Everyday Carry Tech Bag | Ultra Compact EDC Setup!

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Everyday Carry Tech Bag | Ultra Compact EDC Setup!

Hi everyone canoopsy here in my everyday carry setup has always involved some sort of large backpack both life just so crazy and chaotic right now I want to make a much more compact everyday carry setup that still fits all the essentials I need but it's just easier to bring around and that's what I did this article is brought to you by ink box tattoos for now not forever there 30% off Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is on now at the link in the article description so we start out with the bag itself this is the Timbuktu mission sling one of the most surprising bags I've ever owned I chose the other color because of course I did but there are some other color options too I'll leave a link to this bag and all the other products shown in this article in the description so this bag might look fairly small and it definitely isn't massive or anything but you're gonna be surprised how much you can actually fit and carry in this bag I can pretty much fit everything

I carry my main backpack in this bag except my 15-inch laptop but if you have a 13-inch laptop you could probably fit it in this bag if you really wanted to the bag has a volume of 10 liters and you can wear it as a shoulder sling or waist bag or fanny pack the bag is crazy durable and features a roll top design so you can basically fill it to the brim and still zip it up there's a pocket up front a top main section a back storage section and dual side pockets for small things if you want to carry a lot in a very small form-factor this bag is definitely it inside the bag I have my 11 inch iPad pro with the smart keyboard and Apple pencil at this point you know I love this tablet it has become my main computer for 90% of my day-to-day tasks besides intensive Photoshop and video editing it's just so much fun to use easy to bring around it is wonderful I also bring around a little mouse for that precise work on the iPad this is the logitech m5 35 fortable it is a very simple slim and no-frills Mouse the most last up to 18 months of usage and easily fits in any bag or pocket the most connects with

Bluetooth or a USB dongle which actually stores inside the mouse and the whole thing is incredibly silent when actually clicking you can barely even hear it for portable storage on the go I use the Samsung t5 SSD mine is one terabyte I have it wrapped in this yellow carbon fiber dbrand skin it looks really cool and I also use it at home to actually edit videos directly off of an final cut because it's hella fast it's also very slim durable it's an amazing SSD for charging up the iPad and other USB devices on the go I use the anchor power core fusion this is a portable battery with a secrets it's also a charger so you can plug in your devices and charge them on the go with five thousand milliamp hours of battery capacity plug the charger into the wall and charge devices up with the two USB ports at the front and when the actual battery inside the charger dies just plug into the wall and charge it up like that it couldn't be any easier or more convenient the cable actually used for charging up those devices is also from Ankur this is the power line 2 and it's my absolute favorite charging cable ever it ends in micro

USB but it actually has these lightning and USB C head options so you can easily just clip on it eliminates need to have more than one cable because this is basically all your cables in one the earbuds I've been using are the new jaybird vistas these are easily the first pair of jaybird earbuds that have actually really enjoyed using the case is very small compact and lightweight has a lanyard loop and also just looks really cool to the earbuds themselves are very small lightweight and fit comfortably as well it's whether you're just chilling just staying at home doing not much or you're out running or exercising they're gonna stay locked in place and they're also of course waterproof and sweat proof now I'm a big fan of how these sounds straight out of the box the highs aren't tinny or distorted like some other truly wireless earbuds mids are still well-defined there's a solid amount of bass here too without being overpowering you can also customize the sound signature as much as you want with the j-bird app as well so you can really make these sound exactly how you want them to for cards an ID

I'm using this cheap metal wallet from a brand called Dux tio it's basically a ridge a clone but still works amazing it fits plenty of cards is ultra durable with RFID blocking has a money clip and it's slim to pushing up your cards to access them is very easy and they stay locked in place and are not gonna fall out now this water bottle I recently bought is amazing I kept seeing ads for it every single day on Instagram and eventually I just broke down and bought the thing it's called the Lark bottle and it's hella expensive but I got it on sale and use a gift card I had as well so I got it for very very cheap I would never pay full price for this bottle despite how cool it is it's just a stupid expensive bottle first of all it looks really nice and minimal just ignore all the scratches and dents that happen to my bottle during my skateboard fall the bottle keeps your drinks cold and warm for long periods of time so does the basic stuff very well but the main feature is in the cap there's a UVC light inside that basically turns on every two hours and burns away bacteria and gross things so your bottle doesn't start to smell like other metal water bottles if you have to charge it every month or so though so that's kind of a bit of a trade-off some other big items include lip balm from

Burt's Bees mints from excel leaves my absolute favorites a metal straw that I bring around sometimes it actually fits into this little air pod style case which is pretty cool and this little metal knife called the b2 nano blade it's tiny sharp and great for opening boxes or packages on the go I also carry both my glasses from where we Parker either in my bag or on my face these are the Chamberlain's in Crystal with blue blocking to block those terrible blue light rays from screens and durán sunglasses in this rose water color finally my two main phones I am a tech youtuber so I Karen both an iOS and Android device on the daily just for testing purposes and fairness there's the iPhone 11 Pro max which I love for its battery life that lasts like two days no joke and the insanely great camera experience and the oneplus 70 surprisingly one of my favorite Android devices of the year for its speed reliability and awesome display the camera could be better but it's not bad at all and that is my compact mini condensed everyday carry tech setup everything

I normally carry but tailored to a much more small form-factor it's great for those busy days we don't want to carry a huge backpack everywhere but still want to bring a huge amount of stuff today's article was brought to you by ink box these are tattoos for now not forever but still let you experiment and express you they are incredibly easy to apply if there is absolutely no pain and they give you that tattoo look for one to two weeks if you or someone you know has always wanted to get a tattoo but are scared of the pain commitment and the price Inc box tattoos are an incredible option they have some amazing designs from talented artists you can get your own custom design or even get freehand ink and ink yourself and there couldn't be a better time to get some ink box tattoos as holiday gifts for you or for your favorite people there 30% off Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is on now at the link in the article description so that's what

I carry every day but what do you carry every day what phone would earbuds a bag what backpack tell me in the comments and thank you for reading.
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