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The Tools You Can't Live Without? | Ask TlcShoppe Tech

Welcome to ask Jim beyond tech this is our weekly Q&A; session you ask the questions about mountain bike tech any queries you have about your buy set up on your bikes any mechanical problems you have hopefully we give you something resembling an answer that will be useful for you any questions you have let us know in the comments underneath it use that hashtag ask GM biotech as you probably noticed on my home in my workshop I'm not in the geotech set at work that's because I've got some really cool new stuff I'm refitting to a bunch of my bias and we need to work from home for a few days that said this could be a pretty good setup so I'm trying the self sheet thing so let's not we think if you think I'm doing a bad job a good job an alright job could I do better all our stuff let's not in comments underneath and likewise if there's anything particularly one I know about me all this place far away for next time again in those comments ok so let's dive into the first question ok so first question comes from Josh Reardon high tech Lance

I'm looking at upgrading to a bigger front rotor as minor up for replacement I currently have a Shimano st. 203 millimeter on a fox 40 I want to go to 220 plus rotors but keep the Shimano sent breaks I write a hi bike downhill Pro II bike so the bigger brakes would definitely been advantaged yeah hundred percent they would what adapter do I need to maybe with 220 plus rotors fit just guys to keep up the good work and you know at the moment is quite limited in the amount they're available in the after mark I know we've seen a lot of difference floating around on a downhill seem varying from 2 22 to 23 and there's even being a 246 keep mating over now that'd be like sticking a big stick in your front wheel absolutely like vice-like grip for a break now for 220 as far as I know at the moment on the market the ones that are available with the formula is out there that's the 220 mill they also make a formula adapter suitable to adapt that to a fox at 40 Forks I think that is the one that you probably want the other option you want to consider is the trig stuff Brandner trick stuff free German manufacturer they may all source a different brake writers think my brake pads and other stuff as well now they make a 223 so that's a nearest

Shimano equivalent because the fact that they do 203 so jumping up 20 mil and you go for either as long as you got the correct brake mount adapter I'm not sure if they actually do an adapter because on their website currently it's not being updated it hasn't got that new two to three on there but it is coming we've seen this various shows so we'll be out there if not already and the site might just be out Thanks so keep her out there but currently I'd go for the formula option is already available online okay so next question is from Steve Jones Stephen Jones how does Thai seeing that action work is it magic what is this stuff enticing there but actually does the ceiling you're not Steve Jones from MBNA it's just a thought question Steve word ask as a Steve's not too hot and his tech stuff but we'd like to inform everyone everyone needs to know his stuff it's useful all right so I'm really stands as an example here yeah unfortunate it's bit not much left in it ok so typical tire sealant like stands for example a latex base so it's got a lot of natural rubber in it it's a rubber solution and has rubber particles floating in it now every band is slightly different in their formula somehow more latex some even have ammonia and other products within them to help stabilise the solution now the concept is those rubber particles float around within

That sealant and when its height is cut those particles find their way into the hole and the combination of that and air coming in to solidify that solution around that area bungs up the hole and seals it now some solutions are really really good at sealing big and small holes some are not too good at the bigger holes they're all completely varying you can't have to find what works well for you some very good in low temperatures some just don't work too well when it's cold and of course some don't work too well my certain tire combinations there's a lot out there the best Paul called to find out what works for you it's simply to ask your other fellow drivers they will have similar experiences and you'll find just like tire combinations in the local dirts where you right you'll find there will be a pattern of what you know there'll be our 10 riders you might find a 6 riders will pick let's say Maxis and that might be a good solution for local to you and definitely go with the majority in your local area and you'll find what works but something I do want to talk about is this sort Isis even so this is a little bit different this is more of a wet solution doesn't dry up as much as some of them with latex based solutions do

That leaves us or bogies or the inside of ties and these have what appears to be glitter on the inside now it's not glitter and this is an important little thing to say because these are completely environmentally friendly now Phyllis so as we know alongside other sort of kids products and makeup products are being found in the seat base is tiny particles of plastics and that is not good so we all need to try and do a bit to help the environment now the cool thing about this stuff that does look like glitter it's net so they still they're called nano plateless I think that boy grader will never play this in fact and it completely environmentally safe they're completely harmless to anything and the cool thing is they're actually made from eucalyptus bark which is bonkers that's really cool text and I'm actually get Tom from Petey's to come on as a guest at someone's trying to tell us exactly how they make this stuff because he is the chemist and you can actually see him in this clip this is a eucalyptus tree missus eucalyptus bar and in sheds naturally and this is what our glitter nail sealant is made out of it's completely biodegradable it's gonna fall on the ground anyway so why not use it to stop your punctures okay next up is from

