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So today is Cyber Monday and there are a ton of tech deals to be had but I've hand-picked a bunch and I think offered the best value and are actually good products that you can pick up today the first one is from Lenovo this is a 15-inch ultra book it's the IdeaPad s340 this is for sale at B&H; right now and it comes with a I 580 265 u processor paired with 12 gigabytes of RAM and a full HD 1920 by 1080 now I know there's some other deals out there for five hundred and forty nine dollars for similar specs but the big difference between this product and the other ones is the form factor this one is significantly thinner and lighter making it easier to carry now if you're Gambhir you gonna watch head out the

Microsoft Store because right now there is a good deal on the acer nitrile seven this usually retails for about $1,100 but you can pick it up right now for $6.99 that's a big steal for the specs you get 15 inch display i 790 750 H 8 gigabytes of RAM which you can upgrade any time you want 256 gigabyte SSD and a gtx 1650 now if you're still checking out this deal on the microsoft store also swing by to check out the surface laptop 3 because all weekend they had a huge sale on it you can pick it up for $300 less the entry-level model is can be bought right now for $8.99 and this is a surface laptop which means it's super thin very premium and comes with the latest specs now if you don't want the surface laptop 3 and you really have your eye on the surface laptop 315 edge my suggestion is to really think about it because the 15 inch version they offer here uses the AMD processors and the Intel variant runs significantly faster so if you can spec out the 13 inch version and doesn't matter which spec you go for you're still gonna get $300 off so quickly for my

Canadians Huawei is offering a bunch of awesome products available for the holiday season anything from their p30 pro watch GT with like two week battery life to even the free buds light in fact if you pick up a piece 30 Pro from certain carriers you will get a free pair of free buds light to go with it that's a hundred and eighty dollar value now I obviously can't use all of this so I'm gonna give some of it away and if you're interested in that I'll be doing a giveaway on Instagram and of course it's open to everybody so back to the laptop deals the next one is actually a Chromebook a very good Chromebook for three hundred and nineteen dollars you're saving one hundred and eighty dollars from the original price and you actually get really good specs this is the Chromebook C four to five you get a 1920 by 1080 display you have a thirteen inch form factor an m3 8100 Y processor this is significantly better than like the Celeron processors we're used to seeing and the last laptop deal I want to talk about is the

HP Pavilion laptop the 15 is ed this is on sale right now for four hundred and forty nine dollars this is a really good entry-level laptop with an AMD rise in five thirty five hundred use CPU you get sixteen gigabytes of RAM and a 256 PCIe nvme SSD my only suggestion is to spend fifty dollars more and upgrade the display from 1366 by 768 to 1920 by 1080 so it'll take it from 449 to 500 bucks but having that 1080p display is definitely worth it so for those of you looking for a tablet the best deal on a tablet is the iPad 10.2 inch this usually retails for $349 and I've seen it drop down to 249 over the Black Friday weekend but right now you can pick it up for 229 dollars at Target this is the brand-new seventh gen iPad Wi-Fi only the in fact they've actually sold out of two of the colors but the black version is left the next deals a little bit smaller it's a micro SD card but it's such a awesome deal this is a car that has 256 gigabytes that retails for $140 but today you can pick it up for 35 bucks if you own drones if you have a smartphone that has microSD card expansion this is going to give you a significant amount of storage if 35 bucks is too expensive you can pick up the 128 version for 20 or for 13 bucks you can pick up the 64 gigabyte model now if micro

SD card a little bit too small and you're looking for actual storage Samsung is having a big sale on the 860 kube oh one terabyte solid-state drive this will go inside of your computer or if your laptop supports a 2.5 inch drive bay this will give you another terabyte of storage for 90 bucks this is a 32 percent price drop from the original price now if you're looking for an external drive the t5 which is like highly recommended from like every youtuber is being sold for $137 this is a one terabyte drive dropped by 45% so it used to be 250 now you can pick it up for a hundred and thirty eight bucks so the last one is kind of special because this is a mouse that I personally use on a daily basis this is the logitech g930 is a gaming mouse until the razer viper ultimate came out I still use it on my home computer because it's so solid the accuracy the latency everything is like perfect this usually retails for 150 bucks but right now you can pick it up for $65 that's an $85 saving so anyways that wraps up my cyber monday deals that you can pick up right now links to everything will be in the description down below obviously if you find any other crazy deals let me know in the comments section and

I will place those deals in the description of this article anyways like the article if you liked it subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys in the next article.
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