Impressive Tech Photo Backpack! | WANDRD Duo Daypack Review

Impressive Tech Photo Backpack!  WANDRD Duo Daypack Review Wandrd Duo Daypack Review  Conclusion Overall, the bag is absolutely solid! The straps are comfortable and it sits nicely on multiple body types and sizes, it breathes well, and feels agile even when it's loaded to the gills with gear and accessories! wandrd uk wandrd prvke 21 or 31 wandrd prvke 31 photography bundle wandrd prvke 21l wandrd duo wandrd pouch wandrd hexad wandrd veer

Impressive Tech Photo Backpack! | WANDRD Duo Daypack Review

What is up people, Dunna here and today we're gonna be taking a look at a new bag from WANDRD, the Duo Daypack. (dramatic music) (camera snapping) Now if you've been reading my website or following me on Instagram or anything like that, you'll know that I am a big fan of WANDRD, and specifically the WANDRD PRVKE 31 liter backpack, which is not only my daily bag, but also the bag that I take traveling. For a lot of people, the 31 liter might be a little bit overkill for what they need on a daily basis, going to and from work or school, or whatever it may be. And so when I saw that the WNDRD Duo Daypack was coming out, I got very excited. Personally, I like to carry way too much camera gear with me all the time, so the WNDRD 31 liter PRVKE was perfect because I could basically, put everything I owned in it.

Buy 90% of the time, once I get to work, I don't use any of that gear. So it's definitely been in the back of my mind to try and start carrying a little bit less with me at all times, and just pare down to what could be handy, if I need it. Not just like bring everything. Enter the Duo. So today, we're gonna talk about the Duo, go through some of the features. I'm gonna talk about what I liked about it, what I think could be improved, and I'm gonna give my general recommendation for whether I think this bag is right for you or not. All right, let's get into the bag and see what it has to offer. So first and foremost, the matte black that WNDRD always does is just something that I really love personally. It's got kind of this Batmanesque vibe to it, and I just love that so much. Just like in their other bags, the materials that they're using are all top-grade. It's all water-resistant and sealed zippers. We got really nice YYK zippers with beautiful zipper pulls.

Nice little touch there with kind of a copper color. On the very front of the bag, we've got this one pocket that you can slip a notebook or something into. It actually does extend out quite a ways, so you can fit a little bit in there if you want to. (zipper closing) Some nice little detailing with the WNDRD logo there. And there are four tabs on the front. If you have the WNDRD straps that they sell extra, you can actually use that to put let's say, a sweater or a tripod, or whatever you want, you can strap that onto the front of the bag on the outside. They've also got the same thing on the bottom. I found this really handy to strap my tripod to the bottom of the bag. On the one side we've got this really nice grab handle, super comfy to grab. Again, a nice little touch with their WNDRD logo right there. And on the other side we've got a water bottle/tripod pocket. It's got a stretchy mesh on the back here, and an elastic, so it stretches to fit whatever size of water bottle you might have. On the back, we've got this grab handle at the top.

 I wish it was little bit thicker. Something a little bit more like the grab handle on the side 'cause it's not super comfortable to grab. But it is nice and minimal and kinda stays out of the way. The straps feel just a little bit rigid at first, but if it's anything like the straps were on my other WNDRD bag, they do soften up after a little bit of use. There is a chest strap and it is moveable, so you can take this out and move it on any of these points. More nice little WNDRD touches there. Then we've got this back panel which has kind of an injection-molded type of thing. It's super comfortable. I've been really, really happy wearing this. It's got a really nice feel on your back and it doesn't feel like it's pushing on any specific place. It's nice and evenly split between your whole back. And tucked nicely into the back here, we've got this little pass-through for a luggage handle. And on the other side, hidden away really, really sneakily, I don't know I'll be able to show it on the article here, but there is a pocket as part of that back part where you can put things like your passport, anything that you wanna hide away that won't be easily seen.

It's actually a little bit hard to get to, but I think that's kind of the idea. Not something you wanna throw something that you need to get at regularly. Hey, on the very top, (zipper zipping) we've got a pocket that's lined with some kind of, it's like a nice fleece, so it'd be good to throw your cellphone or your glasses. Nice and soft, nothing that's gonna scratch it. And it's got a little key clip in there. And now for the exciting part, the inside of the bag. But I have to preface this by saying that the way that you open this bag, at first it seems like, it seems like it's gonna be weird, but I really, really love it. Okay, so there are four pull tabs. They look like this. Two on the bottom, and then two that start up on the top of the back. Now if you pull open on the ones that go from the top, (zipper zipping) they go all the way down to the bottom, and you can flay the whole thing open. It's too big for the camera. We need a wider view. Okay, so now you can see the whole inside.

On the front part of it, we've got just one nice big mesh compartment that you can put things in. Nothin' too crazy happening here. This part is that top pocket. And then in the main section, there are so many cool things happening here. So on each of the sides, there is a whole bunch of organization. On the one side compartment, we've got a zippered pocket. We've got a stretchy mesh pocket, and then we've got a not stretchy, not mesh pocket. The materials on the inside of this thing feel fantastic as well. Again, sticking with that fully matte black, absolutely love that. And then if we look at the other side, we've got just a plain pocket here. Another stretchy mesh pocket. And then we've got two little elastic sections where you can put cables, or pencils, or pens, or whatever you wanna do there. Now up the center is where we've got some cool stuff. In the top, we've got a laptop compartment that fits my 15 inch MacBook Pro, no problem. And then a divider where you can put something like a tablet, iPad or whatever. Just in front of that we've got a little pocket that's great for holding cables and electronics and stuff, chargers. (zipper zipping) And I appreciate that they put a zip on it.