Peter Scott a mouse key will changing head angle with special headsets I think always referring to there is the gimbal style Cup headsets with an Obi to change angle will changing those with a special headset from 66 to 65 degrees compensate for adding 10 to 20 mil travel fork I wonder how I would work if I changed my 160 Pike for 170 to 180 airy in my 2015 strife okay so firstly things like the king creek angle set this is one you can see on screen here it's essentially headset cups and they have a gimbal that floats within them now according to the variety of cup option you have this varies from half a degree to two degrees and it does depend on the compatibility of the length of your head tube and orange there's loads of different options that may or may not fit your bike essentially Cane Creek actually do a calculator and it has most bike brands on their most popular models so you can help identify I'm gonna put a link to that calculator underneath this article so you can help try and look at that yourself to understand it and it will list the headset combinations owns FS 44 or EC 55 or whatever whatever it is for your combination now these are really good they are quite expensive but what it does mean is you can experiment with your head angle like

Peter is talking about here your other option for changing your head angle is to make your front end higher or lower by subtracting or adding travel to your fork or by putting a longer or shorter fork on there now the good thing about having a gimbal headset Cup system is you don't really change your ride height you buy too much if you go to a full two degrees I think you can lose a few millimeters of stack off your bike but we're talking a nominal amount you won't really notice and if you did maybe a five millimeter headset spacer underneath your stem would be all you need to rectify that position and then you've got the benefit of having a slightly slacker heav angle and you haven't really changed your seat angle again you might have changed it like point two of a degree or something minimal you'll never notice and if you did if you all sort wider the couldn't notice that a slight angle change on your saddle would be enough to to get around that however if you adjust your fault travel then you do change three of things on your bike you change the seat angle you change your bottom bracket height and of course you change the head angle now by going from 150 to 170 forks a write check you know you're going to take it out maybe half a degree even a degree you can take off their head angle depending on the axle to crown height it tends to be about that per 10 mil depending on the options so let's just say you take a degree off the head ain't real great

That's gonna be good but you're also going to take a degree off your seat angle that's gonna mate you'll see angle is slightly slacker so to rectify that you need to put yourself pointing down very slightly and forward a little bit more than usual to return your position and by doing now you're actually gonna make the reach of your bike effectively it's slightly shorter when you're sat on it well let's just say to talk to but if your bike rather than the reach although to reach will change slightly when you're stood up and the reach of course is measured from bottom bracket straight up and no eight degrees straight across to the handlebar position and the reason we use reach as a measurement rather than the top tube length is clearly because when you're stood up on the bike that is the one that makes a difference whereas top tube length only makes a difference when you're sat down on the bike now the downsides of this of course all you've raised in the bottom bracket height so your stability and your bike is going to change now if you live somewhere where it's extremely rocky and bruty perhaps or lots of off camber and you strike your pedals a lot this could be a really good thing for you and likewise if your gravity focus while you spend more time descending you're not going to notice it too much however in the corners being a little bit higher on the bike you are going to notice that

Peters so you need to take that into account if I was you I wouldn't change the travel boy and I would experiment with angled head set cups now the more expensive option like I mentioned earlier is to go for the Cane Creek version because that means you can tailor it you can get different options you can chop and change and that's really cool she can experiment and you may know so what handles in what situations and get the best for you but if you want a cheaper option look at works components available online direct sale or straight to you know ship far as I know pretty much anywhere I make the options for naught to 2 degrees but this is set in stone measurements so you have to pick the one that you're happy with changing by degree will make your bike handle really really well if you go any more than that you can mess it up so just take care when you do now alright next while it is from biker lad that starts 979 are you able to make a article on how you made your chain stay protector the one with 3m master tape yeah I'll show you shortly I'll come back to this question at the end of this list of questions because I have to move things around a bit get my canyon off the wall there I'll put it in the work stand and I'll show you exactly how I did it nice and simple it looks it I'll come back to that one next up is from Patrick Reese asks Jimmy in tech you guys li use loads of different tools but what

I want to know is which tools can you live without which ones don't need do you really need all those tools no to be fair we don't need all tools you know tools can be a luxury but the important thing is you know ultimately you need the right tool for the job every time but as I said on a daily basis the ones I absolutely can't live without basic wire ranch allen keys and the little tiny motors I've got a couple flowing right here actually these things so this is a tox version as all the torch launchers on here and this is the allen version of fact this one the idea AWS 10 this is ancient I've had this about 15 years you can tell the color is barely even parked or blue so sorry pot but I don't really want another one because this one does the job so well these go everywhere with me in fact I've got two more of these and they live in the car boots and low organizers I've got because that we literally use them for everything Yankee and talk ski to a degree probably responsible for about 90% of the jobs that you do on a bike as for other things I mean there's a lot of tools there's a lot of tools I use it on a daily basis cable cutters are an essential you do need those you can't really change cables on a boat without having a proper quite a set cable cutters but that's definitely a buy once tool and I can't recommend enough whatever brand you go for just buy a good one if you buy cheap one you're going to end up buying another set again

