iPhone 11 and 11 Pro review: 2 months later

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro review 2 months later iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, 2 months later Ultrawide camera is still our favorite thing Is iPhone 11 Pro worth it Is iPhone 11 good Will iPhone 11 have USB C What does XR mean in iPhone XR How much is the iPhone 11 pro What's new about the iPhone 11 Is the iPhone 11 waterproof How many megapixels is the iPhone 11 Does iPhone 11 come with AirPods Why are there 3 cameras on the iPhone 11

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro review: 2 months later

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, 2 months later: Ultrawide camera is still our favorite thing

I've been using the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro for the past 60 days and well here my thoughts so the first thing that I'm gonna talk about is the differences because trying to scribe what's different tween these two is more than just a spec list yeah the iPhone 11 Pro costs three dollars more it has an extra camera on it it has different size options and it has the OLED two panel display versus the LCD on the 11 this to me is basically 85% of an iPhone 11 Pro the iPhone 11 Pro cost 30% more I mean that's pretty amazing and that's also why we named the iPhone 11 and editor's choice it's just I don't know of another phone right now that you get this much value for the dollar maybe if you go toward Android and look at something like a Motorola g7 or maybe even a pixel 3a it's not to say the iPhone 11 Pro is bad or expensive I mean it is expensive but it's just that the iPhone 11 is that good yeah these are the best cameras on any

iPhone period the biggest things are gonna be that ultra wide angle lens which I'll talk about a second but when these phones first came out we didn't have the deep fusion technology for processing yet and it be honest had Apple not even mentioned it your photos have just looked good you wouldn't even know to be looking for it and I think deep fusion is actually kind of a silent killer on these phones because in most situations I'm taking lots of photos and doors of friends and family and that's where I get the most improvement in photos over if I look at them compared to like an iPhone 10s alright when these came out one of the big features on this was night mode obviously when I first got the phones I was testing that out a lot and it's pretty impressive in daily use of the past few months there are times where it just pops on and I use it and I like the results or I could tweak them a little bit with an edit here there but I'm not actively looking for night mode shots all the time this more pleasantly surprised I'm like oh I forgot I had this feature it's nice that it pops on and

I kind of like that it pops on when it needs it versus when I need it if that makes sense the biggest difference between these two phone it's gonna be that telephoto camera I don't know I mean you're not just getting the telephoto camera for 300 hours more but in a lot of situations like a two times crop on the wide-angle here it gets me the same photo so the new thing this year is the ultra wide camera and at first I thought this might be a gimmick when I got the phone and it kind of was but I really like ultra wide photos it's like for example I was in Chicago a couple weeks ago and there's this dinosaur at the airport and I could not get the oh it had a Bears Jersey on and I could not get the whole dinosaur into the photo and until I went to the ultra I was like hey Ultra ride I respect you I also kind of like the different angles it gets me I was at the Milwaukee Art Museum it's got these kind of crazy curves and I just love the way the ultra wide-angle is able to distort those curves and just make a more interesting photo than how to shot it with the regular camera love the ultra wide overall and everyday use I'm just impressed with the sharpness of the photos

I get out of camera they're not over sharpened it just seems that Apple's found the right balance to get that and and the focus the focus I know I sound like a nerd but it's such a good focus system for photos very happy with that oh you don't want to know about article and you guys know that I love article and for years iPhone I think has just been always kind of one step ahead when it comes to image quality on video yet there are ones that have stepped up and they have 4k 24 4k 60 or 4k 30 but video is constantly surprising me it's still not great in low light it's still pretty weak in low light as any phone camera would be but as far as in good light and you know capture an image that is clean and has good detail and doesn't have like aliasing and stuff like that going on or horrible noise the iPhones a step ahead of pretty much any Android phone I know I'll give you a lot of comments on that hey I could go on for hours about the cameras on the iPhone but I don't have to because we have a bunch of videos we've done already doing camera shootouts with other phones with other

iPhones even doing a video one with some skateboards that's pretty darn cool check them out okay after 60 days let's just let's take an assessment here I'll start with the iPhone 11 Pro this thing has been dropped a few times it doesn't have any cracks or scratches from the drops however I do have these like two large gouge gouges on the front of my phone I have no idea where they came from I think it may have been from the camera of the iPhone 11 the bump maybe just peeling against it so this is not a problem most people are gonna have I don't think that said I know I'm a monster cuz I don't like cases on my phones I like to see the design of the phone whether it's Android or iPhone and I think these are very beautiful hey on the inside these guys are exactly the same hard wise and I don't know it's a difference in performance when I'm using them I don't know why I would that said the only difference is gonna be battery and I find actually the 11 probably get a little bit longer battery life and daily use than I do on the iPhone 11 this one was lasting me like a day day and a half on a single charge no problem sometimes

