Former Google employee accuses tech giant of bias | Google accused of firing another activist employee

Former Google employee accuses tech giant of bias Google accused of firing another activist employee

Former Google employee accuses tech giant of bias

Google accused of firing another activist employee

Google again is facing charges of using its awesome influence on the internet to affect an election. A former google engineer who claims he was fired in part because of his own conservative views says the company is actively seeking to influence the 2020 election against president trump. The president referred to the engineers claims in a series of tweets this morning saying that he would be watching google closely. Joining us now is that former google engineer a kevin. Kevin thank you for coming in. So explain to us exactly how is google planning on tipping the scales against the president in the coming election? well google has a lot of mechanisms for many played in public opinion. Youtube itself deletes about 8 million videos and 3 million channels every three months. They censor conservative content constantly. There are polling politicians and ads. People inside google have talked about things like remotely turning off donald trumps phone to turn it into a brick.

Or to disable his staffers e-mail accounts. They're looking for ways to manipulate the electoral process. kevin steve forbes here. In terms of google itself is there any recognition that there might be political retribution? As you know project -- has a couple of google people say like you in public that they discriminate actively discriminate and post about discriminating against -- university which is good mainstream it has people giving lectures. they don't seem very concerned do they. I've seen videos from their executives were the executives say they show up in front of congress they tell the congressman what they want to hear and then they go off and do their own thing. It doesn't seem like they're taking it very seriously. this is carol ross. When i think about things like programming for ranking in search results. There is some level of bias when you're trying to decide who gets to be first and second how much of the bias that you think that you are alleging google has is implicit versus explicit? that's hard to say.

I think people like google have a very specific worldview of the group don't necessarily think they are two sides to every issue and in a lot of cases they believe we are the moral authority we have the right view on things and everybody else is backward. Think that's where the danger comes from my kevin i'm wondering google put out the statement in reaction to your allegation. Quote we force our workplace policies without regard to political viewpoint. Lively debate is a hallmark of googles culture. Harassment discrimination and the unauthorized access and theft of confidential company information is not. So google actually says with all due respect that you were fired after you violated company policies including downloading confidential google documents. How do you respond to their statement and those allegations against you? that's completely false. What happen is google followed me for reporting harassment and discrimination and other workplace issues but internally and externally. kevin you are making a lot of accusations that a biased culture is somehow working its way into an algorithm that the ceo of google in front of congress has denied unequivocally.

So while what you're saying certainly appeals to a conservative base on the president and his huge technology company has it in for the republican party and for the administration your app offering zero proof that the algorithm let's say the culture is as biased as you say but the algorithm discriminates against conservatives. You're getting a lot of play for saying this but zero proof that is true. i think it all boils down to individual decisions. Google has a bottom subculture where individual engineers have a great deal of latitude in deciding what they work on what they fix and don't fix. One thing i saw there is of a liberal reporter will e-mail google about a problem engineers will pick it up voluntarily very eagerly. Though fix it within hours it will be a priority for them. If conservatives complain about something it won't be a priority. When i complained about seeming correct results were donald trumps book research for may pictures of his book and it shows - instead i filed a complaint about it and they sat on it for nine months. we all remember those videos that appeared after the election in 2016 of the google executive executives.

It was kind of a dirge. Some executives seem to be on the edge of crying and they made statements and they would not let this happen again were looking at a video. There was a time when engineers were known as more conservative than the average folk. Clearly that has changed with the new virtual reality of engineers. You know why? i've noticed that too. That engineers use to be more apolitical. I believe it's a combination. Google gets a lot of new grants from college and a lot aren't activated when they come in. The more activist employees are given free reign. There's no adults in the room. There's nobody telling them treat your coworkers with respect and act on bias. It's not part of the culture. is there group inside google that is really whipping? That's a strong word but influencing management in a way in which management has to do things to appease this group have they given into that kind of activism? i would say that's true in my experience. There is a group loosely defined but there are a lot of activist employees and can pressure the management and the management pretty much always caves. again you have to be careful between making an allegation of cultural bias that leans politically which may be true google just like chick-fil-a probably leans toward the more conservative direction and whether or not that translates into a product effect.

While you're saying that there's cultural issues and can point to an example it's an algorithm that was constructed by different people that use globally. Unless you can demonstrate to us and anyone else other than getting attention because you're making these allegations that's all they are. The algorithm itself are you alleging it has been programmed by liberals intent on discriminating against conservatives? i would not use the term algorithm to talk about the bias. Their blacklists and parameters that go in there's ways the system is configured.
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