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So this is a follow-up article to yesterday's article about the Galaxy S11. Max Weinbach who works for XDA was teasing the Galaxy S11's camera, saying it's going to beat the iPhone 11 Pro both in photography and videography and will set a new benchmark in mobile photography. And boy, he wasn't messing around. As promised, he came up with a detailed analysis of the camera and the features that we're going to see on the Galaxy S11. He tore down the APK of the Samsung Camera app included in the latest firmware version and found some really amazing camera features that could end up on the Galaxy S11. So without much further ado let's talk about it. That's right, the Galaxy S11 could be the first smartphone to record 8K videos at 30fps. The Exynos 990 and Snapdragon 865, which are the chipsets for the S11 supports 8K at 30. This is for sure the Galaxy S11 because the midrange processors still don't support 8K video recording.

Also, to do 8K video you need higher megapixels. Samsung currently uses 12MP cameras on its flagships which can't do 8K recording. To do 8K they need 33 million pixels, the 12MP cameras can only do 12 million pixels. So this also gives credence to the report that the Galaxy S11 will indeed have a 108MP camera. Max said, the Galaxy S11's camera will destroy the competition next year and he wasn't kidding. This is an interesting camera feature. With this you can lock on a subject in the frame and change who’s in the close-up. This can be done with recording from multiple camera lenses at the same time. Current Samsung flagships can't do this, basically, the phone will record videos with all the camera lenses at the same time. Be it the regular, wide-angle or even telephoto all at the same time. So It'll be super beneficial for people who take a lot of videos. This, of course, is going to take a lot of storage space, but storage is not really a concern with Samsung flagships.

Unlike some companies that only offer 64GB storage as base, Samsung provides 256GB as base and possibly with a microSD card slot. So storage will be the last thing you'll think about on the Galaxy S11. As the name suggests you can take hyperlapse videos at night as well. If you don't know what hyperlapse is, it's similar to time-lapse, you take large number of photos over a long period of time and you create a video from that with everything sped up. The difference is on time lapse you can't move your phone, it should be held stationary while on hyperlase you can move all you want to create that 3D time-lapse. So basically, night lapse is hyperlapse at night. Interestingly, there's a description in the camera app that says to hold the phone steady to get the best night hyperlase videos. So this sounds more like a night timelapse than a night hyperlapse. In any case, I guess we'll find out soon enough. Single Take Photo is another cool addition. This will let you capture the scene in a “series of pictures and short videos.” You’ll capture one by panning your phone around in slow and steady motion for like 15 seconds.

After you capture everything, the phone processes all the photos and videos, you will be able to see a collection of what it just took. Again as the name suggests you can take vertical panoramas now. You can already do it in Samsung phones by the way, but this is going to be the first time it's officially built on the camera UI itself. Suppose you take a picture and you really like certain aspects of the photo such as saturation, exposure, and brightness and want to replicate that in other photos as well then good news for you. Now you can do that with custom filters that will come on the Galaxy S11. That being said, let me know your thoughts about all of the S11's camera features down in the comments and I'll see you tomorrow... Peace out.
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