LG G8X ThinQ | with Dual Screen Android Phone - DEMO & REVIEW 2020

LG G8X ThinQ  with Dual Screen Android Phone - DEMO & REVIEW 2020 Is LG g8 ThinQ a good phone What is LG g8 ThinQ How do I use my LG g8

LG G8X ThinQ | with Dual Screen Android Phone - DEMO & REVIEW 2020

It's a smartphone with a second screen let's check this out deep teal here and I'm looking at this this is the LG G 8x thin q well let's take this apart because in fact it's two pieces so unlike some phones that are out there now that our dual screen this is actually just a regular Android phone from LG it's thin it's reasonably light we'll get back to the specs in a second and then there's the second dual screen that you purchase that if you put the phone in the dual screen then boom you're ready to rock and roll so that's pretty cool it's an interesting idea because that means you can get this and you can use the second screen at moments that you feel are appropriate now we're gonna get back to the screen but let's start with the phone itself so this is running Android 9 it's a six point four inch oh le D F HD display running at 23 40 by 1080 which is 403 pixels per inch which is pretty low resolution for a modern high-end phone by comparison like that pixel 4 and the

Apple iPhone 11 and stuff there at 500 or more pixels per inch now to be fair when you look at it that's still a really high density and this is a nice bright screen and it's very pleasant to look at there's you know nice clear bright sand vivid colors and stuff and it's quick and fast so if you're reading an action movie then there's no blurring or streaking or anything it's a very nice screen but it is not the top end of all possible screens you can get so the front is Gorilla Glass 6 the back is Gorilla Glass 5 why the difference I cannot explain to you it's powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with a hundred and twenty eight gig of memory and it supports a external micro sd card which you can get up to 2 terabytes of additional storage which gives you a lot of storage what are you gonna use with 2 terabytes of storage on your phone I have no explanation so cameras are obviously the fun part so this has it's kind of a weird setup because the rear facing cameras are lower resolution than the front-facing camera so the front-facing camera and here's a selfie this is a 32 megapixel front camera at f 1.9 capturing a pretty staggering 65 28 by 48 96 pixels and has a lot of data it's a really crisp image by comparison the rear cameras and again

I don't really understand why LG made this decision but the rear facing cameras are a 12 megapixel 78 degree regular camera and that's F 1.8 capturing four thousand and thirty two by three thousand and twenty four pixels and here's an example of that regular shot now without moving I jumped to the hundred and thirty six degrees ultra wide and you can see it's a dramatic difference and this one's 13 megapixels it's an F two-point force it's a little slower at 40 160 by 31 20 so it's capturing a little bit more at the cost of being a little bit slower now again cool article features too but before we get there let me show you here's a nice shot this was just illuminated by the street lights on my street and you can see it really looks like it's just a dark day it's very impressive as with all night shots you have to hold your camera SuperDuper still for a second or two so it's best to have it resting on something but these modern cameras doing a remarkable job in low-light but let's talk about articles so first off here's a article that I took just using the rear facing camera and you can see this is beautiful and a really nice article fact I'm gonna let you just enjoy the stream for a second okay one of the other features that the

LG article camera has is Steadicam and check out how smooth this is as I move the camera around so lots to like about the photography on this you know there are some things where it doesn't have a third lens on the you know rear facing lens for photography and it doesn't have super high resolution but seriously even 12 megapixels is a whole lot of data it's a whole lot of photo now when I zoomed in super tight I felt like the details were lacking a little bit but again it is in fact a phone with a camera though there are inherently limitations in this now one of the other things LG does that's really cool is they really look at sound so number one on the bottom it actually has yes a 3.5 millimeter jack you can actually plug in headphones fantastic right so nice I wish everyone else still had those they do they also include a 32 bit hi-fi quad DAC or digital analog converter that gives you really nice rich sound and a little weird for a screen this small DTS X which is virtual surround sound so I guess virtual surround sound while I'm reading a movie on something that's six inches wide maybe it's still not quite the same as a David Lean epic on the big screen but it does give you a good sound also bluetooth 5.0 and the battery but before we get to the battery

I want to plug this into the second screen there's just a USB C connection on the bottom you charged by USB C so there's that USB C connection on the bottom and then once I close it there's an always-on display that I know you can barely see I'm sorry it's not always on it's often on probably a setting I can make it always on but it's showing me date time and a couple of status notifications and battery then of course if I open it up then yay I get both screens now here's the thing that's weird is that I found there's a lot of apps that aren't actually rotation friendly so you would want to be able to turn it this way right because that would be really cool but a lot of the apps are still oriented the other so that's a drag fortunately there are some that do that so let's see so what did I figure out I figured I could play like heart of Vegas slots if it will launch what's going on here it's trying to launch the game here we go so I can play that and then I can bring up a TlcShoppe article and we'll just read let's see we will just randomly pick this is probably the hardest thing is to just find a article to read as a demo right so we'll just do this one and assuming that there we go so now let's get it all oriented correctly so now you can see

