This Amazing Wireless Charger is INSANE

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This Amazing Wireless Charger is INSANE

When it comes to charging your phone phone makers have really been spoiling us in the past couple of years with faster and faster charging speeds but you can't argue that the ultimate luxury is wireless charging just place your phone on a wireless charger no need to worry about cables hello internet my name is Vic with phone real I know fortunately when this charging might be convenient but it's also slow while a cable charge these days take slightly more than an hour on your average flagship a full wireless charge can last up to three hours sometimes even more but not if you have this charger and a compatible phone what we have today is the unique Huawei supercharge wireless charger the delivers an incredible 27 watts of power wirelessly and to show you what it's really capable we have a charge of a completely drained out by a Maitre D' pro a flagship phone with a massive 4500 milliamp hour battery in one hand and then on the other we have

Samsung's own fast wireless charger with an output power of up to 15 watts and it will be charging a Samsung Galaxy Note M plus a phone with a forty-three hundred million power battery and 15 minutes into the test we can already see quite the difference the Huawei is already charged up to 25 percent of the galaxy only has 7 percent on the battery meter fast-forward this and a half an hour has passed and we take another look at the battery levels the Maitre D' pro is now charged up to a whopping 44% while the galaxy only has an 18% charge it's already a big difference let's see how this goes further down and we fast forward to 45 minutes into the test another check and the maitre d pro now has 63 percent charge although not only has 29% this really shapes up to be a night and day difference next up one hour since we have started charging the phones the homemade is already the impressive 82 percent charge level while the

Galaxy Note stands at just 40 percent so far the boys super charger fully lives up to its name recharges the phone literally twice as fast we'll skip forward to one hour and 24 minutes into the test when the poi mate 30 always fully charged while the galaxy note m+ only has 57% on the battery meter what a difference we need to wait for more than an additional hour until the note finally reaches a full charge it does that in 2 hours and 36 minutes not a bad time but considering how fast the bow is it really seems slow in comparison keep in mind that the dolt supports a wireless charging speed of 15 watts at maximum but other phones like the Google pixel for example only support up to 10 watts in the iPhone series only supports 7.5 watts so charging most other phones would actually be even slower in the huawei would have an even bigger advantage over them we did notice that the mate did get quite warm to the touch while charging something expected that those high charge rates but boys specifically tested this charger to ensure it's completely safe and it's even past

German certification for this so there you have it this is officially the fastest wireless charger in the world right now Huawei has really done something quite amazing here by combining the ease of use of a wireless charger and the fast charging speeds but we're used to seeing when charging with a cable if we had to be really nitpicky who'd really wish this was not a charging pad but instead of charging stand Rika plays the phone standing upright but even as it is this is the most impressive wireless charger in existence now if only how it could sort out the problems with the US government seems that there are areas where the Chinese company is marching for ahead of the competition and that's our first look at the fastest wireless charger in the world right now that's know your thoughts about it in the comments hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed reading this subscribe to our

WEBSITE Fallin arena for more my name is Vic it was a pleasure and I'll see you in the next one you Up next.
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