That's something that I wish they would've had on all of these pockets, I understand that if you want it to be stretchy and stuff like that, a zipper doesn't make sense, but I did find some things falling out of those pockets. And then these are really cool. They're little padded pouches that are stretchy on the sides. And so you can fit all sorts of things in there. Personally I used it for extra lenses, an extra camera body in this one. And then this, which I think is kinda the Piece de resistance on this thing. So if you're someone who is like me and you carry around camera gear all the time, this is your camera cube. Now it's not a removable camera cube like you'd see in the other WNDRD bags, so that might be a downside to you if you're looking for something that you can pull the camera cube out of and put it in something else. Like the whole rest of the WNDRD system, you can take their camera cube out and put it in one of their other bags and it works okay. It's all kind of like modular like that. But this, you could basically get to choose whether you have a camera cube or not. So on either side, there's a little Velcro door. And on the inside there is a divider.

And you can pull that out (scratching) and it kinda feels like that same injection-molded kind of thing, it's nice and stiff. Feels really good. So basically you've just got a tunnel, a camera tunnel. It's not really a cube, it's more like a three dimensional rectangle. I guess a cube is a three dimensional rectangle, technically. Anyway, you got lots of space to put things in there. I was carrying a full-frame camera with a lens on it, and then in the other side I had two lenses with that kind of divider separating them. Now if I fold these end pieces in, do the same thing on the other side. You can take the camera cube and fold it down so that now there's no camera cube. Now we've got the same backpack with the same features, but more space at the bottom. So if you don't want that extra cube in there. It basically disappears, but without having to store that anywhere, it just folds away. And if we want it again, just pop it back out like that and you're good. Now let me get my divider back in there. Now here's probably my favorite thing about this bag.

If we close this back up, we can access the side like you would see on a lot of camera bags, but typically there would be like a little cutout right here and you would just be able to get into that area and depending on what was inside there, if there was a camera cube with another cutout for you to reach in and grab stuff, that's okay. But check this out. You can open it right up to the top and get access to the entire side. So even if you had stuff here, you can access all that. And one of the coolest things is that it's not just on one side, it's actually on both. So you get access let's say, to your camera on the bottom of that side. And then your lenses on the bottom of that side. And if you wanted to put, like I had my microphone in about here, and that easy access for that. I love the fact that the whole side opens up, and not just a small section. One of the other things that's important to me that I don't know if it's a big deal for everyone, but it stands up on its own. And that is just like a huge thing for me for some reason. I can't stand when bags don't stand up on their own. I don't want them falling down all the time and getting dirty and all that kind of stuff. Okay, a couple of things that I thought could've been improved with this bag.

This front pocket, as much as it's fairly big and you can get stuff into it, I felt like it would have been cooler if they did something where the flap opened down and you could have maybe some organizational stuff in there. It's a little difficult to know what's in there and get in because you only have that side access. Not a deal-breaker by any means, but it would've been cool to see them do something a little bit more with that. I have the same problem with the front pocket on my PRVKE too, it's just kinda, I find it a little tough to figure out what it's useful for. And then like I mentioned before, if you want a camera cube that is removable, so you can pull it out and still have all your stuff in the cube, this wouldn't be the bag for you, for sure. The only other thing that I had an issue with, in that side, this little door, I felt like it should've been removable. You can kinda tuck it down under, but then it takes up some of the space in that camera rectangle section. I would just push it down like this, 'cause I didn't want a door on that section. But I wish that I could just fully pull this sucker off. Okay, so here's the bottom line. I like to carry a lot of camera gear and I can still fit a lot of stuff in here. I had a Sony A7III with a lens on it, two separate lenses in the other side.

I carried another lens and another camera body inside the main compartment with my microphone and a whole bunch of extra stuff in the top pockets. So there's lots of space in this, but it is a small, sleek bag. It's nice and light. It's easy to carry. It's a great daily backpack for people who might want camera gear or you can fold away that cube and it's just a great daily backpack with lots of options. The big catch is gonna be that it's a little pricey going at about $219, so if you're just looking for a daily backpack, it might be a little on the high-end for you. But with the workmanship and the materials and stuff, I think that's why the price is as high as it is. Lots of technical stuff goin' into this. In planning this article, I kinda struggled to find someone that this bag might not be good for. The only thing that I really came out with is that it's probably not big enough to be a full on travel bag or a hiking bag, that kind of thing. Think more like commuting in the city, but you wanna carry a decent amount of stuff, especially like I said, photographer, videographer.

If you're carrying some gear in this, it's kind of made for that. But it is also just a great daily bag for anybody else too. Carry your lunch or whatever you want in there. But as always, I wanna hear from you. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the Duo Daypack. Does it get the thumbs up, the thumbs down? Do you like the style? Do you like the features? Leave a comment, and on your way down there, hit that like and subscribe button. If you wanna check this out or pick it up, there is a link in the description. Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you next time.
Impressive Tech Photo Backpack! | WANDRD Duo Daypack Review Impressive Tech Photo Backpack! | WANDRD Duo Daypack Review Reviewed by Admin on 4:43 PM Rating: 5

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