone will end up looking like and the s11 is no exception on November 2 23rd on leaks teamed up with price Baba to give us a first look at the Samsung Galaxy S 11 II the lowest end model of the SE level lineup and as you can probably tell the SEL fan II is actually a gigantic departure from the s10 heed that we got last year or you know this year actually in 2019 we're still in 2019 but yeah we no longer get thicker bezels and the flat display but instead we get some very very thin bezels and a curved display as well and speaking of that display the size of it actually got a pretty big bump from five point eight inches to six point two inches making yes have an e even bigger than last year's or again this year's

Galaxy s2 the record stem which is quite quite impressive then the aspect ratio has also been increased to 20 by 9 from the previous 19 by 9 so in this case will be no stably taller than the SME was also the camera module is now in the middle or the camera cutout is now in the middle so so much how it was on the note 10 plus and the notes and burned into the right like it was on the air stands we also seem to be getting a triple ends camera module from the dual lens one that we before the bixby button has been removed so the only buttons that we do get now are in a power button and the volume buttons now on the s10 II we did have a fing pin Raider built into the actual power button rather than the industry finger reader that the more expensive s10 and a stem plus hat however I can't really see anything can read are embedded into the part button which means that yes 11e will very likely get an in display thinking reader and I gotta say guys I really really love this blue color from Alex's render and considering that this is in the render itself it's very likely that this color will actually be one of the color options that Samson will have for the final version of the s11 II actually think that this is my favorite shade of blue that

I've ever seen on a smartphone but of course that this is just a render so this shade of blue will most certainly look a bit different quite a bit different in real life so da Silva knee looks pretty stunning so if Samson price is this well then this will be one of the best selling phones of 2020 in my opinion because it nails everything sells so well this is so much better than the iPhone 11 the regular one is and it might even be better overall than the iPhone 12 the entry-level iPhone 12 will be at least I don't know this looks like a pretty stunning phone let me know the comments what you guys think about yes Melanie okay so that was the ACL veneer now on November the 22nd only steamed up with another tech website in this case 91 mobiles and showed us the galaxy s 11 so this would be the second or you know the middle offering and the S level lineup and this is actually the one that we base our own son of the concept on and yes 11 does have a few changes from the s11 II first off the bezels you appears to be thinner than on yes 11 II especially if you take a look at the side bezels there seems to be a very noticeable difference here and then at the top and the bottom bezels also appear to be quite a bit thinner as well than on the

S 11 a and you know it actually makes sense for it to be that way because the a7ii will be the entry level in the galaxy s 11 lineup so needs to look a bit more inferior so to say than the more expensive options and we also got a larger display now with the S 11 as well so we get a 6 point 7 inch panel up from the previous six point one inch panel that we got with the s10 so yeah that's a gigantic in in the display size this makes the su love an even bigger then the s10 plus was last year and actually the exact him display size as the gigantic s10 5g had but then on the bag this is where we gets even bigger changes so Rhoda and three camera modules like we had on the IC 11e we now have one two three four five six modules well five because the one on the bottom is very likely the microphone so there we go a pencil a camera module plus a microphone plus a flash and we get a gigantic arrow module on the back personally I don't really have a problem with this at all as long as the camera quality is improves and the good news is that well it will actually be improved considerably so the main camera module would be upgraded from the Samsung Galaxy S stands 12 megapixel module to an insane 108 yes 108 megapixel module so this is

