Rise of Skywalker Easter Eggs Breakdown

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Rise of Skywalker Easter Eggs Breakdown

It's an instinctive feeling the force brought us together we're not alone good people will fight if we lead them people keep telling me they know me no one does I do I waited and now you're coming together is your undoing what are we doing there Threepio taking one last look sir but my friends to confront fear the destiny of a Jedi your destiny the force will be with you always welcome back everyone it's Charlie this is going to be my Star Wars Episode 9 trailer breakdown there were so many Easter eggs and references to Return of the Jedi and other films during the saga obviously it's the last film in the nine film Skywalker saga there's going to be lots of references to the earlier films I'll just go through shot-by-shot and we'll break down all the Easter eggs and foreshadowing if you're brand new to my website be sure to subscribe to get all the articles I'm doing a Star Wars ticket giveaway all you have to do to enter that is be a subscriber and leave your best

Palpatine theory on the video what is Emperor Palpatine going to do during this movie we start with a shot of them on the forest planet obviously giving you a lot of Endor vibes but we don't know where this is the wreckage of the second Death Star couldn't have crashed to this planet too far from where the forest moon of Endor is but I'm assuming that this is a different planet and we're not going straight back to Endor like all the other planets that we see in the trailer are confirmed to be new places we haven't been before but they all look very similar to earlier planets we've been to in the saga the helmet that she throws down looks just like the helmets that they wore during the speeder chase during Return of the Jedi she seems like she's in the middle of the training exercise because she's running through the jungle with a repaired version of Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber deflecting a blast from what seems like the same type of small training droid that Luke used during a new hope pretty identifiable is a second

Death Star that she's running through trying to jump from place to place the large structure behind her also seems like the same type of console that obi-wan disabled during a new hope each of the new mains get voiceover speeches starting with Finn talking about feeling that the force brought them together I have this feeling obviously they twist it later with Palpatine's voice over dialogue the two of you coming together that will be your downfall we'll talk about Rey in kylo Ren in a second Poe gets his speech about how good people will join the resistance if they lead them well because they are desperately in need of reinforcements to fight the first order so obviously you don't see a ton of first-order ships it all seems like classic Star Destroyers I'll talk about that in a second too but the idea is that there's been a small time jump since the end of last Jedi enough time for Rey to do more force training so she has a couple of new force abilities but they've also had time to replenish some of their forces that's where Lando comes in because you look here at this giant shot of the resistance fleet this is going to be like the

Battle of Endor x 1000 you notice Falcon swoops into formation in front of them the ghost from Star Wars rebels is right here on the right hand side they also use that during rogue one but it was kind of in the background we finally get another new shot of Lando talking to them while their battle planning you see Rose Tico come back this is them standing in front of Poe's x-wing this is one of the Karelian Corvettes taking off the forest planet just like Gabon for during a new hope obviously referencing other films during the franchise there are a couple notable forest planets within the Star Wars Canon Yavin 4 and Endor just the two big ones one thing you may have noticed with the new Star Wars films that they've done with the capital ships that they didn't do in the original trilogy is that they've shown them taking off and flying around in orbit normally in the classic trilogy you only see these giant big ships when they're flying around in the vacuum of space but one of the coolest shots in this trailer is of the Imperial classic Star Destroyer just rising crashing through this ice whichever planet this is on then

Rey references the fact that everyone thinks that she's someone special someone familiar to them but she still doesn't have any more information about where she comes from who she is this is her preparing for her fight with kylo Ren on the second Death Star him just walking through they said they filmed this forever and it was raining the whole time just water everywhere he says that he knows her but I think that he's speaking metaphorically like he sees something similar in her not that he's literally holding her birth certificate or anything like that his whole thing during last Jedi was you're nobody you come from nowhere from scum but I think you're special this snowy planet is called Kim G it's controlled entirely by smugglers and scoundrels it's where Zuri Bliss's character played by Keri Russell shows up she's the new bounty hunter who's meant to be an old friend of pose and obviously she shows up here when they're talking to Threepio press F in the chat for Threepio because it seems like he's sacrificing himself but then you see what seems like Palpatine's sit throne it's kind of hard to tell where this is or if it's inside the wreckage of the second Death Star or somewhere else because it seems like there's all these rock formations behind the throne his dialogue is a twist of Finn's voice over speech like

Finn was saying that it's a good thing that the force brought them together but Palpatine is saying that them coming together will be their downfall but I think this is the twist is that Palpatine is only talking about kylo Ren and Rey the two of you come together will be your downfall this might be fin taking this skiff to try and get to the second Death Star because then you see him running across one of the giant bulkheads later as for CP Oh sacrificing himself remember we saw the Sith Threepio shot in the last trailer with his red eyes that might be when they hack him into this system he might just be sacrificing himself so they can gain access to some system if anyone's going to make it out of this nine film saga alive though you'd at least hope that it would be r2d2 because there has to be somebody to survive to tell the tale of what happened and that was kind of r2d2 s role in the classic films he was the one that carried the message to tell the story and give people information help me obi-wan Kenobi you're my only hope there's another new shot of that tiny little droid that they introduced next to bb-8 it's just meant to be a companion droid that follows bb-8 around this shot of them charging through the Imperial ship seems brand new so it's probably one of the first order

