Samsung Galaxy A10 | A Solid Samsung Budget Smartphone

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Samsung Galaxy A10 | A Solid Samsung Budget Smartphone

Hi guys just gone out and bought the Galaxy a 10 this was 119 pound from Argos just wanted to check this out because the galaxy a 40 was around 180 pound to 200 pound and was absolutely brilliant smartphone but for Christmas if you are on a really tight budget and you want have the peace of mind of a well-known brand and good support then let's a look at the 810 so I have the blue variant here are some of the specs infinity V display 13 5 megapixel camera slim design for GE octa-core processor 32 gigabytes of internal storage and 2 gigabytes of RAM and in the box we have a charger a SIM tray with tool a micro USB charging cable and we have earphones so it has its three point five mil socket in here short of manuals yeah get some manuals in there ok here she is or he

Samsung Galaxy a 10 it feels nice and light let's take the wrapper off okay oh yeah it does remind me of the feel of the the a 40 the a 40 is smaller than this absolutely plastic back peel all these little protectors offer on the edge ok so we have the 13 megapixel sensor there with the flashlight the Samsung logo at the bottom there a speaker which I haven't seen speaker on the back of the phone for ages so budget device micro USB connector 3.5 more socket a microphone so a symmetry on the side there and volume rocker and power on that side so it's Innes on a front facing camera there as well there we go galaxy a10 so yeah it's slightly bigger than the the 840 I believe it's nice and light and it is around 60 pound cheaper as well okay so you can really see that infinity V display now on show I'm gonna go ahead now and set this up okay guys here we go the display straight away is really nice it is HD Plus TFT panel with some superb viewing angles

Samsung you always have really really nice displays anyway brightness you can go right up yeah yeah that's really nice so with a little chin there at the bottom fairly narrow bezels and then the obviously the front-facing camera there as well so you have eight course or eight cause they're active optical process and Marley g7 one 15 20 by is 720p display six point two three inches total Ram 1.7 that says two gigabytes of RAM on the Box available Ram 561 megabytes at the moment internal storage 24 gig obviously there's gonna be some stuff reserved over for the operating system anyway okay so in terms of applications obviously you have Samsung's familiar and normal applications but this is what you get out of the box apart from not see the CPUs that I installed pretty self-explanatory there's no fingerprint sensor on the device so you have the option for a face unlock or pattern or password so I've set up my face idea already okay yeah that's very quick so yes you'll be using fate ID

I'd imagine mainly on here and obviously a pattern as well or a pin you have to have combined with that as well software updates as check if there's anything available and yes there is an software update available 114 megabytes cool okay so I like that download in the background so yeah looks and feels really nice for such a budget device very similar to the a40 policy the specs or a little lower soaping up the camera it looks like we have two times up optical zoom there as well that was pretty nice do you have it in video mode as well it looks like it two times optical zoom let's shoot a photo yeah that's not too bad now let's do a selfie again that's not too bad either a little bit of softness in there but I'm happy with that quality for the price you pay you can change the aspect ratio as well quite all the way to full as well as good now let's switch back to the rear and go on to video to do a video then here we go 1080p so we have the galaxy a10 a super samsung budget smartphone probably the cheapest on the market yet the moment one of the newer devices testing image quality sound quality stabilization and focusing I mean it seems to be doing too bad although good yep okay

Plus that look pretty decent so let's switch now to the front-facing camera in video we have a few aspect ratio sensor let's go on to fault that fills the screen that looks really nice let's go quite cropped in there I have to have my arms arm's length the phone to get my TV get sort of my body in what you guys think quality looks very very good actually so a video quality sound quality stabilization keeping in focus yeah not bad not bad actually okay that's not too bad a neat little camera has checked some of the video capabilities out on the a-10 so we should better go up to 720p okay pinch zoom so the screen is absolutely full let's put the brightness right up don't seem to be any sound with this that looks superb look at that wonderful 720p HD + TFT panel really nice might be a little bit right there for the camera down a little bit yet the display is really nice really like that let's test this audio speaker on the back wow that is loud much volume from out of that speaker although it's on the back of quick still here that no problem it's already yeah brilliant guys hey guys something that's pretty much it for the quick look at the galaxy a10 very very impressed any 120 pounds has a three thousand four hundred million battery eseni a 720p display so

I'm hoping for decent battery life camera performs pretty well but one of the standout feature for me is the display beautiful display feels nice and comfy plastic back so you're going to pick up a few fingerprints there of a fingerprint magnet but feels nice loud speakers nice and loud and clear so yeah if you're looking for a budget smartphone Christmas or any time this is probably the best Samsung have to offer such an affordable price so links will be in the description below guys who you are take a look any questions please pop them down below give the article a thumbs up subscribe and I'll see you in the next one thanks for reading.
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