I could stretch that to two days if I go into like Glo battery mode and on the 11 I'm getting about a day day and a half max on that I think the Aussie has to do a little bit with the LCDs display the fact that's bigger than the oh le d-- or OLED display on the iPhone 11 Pro hey if you want more in depth look at how these phones are doing we've actually done insane drop tests where we drop the phone from eleven feet and they don't crack we put these on like an underwater drone and take him down like six meters and they still work so check out those videos is the screen dramatically different on the 11pro versus the eleven and let me let me just head to something real quick so I think some minutes overlooked often is the size so obviously the 11pro is a little bit smaller physically than the eleven and that means as a smaller screen the 11pro max it's bigger and as a bigger screen that seems really obvious but an OLED panel should look a lot better than an LCD panel no questions asked but we're not looking at specs when I use them and everyday use I'm really happy with the iPhone 11s LCD screen the only times

I know they're gonna people like hey no there's a difference managed to see that you should like talk about that scene it's like not talking about that what's up with that it's Apple pay and I'm not to talk about it now they're not the difference is that there's not that huge of a difference if I have the phone side-by-side yeah yeah the screen on the iPhone 11 Pro looks better it just does but that being said most people aren't gonna have another phone next to them or carrying two phones and the iPhone 11 screen is really good it's if I had to give you a grade rating just like a b-plus and this is like a solid a okay let's talk about iOS 13 my criticism here is less about the features we'll talk about couple but when I first got these phones they were pretty buggy one of the biggest things is on the iPhone 11 Pro I bought the camera crashed all the time that's not good it actually would freeze to be more specific about it alright here we are four five six updates later I'm running iOS 13 point two point three and things seem relatively stable obviously this brings things like diffusion the camera stable yes kind of nice now I do have a couple like a little pics with using the phones and there these are ridiculously small but they're annoying so when I'm in messages and I send someone a text and if

I put my phone on the table I'm right-handed I inadvertently hit the dictation button all the time and it drives me nuts and I've asked some friends and well a couple of them have the same thing so that's something I don't like I wish that Mike could be positioned differently or you need a longer press and speaking about long presses these don't have 3d touch which i think is fine but I think this next issue I have might be related to that I have the darndest time getting like select and select all up if I'm trying to get a word like I thought myself tap and tap and holding and trying to get it and it just doesn't pop up or if it does it goes away too fast I'm not sure what's going on there that's kind of annoying I haven't figured out the tap routine to get that accurately every time and this is annoying it's just by default in notes when you open a new note and you type that sentence it goes and becomes a header why why is the first sentence a header all right so I'm two months into this which one would I buy would it be grateful I said buy this one and I will so if I'm not a phone reviewer and I just Patrick Holland everyday guy who has an iPhone I'm gonna buy the iPhone 11 if I'm Patrick Hall on the article guy

I'm gonna buy the iPhone 11 and not the pro if I basically unless you have lots of money spend I don't see a reason why you would get this phone over this unless it's size that is the thing that I enjoy most about the iPhone 11 Pro is it's a little bit smaller than the iPhone 11 but is that worth $300 to you to me it's not and it might go the other way too right if you need a bigger phone then obviously you're gonna get the iPhone 11 pro max which costs even more but if there was me I would be buying this phone and I would upgraded the storage from 64 to 128 maybe I'll buy a nice case for it and take myself out to a nice steak dinner and call it a day but that's where I'm at I thought 11 is so good this is still really good is it worth 30% more though after two months I don't think so but that's me all right so if you want to take a look at more in-depth stuff about the iPhone we have everything for photo compares drop test water test but one thing to leave you guys with is the iPhone 11 Pro and lump Pro max come with an 18 watt charger this does not and that's kind of annoying because an 18 watt charger is so fast so fast that 15 seconds.
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