I could play the game on the top while reading a article on the bottom I could obviously also do something similar with like Netflix or something so I could be reading a movie while I'm playing a game or something but this really sort of falls down when you have to worry about which ones actually support the horizontal orientation and which ones do vertical because that otherwise is just super frustrating so and now this particular game I can't get to do anything so there we go okay so you know it's not a great user experience in fact the whole second screen it is another six point four inch Oh le D F HD display so they're exactly the same display on both sides but the experience of using it is not very good I have to say you know it takes a while to get the hang of it there's no apps I've found that stretch across both screens which maybe is not the intention of the phone but it would be something I would like to have as an option and you know yes text messaging here or Facebook messaging here while you maybe you're doing something else on this side is useful but then you get a lot more bulk and a lot more weight so this goes from being a nice slim

Android phone to being a fairly hefty and substantial dude so you know if this is something that you're interested in then it's definitely a cool option but let me also say power-wise that the second display is completely powered by the main phone so the main phone has a pretty hefty 4000 milliamp hour battery and it supports Qualcomm quick charge 4 and wireless charging including while it's has the dual display connected so you can have it like this and it will still wirelessly charge which is really good because the phone itself actually has that USBC connector on the bottom and the trick is to pop it and then pull it out you don't want to stress that connector on the bottom but so it's USBC on the bottom of the phone but on the bottom of the dual display is a completely different connector and you got to use this tiny little adapter to be able to use it for a wired charge now I am completely confident that people are going to lose that adapter within the first week kind of the way it goes with these little specialty devices and then you will say oh either I have to take this out to charge it or I have to use wireless charging which even with this like you know great Google pixel wireless charger it's still not as fast as a wired charge so you know stuff to be aware of I also find that the front is not as far as

I can tell oleophobic which means that it collects a whole heck of a lot of fingerprints in fact I am sure that someone from like CSI Boulder would love my screen because they would get so many great prints off of it probably not what you want so the phone let me go in the box super quick because I want to show one other thing too so box comes with all the usual paperwork and rigmarole so we get all of that a little QuickStart guide comes with a wired wall charger and it comes with a USB C charging cable and it comes with a sim removal tool and that's it so what's missing there's no earbuds there's no audio device of any sort so I really like that LG gave us the 3.5 millimeter jack but they then opted not to give us anything to plug into it so maybe you already have something so you're good but if not then kind of a drag let's see we get this to all fit back together neatly I did it in the wrong order let's do that then this then this there we go okay so at the end of the day the question is is this a good Android phone and is it you know is the addition of this second screen worth the extra money because this is a two hundred dollar add-on so it's a pretty spendy accessory and this is already a fairly expensive phone but before we talk about specifics on prices let me ask if you can subscribe to my

WEBSITE really appreciate when you do that great so this let's unlock it by the way in screen fingerprint sensor super cool I really like these and sometimes it works it's it's pretty fussy actually you're seeing I'm still trying to get this thing to actually unlock for me fingerprint recognition failed alright I shall what's going on now I can't even unlock the phone at all so let's see here we go so now I can just use the old enter your PIN right that's always one way to do it so a little fussy on the fingerprint sensor I think that in screen sensors still have a little ways to go to get perfectly engineered but this is the LG G 8 X thin cue with the optional dual screen the phone itself is 779 at Wireless at att.com and AT&T; loaned me this phone for the review thank you very much you can also go to LG comm and pick up the phone for 699 99 and then you need to also if you want to use it by your dual screen and this will cost you an additional hundred and ninety-nine dollars so this Plus this get you pretty darn close to a thousand dollars is this a thousand dollar phone I'm not sure it is I think LG is a little bit over enthusiastic on their pricing I would like to see this maybe a hundred or a hundred and fifty cheaper and then you can optionally get the accessory and if the accessory needs to be $200 make it $200 but then you get a really nice like $600 smart phone an Android phone and this would be a really nice phone at that price would I get the second screen probably not

I have to say that I might use it and it would be a fun gimmick maybe on an airplane or something like that but generally speaking I would opt for thinner and more portable and longer battery life than I would for a second screen that's a little clumsy in how its integrated into the Android system maybe down the road maybe with the next generation of Android who knows things will be much much better but for now I will give a lukewarm thumbs up to the phone and a I don't know middling thumb waggle to the dual screen and with that I will catch you.
LG G8X ThinQ | with Dual Screen Android Phone - DEMO & REVIEW 2020 LG G8X ThinQ | with Dual Screen Android Phone - DEMO & REVIEW 2020 Reviewed by Admin on 6:28 PM Rating: 5

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