I've got two sets of part cable cutters one of them they're well over 20 years old and they've have just gone blunt so what I do now a bit still the tape random just so I know that they're the blunt ones and I use those human if cutting spokes or maybe some other random jobs they will still cut stuff they're not quite sharp enough anymore to do cables accurately so I've got myself another set and I've doing over 20 years so happy days well worth the money as for tools that I really love using they're probably the tools that make jobs a lot easier now these might be necessities for people but their tools nonetheless they're really nice to use for example I mean this is quite classic bond bracket tool and it's got the little wheel on it for adjusting a preload on Shimano cranks and I haven't really got any Shimano cranks on any bikes alone but this is really old tool as you as you can see again you know I've had this stuff for years it's a really nice tool to use again it's not an essential because arguably you could go to a bike shop and borrow at one of these how often do you actually change your bottom bracket but to me I need this stuff I work with bikes all the time other tools I genuinely love using again these are something that most people won't tend to use these are Fox tools of 26 to 28 and what's this 132 so that's for a 40 for a say 436 for to take take them apart basically take the air legs out as you can service your Forks know everyone needs these but they're flattened off sockets and to be honest

I just love them they're just really really nice to use a few other tools here though I love using the armas st for a lot of people this one here from park this thing actually is game changer i used to use a tool made by avid so this is priest ram for trimming the hoses on brakes and it looked a bit like a cigar cutter it's really cool and I still have that tool or do you use it time time but now park do this one it does the same thing in fact it does a few different jobs you've got the blade cutter there for trimming you're hosing that comes with spare blades but you can also fit of bobbins with it as well so you have a little clamp here and a top for clamping the cable and you can squeeze the Bob straight into place it's a really simple tool and it's a case of guys what do you do the sooner but it's what I like about Pok it was come out with new tools another tool this isn't even a workshop based tool this is something to listen while riding bag so very different style this one's from toe pick and it's a mini ratchet system this is absolutely brilliant because on some of my bikes I've got bottle cages and stuff and you can't get in with a regular on cassette I'm having a mini ratchet it's inside the action is so nice of it I've always up on these these are really good this is the most modern version of it the cool thing about this is it comes with talked settings as well four six five and four

Newton meters and compatible with all the sockets they come with so it's a really good system it's also a couple of tiny bees in there as well though they've got a sail out that really stylee's too much early hearing there but again that lives in our my camera bag or in my riding bag completely invaluable and I did make a post actually on Instagram recently about my ninja bottle cage this is another one it's not the one off that bike and on the bottle cage you the bottoms got a little caddy look carrier this can be moved around in fact if it's bold to the bike move this around basically to the angle you want and it stores a multi-tool on the inside that's got a chain tool it's got all the common toys you need and it stays on the bike actually you love this because sometimes I just want to chuck a bottle in and go through the lunchtime blast and having that on the bike will always deal with those eventualities again that's the talk of luxury it's not something that everyone's going to have it's an additional tool because you'll probably have some sort of multi-tool but you might use that as your tool at home if you can afford it though it's worth having a few different options something to keep in a car if you drives to the trails something to keep when your bike is a really good idea especially if you're forgetful like me sometimes and of course something good quality to use at home all right next one

I can't believe this is on the list questions nitro underscore brake gaming hi Donny what does why this tire sealant set my fire alarm off I'm not really sure to be honest I'm not an expert fire alarms have got carbon monoxide alarm I've got like a toast proof alarm in the kitchen I've got regular fire alarms and smoke alarms around the house I've never had them set off by any sort bite products at all in fact and I did try this when I read this question because it's a bit of a random one but the only thing that I could think is perhaps you've got a multi-use detected and might do carbon monoxide and various other things you get ammonia in some solutions and ammonia stuff that's found in chemicals in fridge coolant systems and ammonia in the quantities you get in freeze things if it leaks it's actually bit of a problem so there may be some sort of catering spec alarms out there to pick up on your Mounier but I'm not really sure to be honest I'd love to know if anyone knows why high ceilings might be setting off your smoke alarms if you do know help us have let us understand this and I'm not chemical man nobody know these things I'd love to know her so let us know in those comments and we'll pick it up on the next show alright next up from Louise Smith hi I was wondering what would be better the new twenty nineteen eighteen hundred pound a dirt bike or a used 2016 three thousand pound ninja robot selling for nine hundred quit thanks

