The Game Awards This year: Live results, world premieres, reveals and surprises

The Game Awards This year Live results, world premieres, reveals and surprises Keighley & The Game Awards This year Realizes They Messed up, Adds 100% Fan Voted GOTY What time is the game awards 2019 Will the game awards be on TV What time is the game awards tonight Where are the game awards held game awards 2019 nominees game awards 2019 winners the game awards vote the game awards 2019 vote video game awards 2019 the game awards 2018 game of the year 2019 the game awards 2017

The Game Awards This year: Live results, world premieres, reveals and surprises

Keighley & The Game Awards This year Realizes They Messed up, Adds 100% Fan Voted GOTY

What's up everyone OJ here welcome back to another article and to be honest this is pretty much Jeff Keeley admitting that the jury panel made a mistake after all of the backlash but I have quite a bit to say about this just because this was something that kind of came at me from both sides a lot of you guys were seeing what I was saying with problems with the game Awards and the jury voting other people were saying oh well you're just salty dis and this didn't make it but it wasn't just me I think Jeff realized after all the complaint after everybody saying that there is a problem there is a fundamental problem with the game Awards and how things are voted and everything there really is and that's the reason why we have this article right now that's the reason why Jeff has put in this new player voting but let's go ahead and get into what he has to say here then we'll look at some of the day 1 results because as of the time that I'm recording the first day is over so here's what

Jeff had to say on Twitter first we're doing something new players choice a category where you guys can select the winner 100% three rounds of 24-hour voting with 24 games including some new ones starts right now and some of the new ones that he talked about was something like Jedi fallen order which was it in the game Awards at all once again he says nominees are based on some of the top fan voted games so far as well as other ones we've heard you guys want to see represented like Jedi fall order it's all in your hands three rounds of voting and our bracket starting with 24 games today winner on Thursday he also stated that we're always open to trying new things around here and responding to the community love your feedback and also the team over at layer frame crushed it when it comes to the visuals and all of that so I want to first commend Geoff Keeley for listening to the fans obviously this year's picks were a bit suspect I would say not necessarily suspect in terms of they're not good games but there was notable omissions from categories despite games by

Fire Emblem the three houses being one of the best rated big games of the year and the fact that it was only Nam one time for a genre that it really doesn't quite fit in with other games like tropical six that was pitiful and that shows me that the people that are voting on the jury aren't playing Fire Emblem three houses otherwise it would have been voted on more because the game crushed it when it comes to critical review from multiple different websites eighty nine average so the fact that that game was only nominated once shows me that they're not playing the game stuff like jump horse being nominated and shows me that they're not playing games they're just sitting there they're looking at Goku Vegeta in a game and say oh well let's just pick that because I don't really play Smash Brothers and all that type of stuff and the fact that Mike smashed that nominated for multiplayer but it's in Game of the Year I mean there's just a lot of problems with what the jury voting is because they just kind of hand ballots the people that work at certain places right not necessarily people who are playing a bunch of different games and these people aren't researching what's going on they're not looking at

Metacritic they're not looking at the critical reception they're just kind of voting based on whatever and I played external so yeah that games good I played control okay let me just vote for those two games two most times while ignoring other things that's pretty apparent that's what's going on here so I think that for next year there definitely needs to be some changes to the process and getting people in that actually know what's going on they know the pulse of what games are good and everything like that so you don't have this to where you have to pretty much last second right add in a whole brand new thing responding to so much feedback because this has never happened before this has never happened in the history of the game Ward's as they said okay here is a player's choice type of thing to where we 100% pick something and that's because of all the backlash that they were receiving because of a lot of games just getting screwed out of nominations and stuff and obviously firing them three houses was one that'd be big ones but let's take a look at what's going on with this here man

I want to talk about that because I think it's fairly interesting to see what games are kind of rising up so they do have day one and day two already up so it's going to start off with day one and we'll get some of the percentage results and then we'll move into day two so day one here were the results at the top of Super Smash Brothers ultimate with 13 percent of the vote Fire Emblem three houses with eleven percent of the vote deaths stranding with eight percent of the vote Resident Evil 2 with a person to the boat Devil May Cry 5 persons of the vote Star Wars Jedi fallen order but 6% of the vote secular shadows died twice for 6% of the vote astral changed 6% of the vote and there's a bunch of other games that were below the six percentile ranged now in day two what they seemed to do was take any game that was 6% and up which I kind of figured they would do 6% and up they'll take any of those games and they'll put it into the day too so currently right now at the time that I'm recording this article the top game is Super Smash Brothers ultimate with 22% you have Fire Emblem three houses with 19% Star Wars Jedi fall in order with 14% deaths stranding with 12% Resident Evil 2 with 10% secular shadows die twice with 9% double