Samsung's latest and greatest smartphone camera sensor at least when it comes to the resolution and his new sensor is quite massive not just ensures the resolution but also in terms of its physical size so compared to the previous sensor which measures in at 1 centimeters I a cannoli this one is 1.91 centimeters so pretty much double the size of the previous one which will also be the reason easily the reason for you know Samsung having such a large Kara module on the back of the S 11 but as most of you probably know or at least hopefully know the megapixels domain quality they just mean more resolution so that he can you know zoom in more but that's it think of a sensor as a chessboard a grid where the size of the board is actually the size of the sensor and each of the squares inside the board are actually the pixels so if you increase the number of pixels you need to make them smaller otherwise they would not fit on the board but here's the thing pixels capture photons or light particles the larger the pixels are the more photons or lights they can capture so if you want a sensor to be good in low lights you need to have as few mega pixels as possible otherwise the pixels would be so so small that it would be barely able to capture any light than the images would be extremely soft and blurry in low light so there you go this is why high-end smartphone such as the iPhones the

Samsung Galaxy phones even the Google pixels they've always had a fairly low resolution camera you know 12 so camera so that you know with 12 mega pixels the pixels are quite large and they're very good in low light and this is also why mid-range phones from Xiaomi oneplus Oppo added 48 megapixel sensors 64 megapixel sensors and now even 108 megapixel sensors with the Xiaomi Mino 10 just because having a larger megapixel count is extremely important to have in that mid-range category were specs the numbers on paper mean a lot and you know that doesn't necessarily mean that a camera itself is better so yeah I am a bit worried in terms of the lower performance on yes 11 considering that the show-me me no 10 which has the exact same camera by the way that 108 megapixel sensor at Samsung will be using in the S 11 yes sync camera yeah that phone has been demoed and it doesn't really have the best results in low light or even in daylight like if it's a bit cloudy if it's not that sunny outdoors well the results they were not that great or kids actually did a very good article on that phone you show me Mino 10 explaining how the camera works and how sharp it actually is in the middle and then it actually softens up quite a bit towards the edges and yeah it's not great it's in low-light so definitely check out that article if you wanna learn more about the

Xiaomi Mino 10 which again has the exact same camera the same sensor as samsung will have in ds-11 so I do hope that Samsung optimizes this heavily in software but yeah there you go a 108 megapixel camera on a phone especially on the s 11 this is pretty nuts also we are getting 8k bitter recording on the S 11 up to 30 frames per seconds which is again nuts on a phone I mean we barely even have any professional cameras that can do 8k there's barely any cameras that can do 8k and Samsung will be the first one to support 8k on a phone I guess that this is also a way for Samsung to promote and sell their brand new 8k TVs now that they also have a phone that can film content for that TV that was one of the main complaints in terms of buying that to be you actually had no 8k content but Larry go now if you buy the phone you can shoot a good content so so win-win so the main camera inside ES 11 is going to be a gigantic upgrade from the S stands camera which fun fact had the exact same sense respects as the s9 the s AIDS and the s7 so yeah Samsung hasn't really updated a camera on their Samsung phones heavily the sensor itself since the Galaxy S speaking of upgrades you still have until December the 3rd to upgrade to smarty mobile which offers 100 gigabytes of mobile data for 17 pounds a month also smarty is powered by three

UK and this is honestly the best deal that I've ever seen for a smart phone plan that's pretty nuts also you can cancel it at any time that you wish so it's not a you know full year contract that offers unlimited calls unlimited texts free European Union data roaming so you can actually use those 100 gigabytes of data outside of the UK when you're travelling in the European Union which is pretty awesome but in case you're wondering hey Daniel how are the speeds they should be pretty bad considering what you know they're offering well not really if they're actually pretty good so I was getting about 30 to 40 megabits per second upload and downloads when I test it it's outdoors obviously does this depend on your location but that's what I was getting for example so you can get all of this plus one month for free by using the link below but yeah hurry up because this offer ends on December the 3rd and tasting into Sparty for sponsoring this article okay now going back to the Ellen's camera module I've only talked about the main module but we do have quite a few more modules left so the top and the bottom ones would be the zoom and the ultra wide-angle modules the zoom module is actually expected to offer up to 10x optical zoom or actually lossless zoom in combination with at 108 megapixel sensor so that's pretty nuts that's pretty incredible and we would then have a digital zoom of up to 50 times so yeah this camera would be very similar to the zoom capabilities that we got with the

