They're the SAME now!

They're the SAME now! killing in the name lyrics killing in the name of lyrics meaning the raconteurs now that you're gone we may have all come on different ships but we're in the same boat now meaning we didn't all come over on the same ship but we're all in the same boat meaning now that you're gone lyrics brennen taylor killing in the name of youtube now you're gone tom walker

They're the SAME now!

You ready to party not important let's do it we didn't really mention this on Monday for some reason but AMD and until both launched their flagship high-end desktop or h EDT cpus this week they did it on Monday interestingly the embargo for reviews of Intel's chip ended at midnight on Sunday six hours before AMD's embargo expired Monday morning perhaps because they knew that their 18 core core I 9 10 9 80 X II wasn't going to look so good against AMD's thread Ripper 3960 xn 39 70 X with 24 and 32 cores respect Linus let loose a solid rant in his review on linus detectives he was really upset always fun to watch anyways the story is pretty similar to the one we've been telling for the past year or so AMD's multi-core chips are getting so good it's getting pretty hard to justify buying Intel

I mean we should have seen this coming it's called thread Ripper not thread friendship thread fatality in January and Vidia finally caved and opened up its g-sync ecosystem a bit by certifying select free sync learners as juiced incompatible allowing owners of GeForce graphics cars to use the variable refresh rate technology on previously unsupported displays since then the list of compatible models has grown steadily but now Nvidia is ready to open up its heart even more so much progress Team Green has announced that future g-sync monitors will support both variable refresh rate over HDMI and adaptive see the technology that free sync is based on over a DisplayPort apparently this capability will now only be available in new g-sync monitors not existing ones but still once this change rolls out it'll allow owners of AMD graphics cards and consoles to experience vrr on both free sync and gsync monitors meaning the whole competing closed ecosystem of G stink versus free sync will be over so star wars episode 1 what part is that

I don't make it past energy beam hallway and Europe has gone and done it again they've run out of Internet IP addresses an unprofitable you're a penis or ripe actually serves Europe the Middle East and parts of Central Asia and they've warned against this outcome for a while now there's a limited amount about 4.2 billion of possible ipv4 addresses which is the current mainstream standard if Internet service providers switched to ipv6 there could be 340 undecillion addresses available that's a 10 followed by 36 or 66 zeros depending on where you live the point is more it's more ok now it's time for the quick bits brought to you by privacy calm the free service that thinks credit card numbers are like children the innocent should be protected you know who's not innocent the bad guys trying to steal your credit card number privacy generates virtual card numbers that masks your real information with a free personal plan you can create up to 12 cards a month privacy just launched two paid versions for

10 bucks a month the pro plan gives you one percent cash back on all purchases and up to 36 cards a month with more security and privacy features as well the team's plan is for 25 bucks a month and is for small business owners and team leaders it gives you everything in the pro plan plus dedicated account management access to 60 cards a month and customized transaction limits privacy is super easy to set up and you can get five bucks if you sign up today at privacy com forward slash tech linked so better do that check them out there or at the link below Amazon's voice assistant al exa is going to show up and even more internet-of-things type devices soon and she'll also be able to express more emotion and one day we will be lovers programmers developing for al exa can now have the assistant sound happy or disappointed depending on the context so even if she's saying something depressing I'm playing a single hand looks like a losing game and for a while you can forget that life is pain speaking of creepy

Amazon moves the web giant has stopped a product sampling program that sent customers free products recommended by a machine learning program based on their purchased history I can already guess why the access program it's nice getting get some people you know but it's kind of weird getting a gift from a robot you've never met before because it's been watching your every move after a member of Ford's R&D; team challenged Elon tusk to a Ford versus cyber truck rematch and Elon agreed Ford the company has backed out of the contest wimps a spokesperson said Ford has always focused on serving or truck customers regardless of what others say are do oh that may have been a subtle dig at Elon 'aa constant tweeting but it still makes them look a little built Ford chicken that joke was built for it rough New York they're said to be the latest American city to ban vape products that aren't strictly tobacco flavor as City Council passed a bill to that effect yesterday I mean it kind of makes sense the only legal flavors of regular cigarettes in the states are tobacco and menthol but it definitely makes being part of the bait news a little less wild you know like and the latest target demographic for virtual reality cows sorry what yeah a farm in

Russia gave its dairy cows VR headsets that placed them in a sunny grassy field instead of their real cold gray Russian reality an attempt to reduce their anxiety and therefore produce better and more milk but I don't think they knew what they're doing it's only a matter of time before we're looking at the first bovine beat Sabre champion would they hold it like this or like this 6 ok it's only a matter of time for this episode ended on a weird conceptual joke but we got their comeback on Friday and have more and better hey tech news we'll be in VR the whole time the MU tricks.
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