May Cry 5 with 8% and astral chain with 6% so it does seem like Smash Brothers Fire Emblem 3 houses Star Wars Jedi fallen order death stranding Resident Evil 2 those will probably make the cut we'll see if sekito can kind of pass it up but it seems like astral chain and double May Cry 5 will be cut after that so very interesting to see how it kind of is shaping out here and even like I jams Game of the Year pick and they think they won't like other categories to control that was cut in the first round and I'm playing control and that kind of seems to me kind of buff right where it needs to be cut in the first round not a bad game by any means but definitely not a game of the year game in my opinion at least but overall looking at this I think that this is cool from Geoff Keighley obviously you know I kind of alluded to that at the beginning I commend him for listening to the fans I commend him for at least trying something different but once again I think that this should be a learning moment for mr. Keeley because there's no need for him to get so much like stuff that he was getting obviously I was giving him a lot of pressure on things because

I feel that the game Awards in terms of the platform that he has what he's built up he's trying to build us up as that participation for everybody a participation for gamers out there this is a celebration of what the best in the industry is he's getting everybody so you want to have a legitimate show now does it matter in terms of like your daily life and dishes like the be-all-end-all for the votes no it's not but you do want to see game that deserve to get recognition get that recognition if you have anything invested at all in article games whether it's emotionally or just playing whatever the case is you want to see games get recognized the way that they should be recognized and Fire Emblem obviously isn't getting recognized the way that it should I think smash for those only having three nominations that's not getting recognized as much as it should considering how good the game is Star Wars Jedi Order that game wasn't getting recognized at all the fact that it's 13% here is really good so seeing stuff like you like astral chain get it into day 2 that's really good because it beat out a number of other more popular bigger selling games so to see these games finally get some recognition from the players out there that's really good and

I do want to say one thing real quick here which kind of just goes to show you what I'm talking about with the game Awards no job force on that fan voted list I wonder why jump force isn't on there I wonder why it's not on there maybe because it's not that great of a game you know maybe it's really not that great of a game so it doesn't deserve to be on that list even though it was on the fighting game of the year which is just a complete joke and one of the problems with the Game Awards jury voting like nobody still to this day that I've seen online I stated that they voted for jump force for fighting game over there's like nobody at all like or at least not voted for it but like put it as one of their nominations from the jury-selection I know some of you guys controlled and said oh I'm voting for jump boards for the fan voting but in terms of like the actual jury panel officially nobody said that they voted for jump for us just yet they're not admitting to it which is very interesting it kind of goes to show me that they're just I mean just mark down something they had no idea what the game was about and maybe thought it was like a xenoverse with all sorts of animators like it was that good which it looks like that but then when you start playing it realized that it's actually a really bad game so what

I like here is that Kili actually listen to the fans I think that this is cool obviously it doesn't really fix the issues that you know the game rewards has but I will say this whatever game wins this I mean cuz this journey still could win it I mean it's right there in fourth place but I think that Super Smash 4 this ultimate or boom three houses I think one of those two games is gonna take it to me that's like the real game of the year because when I look at this list here this has the highest rated games with the exception of dead stranding you know what I'm saying with the exception of that this has the highest rated games I think fire and boom gets its spotlight right I think that games for example Star Wars Jedi fall in order it gets its spotlight to me this is the real kind of game of the year not what the juries like that I cannot put my efforts behind what they're selecting in terms of just like the process right but who knows though Smash Brothers still could win the actual like Game Awards game of the year I doubt it though just because I hope many of the panel actually played Smash Brothers I think they're just voting for it oh just because I think that that stranding definitely doesn't shock to win like that actual jury panel voted game of the Year awards but des training

I guess still technically has a shot with this one too so will be interesting to see how everything shapes up but it does seem like Super Smash Brothers ultimate and Byram three houses have the biggest track to actually win the game of the year from the fan voted one which to me that would be like okay this is kind of like the real kind of game of the year but once again that stranding could win it too you never know with it you never know but at the same time it's award shows this is just celebrating the industry it's not like it's like the be-all end-all like I stated before but it is cool to see games that deserve to get recognition or more recognition like Asheville chain that will make ri5 Resident Evil 2 Jedi like Fire Emblem Smash Brothers it's cool to see these games get the recognition that I think that they deserve but I don't think Keeley's putting too much into this one here I think he's really just doing it as a reaction to all of it I don't think he's doing it because he feels like it needs to be done it's more of a reaction to all of the problems that he has basically you know in terms of like the gamer Awards in the voting there I think it's just a reaction to that I'm not even sure if this is even going to be in the show like in terms of like the fan voted ones is it gonna be a big deal

I mean they're not gonna do it like they do for like game of the year or that's like a huge deal so we'll see how everything shakes out when it comes to the winner and day three and everything and of course if you guys want to vote you can always vote there's still time left there's today and then there's also tomorrow as well depend on when you're reading this so what do you guys think about this like do you guys feel that this should be a thing that happens normally each year do you feel that Katie did a good job with adjusting in terms of the feedback I know I think he did so once again shoutouts to Keely I would love to hear you guys as thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this article here I go to scoop the link in description below we got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like and a fall on our social media if that like button if you like this article what's more you guys want more content like this going for in the future and subscribe the players put its RPG Japanese and Pindo gaming news thank you so much for reading and we'll catch you guys for the next one peace.
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