Just One Question: Star Wars Edition

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Just One Question: Star Wars Edition

Folks i'm so excited for next week's release of "Star wars: the rise of skywalker." finally finally we'll get answers to all of our questions: how does the skywaker saga end? Who are rey's parents? Why does the ice planet hoth have a singing snowman? And did i accidentally buy a ticket for "Frozen 2?" clearly i'm not the only one who has questions. Everyone here at "The late show" wishes they could ask the cast of "Star wars" just one question. And tonight we let them do just that. This is "The late show's just one question," "Star wars" edition. what's it like to be part of the conclusion to the original "Star wars" saga? it definitely feels like you're a moment you're a part of a moment of history. it feels very fulfilling to have contributed to this epic epic saga. hey daisy ridley how did you learn to do rey's alien accent? do you mean this accent?

The one i'm speaking in right now? yeah what planet is that from? it's from "England." is it near the planet jakku? sure next question. did any of the veteran "Star wars" actors give you any helpful advice? yeah. Harrison ford actually pulled me aside and said "Don't ask me for any advice or i'll kill you." that was very helpful. what would you do if you had the force. i'd probably do this. hey j.J. can you test my midichlorian level. I brought some of my blood to test to see if maybe i'm a jed i. please put that away. oscar isaac what's it like to have an action figure of yourself? come on please don't act like you don't know. what are you talking about? i'm talking about the bill marko graphic designer action figure. where did you get that? run over here and do my photoshop. stop it! kick my pencils! not cool man. i have to ask: could you maybe-- no i cannot get you a baby yoda. now further questions. my kid made this cardboard light saber and i was wondering if you'd be willing to sign it. oh this is so cute!

They even put a button on it. don't touch that. oh! Wow! Yeah okay this is really advanced and accurate. yeah. We're home schooling him because of the playground incident. hey oscar isaac who is your favorite "Star wars" character? definitely spock. i'm pretty sure that's "Star trek." excuse me. I think i know. I'm the guy moplays poo. it's poh. you know better than me right? Yeah you play poo okay? i've never seen any of the "Star wars" movies. Could you quickly tell me what they're about? sure it all starts with negotiation over trade routes top to look into it they send two wizards into outer space. the wizards become best friends with a little boy but the boy grows up to be real weird. so one of the wizards slices him way big glow stick and leaves him in a bunch of lava. but the boy had a secret wife with secret twins. one of the twins is adopted into a rich family and becomes a princess and the other one is a basic farmer. 19 years later the farm boy runs into a robot. so the farm boy and his friends explode the metal planet but then the bad guy makes another evil metal planet.

So then they explode that one too. then farm boy helps kill the bad guy because he thinks the bad guy killed his dad. but it turns out the bad guy was his dad. And also he kisses his sister. and then the farm boy moves to an island without telling anyone. Meanwhile are his nephew helps make another planet that shoots planets and he kills his dad. and a bunch of people explode that planet with the help of chewbacca. the farm boy sends his own ghost to the fight and disappears into a pile of robes. and that's "Star wars." pretty stismle really. Stephen: thank you j.J.And the cast of "Star wars." "Star wars: the rise of skywalker" is in theaters december 20.
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