Louie okay Wow two great choices there you can't deny them know how to quit second hand bike it's gonna be amazing for the money but there's a few little things you just need to factor in now I would encourage people to buy a second X I think it's nice to see bikes being used to begin on the mark you don't always have to buy it new stuff however enduro bikes if the owner has written it as an enduro bike they'll have raced that bike which means there's a good chance it's been raced to the M for this life basically it could be a Tatyana state it could be stretched it could have stress marks it could be cracked any number of things so that's gonna be up to you Louie to inspect that bike now we're gonna do a buyer's guide soon on how to buy a bike how to buy one online race you're gonna buy one and show you that advice fortunate this article is a little bit early for that however I can tell you a few things you need to do so when you do inspect about it if it's an aluminium frame there's a bunch of areas you can need to check flipped upside down to check around the bottom bracket shell for any cracks any dings anything that looks suspicious to you the same around the head tube area and look at all pivot mats on the main frame the rear triangle is not as much of an issue because you can replace those components but since the main frame is done it starts to get very expensive to do that kind of use your common sense if there's anything shocking out to you you know wave the white flag and get out there but if the owner is selling that bike is completely honest

I said yeah it's been raised it's been looked after it's been well services had a new bearing kit and it's got few scuffs front you know about scars on there and then you should be fine honesty is always the best policy from a buying and selling a point of view that said there is something you do need to consider if you're going to buy in a secondhand bike and consider how future-proof it may or may not be so 2016 bike it may not be boost what I mean by boost is the front wheel the axle instead of being 100 millimeters of the old-school one that boost is 110 and on the rear end it was 114 and now is 1 for 8 that's pretty much industry standard these days and it's very easy to get those components it's a bit harder although you can still get them to get the regular hundred mil 1:41 so consider that most bikes these days are twenty seven half-inch we all 29 that buys 26 although there are still gonna be plenty of options out there they will start to slowly decrease so well I'm not suggesting that 26 is dead and you shouldn't buy a 26 just consider how long you might want to keep the bike and the sort of upgrades you want to do it might be an amazing buy off the peg you might just need new tires and disc rotors in which case happy days get involved with it but just use your common sense event where it's the new bike the advantages you're gonna have for that okay so it's gonna be it's quite expensive off the car so it's just under

2,000 pounds what you're gonna get is guarantee and a warranty with that bike straight out which is something you're never gonna get with a used bike so that is a great thing which means you get problems within the amount of time specify you can get to sort that out so that's a really good thing for your money however at that price point the componentry on the bike and overall weighted by there's not going to be as good as that cheaper secondhand what you look at so you kind of gotta weigh these things up yourself but like I said just consider write a list of pros and cons and one of them will stand out to you is what looks like the best option and if it's secondhand then just take the time and buy and don't rush into it really be careful with that and you might get an amazing bike good luck okay so back to bike allowed us to have to come back to this question I've got my trusty Canyon in the work stand incidentally actually when I mentioned tall's I love using the most my work stamp because of the fact I use it literally every single day come home from work on the bike the bike always wet chucking the stand give the drivetrain a quick clean fresh bit of Lube there's always something going on with the works that could live without it anyway back to this chain state protector now this is made from a scotch mastic tape is 2 2 to 8 and they do two different thicknesses of this tape hey dudes 25 and a dealer 50 now

I normally buy the 25 but can get it this time it's quite hard to get hold off now this is the 50 mil of stuff and quite simply I cut it into a 25 millas strip put a strip along the chainstay but then to add the real silencing feature what I got was an old handlebar grip happens to be an old retro Yeti grip I noticed some retro people out there will curse me for doing it but I don't know where the other one is so thought may as well use it the rubber is really soft so I cut up a few chunks and place them along the chainstay and then held them on with a bit more mastic tape in a wavy fashion over the top and just sealed up the gap on the side and in fact that is not only as the mastic protecting the chainstay but these lumps are actually really really soft so they act as mini shock absorbers so when the chain hits it it makes zero noise this isn't the neatest version I'm going to make a better version on another bike but this works so well I'm not taking it off my canyon is completely silent the only downside with the scotch tape is it is quite expensive from 20 quid for a roll that said you can make a lot of tents a protectors a lot of other things with it so it's worth getting some I've always got some in my workshop it's really good stuff and yes try around get yourself an old pen or grip so any old bit of soft rubber will do to be honest and and make some new spongy lumpy bits for you to change there's a technical time for you heard it here first oh well there we go that is the end of this week's ask

Jeremy and tech hopefully you enjoyed my self shot attempt and doing this let us know what you think and don't forget to ask some questions for next week's show again anything personal great you can always ask directly to me and ask to Henry as well ask Henry and ask Donnie for those directly in the comments and we'll pick them up individually on their respective shows as always that gift gives a huge thumbs up here at GMB and tech hit the little subscribe button up there hitting the bell for notifications and just gonna throw a couple of articles right down there.
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