Huawei p30 Pro or at least very close to that and then we also get to our modules which we don't even know what these are actually for so some of you might think that oh they're actually time of flight or at UAF sensors similar to what we have on the note 10 plus which can actually use for AR and also 3d death mapping but I'm not fully sure about that and I'll see why in just a second so I think that one of them is a macro lens because quite a lot of mid-range smartphones did include a macro module in 2019 so IBC Samsung including one on yes tan and then the second one could be a death sensor yes for improving portrait mode photography just basically a camera for improving def mapping because keep in mind that the other camera the zoom module if that's a 5x then the actual viewing angles would be very different from the main module so in that case you something like a 2x module adjust for it that port remote if you know what I mean so that's what I think and the reason why I believe that these are not on flight sensors is because on leaks also leaked the big galaxy s 11 plus so yeah there you go this is how the big X 11 Plus looks like we get the same design on the front as the regular

AC 11 just with an even bigger 6.9 inch display making this even bigger than the null 10 Plus which was a mammoth of a phone you know if you take a look at the back you can see that the camera module itself is even bigger than on the regular s 11 and the camera modules themselves they are arranged in a very different way as to how they are on the regular s 11 so we get five modules just like on yes 11 but we also get two more dots which to me look like they could be either dual microphones or time-of-flight sensors indeed keep in mind that these were missing from the regular s 11 but yet are a bit small for them to be time-of-flight sensors but at the same time there is no cutouts in the glass itself for them to be microphones so yeah deal me know what do you guys think that those two dots are for maybe lasers for auto focusing now when it comes to the front-facing camera this will very likely be upgraded to a 4k 60 frames per second camera so that it matches the frame rates that the I flew that one pros have because Adam only sm+ and yes tons they can do 4k which is pretty awesome but only at 30 frames per second and oh the headphone jack will be removed from the s11 so just like with the no 10 plus you would either have to use a dongle which will probably not be bundled inside a box just like we didn't get one with the note 10 plus for example or you would have to use wireless headphones such as the galaxy butsu which have also been leaked by the way and they're supposed to be launching alongside the s11 speaking of sound the top speaker grille is expected to be even thinner than the one on the note 10 plus which is already absolutely miniscule mineus

I swear I can't pronounce that were made mini a school mini school definitely not mini school but I was incredibly thin you could barely even see it and since the headphone jack is also being removed we might be getting dual speakers on the bottom however an Onix is rendered there was only one speaker grill and then one microphone port on the other side and our render we actually added a second speaker grille so there we go this is how all the three Samsung Galaxy S 11 models will look like now ice universe who's also a pretty well-known leaker at this point that say that Alex's vendors are not 100% correct now he didn't say that he was wrong but at the same time he did say that final version will be more beautiful than what alex has showed us so yeah we'll have to wait and see now on Leakes has had a very good truck auger in the past so my guess is that this is actually the final designs just that Samsung might be making a few more tweaks here and there until February 1 this is supposed to launch or at least you know be announced by maybe shrinking down the Kara module maybe or even reordering the lenses a bit but yeah the main idea of the design would be very similar or should be very similar to the one that we've seen from all lakes but let me have come into your thoughts on yes 11 do you think it's a big upgrade over the s10 or do you think is mostly you know just the same thing with a slightly better camera

I think from the front at least it's it's pretty much the same thing but from the back well the camera that's where it's at so if you care about the camera a lot then this will be a pretty big upgrade but yeah let me know comments what you guys think and if we check out smarty mobile like I said before for that offer which ends on December 3rd and don't forget to subscribe notifications if you wanna see more end of tech articles and more leaks and rumors like this one was yeah more and if the graders like this one hopefully was so thank you for reading hopefully you finish that popcorn and those strings I'm Daniel and I'll see you guys in the next one it's an effect Sonny does James.
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