The NEW All Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E

The NEW All Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E How much is the new Mustang Mach E How much is the Mustang Mach E Will there be an electric Mustang

The NEW All Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E

Hey guys, today I’ll show you the brand new Ford Mustang. But it’s not a standard one, it’s a fully electric car. And it’s not even a standard electric car – it’s an electric Mustang SUV. If you keep asking yourselves now: What has this car to do with a Ford Mustang? I will show you right now! I travelled from Germany to Los Angeles to take part in this world premiere. I mean – The new Mustang Mach-E looks that much nicer in the Californian sun than in a white foto studio – doesn’t it? Let’s face the details. The fully electric SUV will be produced in 2 versions with 2 different batteries in terms of capacity. The basic version of the Mustang Mach-E will be a rear drive vehicle and contains 258 HP. It will be available with a small battery which has a range of 450 km. And a bigger one which can afford a maximum operating distance of 600 km. The Mustang Mach-E is also available with 4-wheel drive in the following versions: 258 HP with a maximum operating distance of 420 km and one with 337 HP and a 540 km range.

Additionally there will be a limited special edition Mach-E which is called ‘First Edition’ which also performs 337 HP and an operating distance of 540 km. Particularly interesting is the fact that the customers seem to appeal to both maximum operating distance and horse power and not only the HP as usual. All that fits to the entry-level model with the big battery. Nevertheless a 465 HP high-performance GT version has been announced for 2021. And that one looks extremely amazing! All models have an activated speed limiter at 180 km/h. The small battery can be charged from a level of 10% back to 80% in 38 minutes at best. That works only at public direct current charging stations which deliver 130 to 150 kilowatts. The equipment features are well planned. Starting with the huge 15,5 inch touch screen in the front with even 2 inductive charging slots below. And the mobile phone can actually be used as car keys. The customer can choose between 2 different technologie packages. This includes many technical assistance systems such as the parking assistant, traffic sign recognition or the panoramic glass sunroof which occupies almost the entire roof.

Besides the roomy 402 liter trunk there's an additional 100 liter storage space unter the front hood. While driving the car is able to receive software updates or show and send actual traffic info thanks to the embedded 4G SIM card. This service doesn't cause additional monthly costs. The Mach-E is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. Thanks to this the driver is able to control his smart home functions while driving. The brand new Ford Mach-E can only be ordered online through the Ford website starting at approx. 47.000€. To get one of the limited 'first editions' you have to invest at least 66.800€. Here they are in two beautiful colors one version in red and another one in blue color. Now is the time slot for the TlcShoppers to create their content that's why it's so crowdy in here at the moment. By the way - that one again is the Ford Mustang Mach-E in GT version. Look at that beautiful blue color - I like that GT version with its features very much. And guess what guys - I think that one will probably be my favorite type of Mach-E. I pronounce it like this, but you can also say the name Mach-E differently.

Why has this car actually been named after Mustang? The design has obviously been created close to the Mustang style. Don't hesitate to write comments below explaining whether the name Mustang is justified. Start to discuss right now - if you like. Also a lot of power performance can be found here as you might have heard during the voice over. The head lights remind me of the Mustang design a bit. Also the brachial strong hood right here. (I'm calling it hood although theres no longer an engine below it.) When we take a look at the back side we see that also the rear lights remind clearly of the Mustang design with its 3 vertical configured lines on each side. I just wanted to show you the seats right here. That's also an interesting opening technique. After pressing the button the door opens slighly. Then you just have to pull to open it completely. Like that. The GT is equipped with sport seats. I'll show you in a minute over there how the normal seats look like. Of course it has the soft close function as well. By the way there's not such a handle on the back doors. Just push the button and the door opens itself just wide enough to open it.

Of course there is a remarkable difference design-wise between the GT and the normal Mach-E. Right here you see the indicated front grill. Thanks to that the car looks much more sporty. Especially due to the gentle honeycomb style right here. The illuminated horse might not be permitted in Germany. And that one for example looks quite different in the front. The hangar looks pretty nice. Of course it will be much more crowdy during the evening. Look at that nicely illuminated horse on the wall as well as all the illuminated Ford horses on the floor. And of course the cars over there. There is something at the Mach-E what attracted my attention in particular... when I first got into the car I recognized the flattened rear But when you take a closer look you see... that it only seems to be flat due to the black edge of the roof. That means the car is much higher that it seems to be. Let's go inside! The interior is highly convincing. The inside of the car offers that much space. Unfortunately it's quite dark in here, so you might not see that pretty well. There is a panoramic roof across the complete top of the car.

The large headroom is incredible. That means also tall people can sit comfortably on the backseat. When I first sat down on the car seats I recognized how extremely comfortable they are. I never ever sat on back seats which were more comfortable then these. Generally back seats are not that comfy and often a bit too stiff. Often I experienced the position of the back seats not being back-friendly during long road trips. But those back seat paddings adapt to the body nicely. I should't forget to show the interior. Right here you see the virtual display showing you all the important driving data. And right here you see the huge screen which you can nearly call a home screen. With the help of that you can adjust lots of things. You can even buy options like driving assistance systems afterwards. By the way: Ford cooperates with Bang & Olufsen. When you take a closer look you see for instance the material used for the speakers by Bang & Olufsen. All that gives you a kind of living room feeling. On yesterday I was able to experience the Ford Mustang Mach-E as a co-driver. Filming was not allowed, but I can tell you the acceleration with that electric car is massive. Even if you might have the impression the car is way to high or being spongy while driving.

That car didn't prove that to be true. The driving experience was very agilely. Of course that's not a car you might want to take with you on the race track. But this car proves that it's indeed possible to drive sportigly with a big electric SUV. For those of you who keep asking yourselves what these letters stand for: The number 4 stands for 4-wheel drive. As standart the car comes as rear drive. The letter X stands for the bigger battery. What stands out immediately are those numbers right here. What do they mean? In America they are more into the car sharing topic. That means you get a code via app and then you can open the car and take it. The keys can be left inside and the car can be opened only with the help of the code. Or you might want to leave the key in the car for having a nice jog. That's really nice. Just that you get an impression of what goes on outside the building. Here are covered cars and security people everywhere. They make sure nothing goes to the public. We will now have the unique opportunity to meet Bill Ford himself and have a chat with him. Bill Ford is the great-grandson of Henry Ford. I'm super-excited to meet him and keen on getting to hear what he has to say...

For you're information what just happened: Bill Ford did just arrive at this Airport with his own private jet. A minute later he arrived in our meeting room. Unfortunately we weren't able to film that much. We had a very nice conversation with him. I was the only person asking whether I'm able to film my question and his answer. I think he liked my question as it was a quite personal one. Now eveybody here is getting ready now. I just can't wait! Leave a comment how you liked the new Ford Mustang Mach-E. And of course the Mach-E GT! What is your opinion of the car being named after the Ford Mustang? What do you think of the design? Leave a comment and let me know what you think! See you next time! Bye!
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