Star Destroyers pretty easy to tell the difference between the inside of the second death star in these newer capital ships you get Luke's voice over saying confronting fear is the destiny of all Jedi just like Luke had to make peace with the fact that Darth Vader was really his father it kind of implies that Rey is going to have to make peace with some extreme fundamental truth that's revealed about her origin like if we're talking about parallels to Return of the Jedi what was Luke afraid up during Return of the Jedi that he would turn to the dark side enjoying the Emperor so in Episode 9 rise of Skywalker the emperor is back Rey might also be afraid of turning to the dark side because we have a vision of darkside Rey with that double bladed lightsaber and the last trailer that we got surprising that they put all this new Palpatine scenes in the new trailer but they kept out the sith version of Rey if you're one of those people that thinks that Rey is secretly a clone of Palpatine there's probably hairs on the back of your neck standing up watching all this footage there's a new shot of them escaping the first order troopers on this new desert planet they actually confirmed that the name is Posada so obviously it's not meant to be tattooing or jakku or anything like that but it is meant to be a mirror of the movements of the original trilogy like you start out on Tatooine in Episode four in Return of the Jedi last film of that trilogy you wind up back on that desert planet

Tatooine then at the beginning of the new trilogy you start out on jakku another desert planet makes sense that you would also go back to a desert planet in Episode 9 the last film in the new trilogy Lando and Chewie back together again flying the Falcon just like he did during Return of the Jedi coming full circle since the Falcon was originally his to begin with not a scratch on her even though technically I believe Han bequeathed it to Rey but really I feel like Chewie should actually be the owner of the Falcon right now and rages borrows it from him every once in a while these just seem like all the classic imperial star destroyers from the original trilogy this shot of them writing those horse like creatures across the bulkheads of the Star Destroyers is probably just before they leave whatever planet they're on and head up into orbit like it's even more of them off in the background slowly taking off this character at the head leading their charge is Naomi Aki's brand new character don't know what the name of her character is then we see by giving you a bunch of flashbacks kylo Ren and Rey inside the wreckage of the Emperor's throne room on the second Death Star so this is progression of kylo Ren footage where first you see them fighting outside but then you see them working together inside the second Death Star so it's like we're slowly traveling to the innermost cave if you're talking about

Joseph Campbell's hero's journey and you eventually see the two of them with probably the most interesting shot in the trailer inside this weird white room there's a scene of kylo Ren and Rayce smashing this black structure this might be something connected to the Emperor inside the second Death Star some communication device where he's speaking to them it's too blurry to make it out really specifically but my first instinct actually when I saw this was that they were smashing Darth Vader's helmet so it could be connected to that too because the design language of this white room is different from anything that we've seen in Star Wars before but it feels very 70s old-school like it's very similar to what you would have seen inside the second Death Star like a special secret room that the Emperor had that we never saw inside that Death Star really hard to tell where this planet is but it's just another wide shot of their charge as they rush across the old-school Star Destroyers with a bunch of them in the background taking off into orbit this area where Rey is looking up at someone approaching her from above seems like it's the same rock formations is where Palpatine sit throne was so she might actually be looking at him here floating in the air coming to her and the final shot of her here with Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber raised up in the battle ready position just seems like it's heard slowly getting her shit together before some big big boss fight like I said it seems like it's a pretty clear narrative what Palpatine is trying to do

I've been waiting a long time for this like he's been hiding biding his time building forces getting ready to jump back in after the galaxy has become destabilized enough and weak enough to provide him an opportunity to come back and take over again what's not clear though is if he has his physical body and he's back or if it's his force spirit because technically there are some pretty big rules about who can become a force ghost and who can't and even though SIF can become force spirits usually those spirits are bound to objects like holocrons or objects or places so the emperor spirit might just be trapped inside the second Death Star this whole time I've already talked about theories about how he's trying to inhabit someone's body to come back but I would not be surprised if they go for the dark empire twist with their special cloning tanks where he's been trying to inhabit new people's bodies to really come back the whole idea though rise of Skywalker I think implies redemption of Ben solo so somehow he will redeem himself and defeat Palpatine if we're talking about parallels to return the Jedi pull a Darth Vader and throw him down another shaft but this time the death will stick because it clearly did not stick when Darth Vader tried to him but if you spotted any other big easter eggs in the trailer that I didn't mention in the video just write them below in the comments what I'll do is is I'll do new Star Wars video in the next couple of weeks because we have the Mandalorian coming up I'll be doing episode videos for that I'll name a giveaway winner when

I post that next article as long as you have alerts enabled for my website you should see the articles when I post them everybody click here for my Mandalorian trailer article and Easter eggs and click here for that new Avengers infinity saga trailer thank you so much for reading everybody stay awesome I'll see you guys tonight!
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