Major Chrome Bug Causing Data Loss on Android

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Major Chrome Bug Causing Data Loss on Android

Google fixes Chrome's data loss bug on Android

So there is a new bug in the latest chrome major update chrome 79 that is being described as catastrophic a major issue and there's a couple articles we can talk about this it was originally broken by 9/5 Google I believe and then Android police kind of did a really good article explaining that we could talk about basically this update not only affects chrome on Android not Windows if you're using Windows you're fine but it actually deletes app data from other apps besides chrome and your well explain how that happens but it's it's a really big deal so it's the title this one from Android please a google pause is chrome 79 rollout on Android after bug wipes data in some apps so they have paused the update apparently it went out like 50% of users already though so here's what it says chrome 79 start rolling out on desktop and mobile unfortunately a bug has cropped up that white dated in certain apps that use is androids built-in web view which has riled up with developers and regular users and this article is really good by corbin

Davenport it explains pretty much the exact question I had at first it says you might be wondering how the heck can a chrome bug erase data in other apps well on most recent versions of Android chrome acts as the system's webview the component that renders web pages inside of apps when you log into a web page inside an app or use browser web browsers like duck go that lack their own internal rendering engine chrome is responsible for loading that content some Android apps actually run entirely inside webview such as application is built with Apache Cordova PhoneGap or packaged web apps like Twitter light so basically there's a lot of apps that basically use chrome are a glorified Chrome skin kind of so they use Chrome to render everything and then kind of store their own data but really they're using Chrome to a large degree to like do stuff in the app and so one of the changes in chrome 79 is that the location where web data is stored was updated however one comment comment on a chromium bug page point out data from local storage and web

SQL two types of common storage commonly used in web apps and packaged apps was migrated properly so these apps are using Chrome to I guess not only render but also store data for their apps and this data was moved in this update and long story short when devices were updated to Chrome 79 web apps and webview applications had some or all of their local data deleted while the data is technically still intact since chrome didn't delete old data after migration there's no way to access it right now so there's these apps that we're using these chrome features and then chrome had an update and now it's basically like the app lost the data because it was stored in a way using Chrome and this is a really good point it says one star reviews are pouring in for apps that are affected by the bug and app developers are rallying against chromium developers who confirm that it has paused chrome 79 s rollout on Android at 50% and it's currently considering a fix so yeah these app developers who have their apps on the App Store have probably tons of users and the users are blaming them like oh

I lost all my data and it's basically like you reinstalled the app from scratch who knows how what kind of apps these are if they don't have like syncing features or something and of course they're gonna go on to the App Store and leave one-star reviews I wonder if Google is gonna potentially rollback those reviews because it was not their fault at all and one-star reviews you know they can be really detrimental to an app rating a lot of people go based purely on operating whether to download an app or not so here's Google's response I guess we are currently discussing the correct strategy for resolving the issue which will be one of these to either continue the migration moving the missed files into their new locations or revert the change by moving migrated folder files to their old locations so I don't know which one they're gonna go at I mean they both they're obviously two reasonable options will let you know which of these two options have been chosen soon in

The meantime would be good of us to collect a list of affected packages and details blah blah blah and yeah so and this is unfortunately it's hard to get a full picture of the apps affected since applications rarely advertise how they're built and data stored in online accounts online to save at least so yeah if you have like some sort of online database the app is easy that's fine but yeah there's probably a lot of apps that are purely offline just using the local processing and storage but they use Google and you might not be able to tell which ones these are so people have no reason to know that it's using Chrome and they go on and they're like what the hell is this this one's from 9 to 5 Google and here's where it says those affect it took two chromium's bug tracker page and they've described the incident as a catastrophe a major issue which is true I mean data loss is possibly one of the biggest negative effects you could have as a bug

I mean back when Windows was releasing their major update that caused a loss that was only like a tiny tiny fraction of people but for some of those people it was a ton of data so just saying and this is actually seems to be applying to like a lot of people and was already rolled out like millions of people before was caught 50 percent still got updated this could be really bad and it says to end-users it says if the app was entirely reset just downloaded for the first time it's includes save data disappearing or being logged out so yeah this is pretty bad but it seems like Google I mean at least is aware of it this happened on Friday I believe the 14th so or maybe that was this article was from Saturday but the bug was released on Friday so yeah I'm sure they're gonna work with this at least it seems like the data is not going which is good at least in most cases I wonder if that's in all cases or if just you know someday don't really was completely wiped I don't know but it seems like they at least in some cases have an option for how to how to resolve this so I don't know this is a big deal because Google and chrome it's very seamless it's in the background it's not like

Windows Update where you kind of know when you're getting a major update it'll like tell you like oh we're updating windows bla bla takes a long time whereas chrome updates they're really fast on even on desktop it takes like five seconds and then the next time you started you have the new version and on Android it's a matter of just you know download a new up app update just like you would any other app so you don't really know this is what caused it and people might not make the connection because they might not have updated the the app that's broken or appears broken and then they're like what is going on so this is a big deal obviously not much more I can say about it but if you have not updated on Android yet I don't think you can even get this update because they paused it going out but if you have had apps that seemingly disappeared I would just hold on and see hopefully if it gets itself fixed so yeah pretty big deal I think this is like obviously the worst kind of bug is data loss but it seems like at least there's a good chance that some of it could be recovered so yeah

Thanks for reading guys let me know what you think and also be sure to subscribe and I'll make new articles again on this website whenever there's a significant tech update to make and I maybe I'll start doing it more often you guys can let me know if you want update articles about stuff that's not so SuperDuper important but still interesting kind of like just a daily tech brief type article let me know all that down in the comments so I'll see you the next one.
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