Every Apple Arcade Game Confirmed So Far 2020

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Every Apple Arcade Game Confirmed So Far 2020

How Apple Arcade changed mobile gaming in 2019?

Narrator As of May 2019 35 Apple Arcade games have been officially confirmed so far. So today we are going to take a more in-depth look at each game. Remember this list is in no particular order. All these games will be playable across macOS iOS and tvOS. Anyway this is going to be a very very long article so let's get started. Starting at number 35 we have Sonic Racing. Sega is working on a small-screen version of Team Sonic Racing which is just titled Sonic Racing without the word team. Nothing has been revealed about the game yet unfortunately but I'm excited to see more information shared in the coming months. Number 34 we have The Pathless. This is the follow-up game to Abzu. It's being developed by Annapurna Interactive and Giant Squid. The Pathless will be a cinematic mythic adventure game filled with action an immersive story and a huge world to explore. You play as a hunter who has an eagle friend by your side.

I don't know if you can play as the eagle. Number 33 is Mr. Turtle. Few details have been shared about Mr.Turtle but I think it's a platformer where you play as a turtle. It looks colorful and delightful. Maybe it's a great game for kids adults and even the family? Number 32 is LEGO Arthouse. So this game will be an Apple Arcade exclusive and it is being developed by LEGO and RED games. It is targeting a more mature audience as it is showing how as we get older we lose our connection with our childhood toys and it is also an expression of creativity in a coming of age story. It is all set amongst a micro LEGO world. Number 31 we have The Artful Escape. First announced at E3 2017 The Artful Escape is a platformer that follows a character called Francis Vendetti who is a musician. Players will go on a musical and wild adventure where Francis is trying to discover his identity. I reckon this game will bring a great soundtrack and lots of fun puzzles. Number 30 is Hot Lava. Hot Lava is exploring childhood imagination.

So basically the concept of this game is around everyone's childhood game I bet you all said this the floor is lava oh no. Anyways so alone or with up to eight players you will run jump climb and you can even surf to get though the levels and avoid the well hot lava below. Number 29 we have Down in Bermuda. Not much is known about this game by Yak and Co. All I have from it is one image. From the artwork here it looks like will be exploring a deserted island. Plus I bet you'll have a duck friend who wears a hat alongside with you. That's all I know. Number 28 is Enter The Construct. Here we have a sci-fi first-person shooter which appears to be set on another planet. It's being developed by Directive Games Limited who have worked closely with Apple in the past to create their mobile game The Machines so I'm excited to know that Apple are once again working closely with this team on a first-person shooter. That's kinda cool. Number 27 we have Lifelike. It's not completely clear how this game works yet but the devs kunabi brother I hope I said that correctly want Lifelike to resemble real-life environments and animals fish yada ya.

Lifelike wants to have a calming effect on players and it doesn't want to add another layer of chaos into the world. Number 26 we have Kings of the Castle. The artwork for the game shows buildings and trees with crazy expressions so I'm not sure what's going on here to be honest but it does look very interesting and quite hilarious. Number 25 is Sayonara Wild Hearts. The art style for this game is awesome. I believe it's a musical endless runner which features levels that dramatically change the further you progress. It has story about a woman whose heart has been broken not physically but emotionally. Plus there are laser battles motorcycles to drive and great music. Number 24 we have Box Project. This game is confirmed as coming to Apple Arcade but sadly I don't know anything about this game. I have no images or footage either so more information should follow in the coming months. Number 23 is The Bradwell Conspiracy. Here we have another adventure experience by Bossa Studios and A Brave Plan. It is going to be an immersive first-person narrative that will take place during an explosion that occurred in the Bradwell Electronics in 2026.

Part of the gameplay revolves around an NPC relationship. You can solve puzzles and communicate using glasses that have a photographic messaging system. Number 22 is Repair. Here is another game that only offers one image right now. So I apologize all I know about Repair is that it's being worked on by ustwo games. Number 21 we have Monomals. This game is quite different that is for sure. The gameplay works by you blasting tunes into the ocean in order to catch these creatures called Monomals. It will offer social features where you can create and share your own tunes with friends. Number 20 is Shantae 5. Great news WayForward have confirmed that Shantae 5 is coming to Apple Arcade. It is their next entry in the long-running platformer games. I know many of you are excited for this game because you said so in my previous episode for Apple Arcade and guess what I'm also really excited so more information should come in the coming months. Number 19 we have Fantasian. The devs Mistwalker Corporation and Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi sorry if I said that incorrectly have built dioramas here and then taken photos of them and finally put in 3D characters.

This would take would take a really long time to do guys so you have to admire all the work that has been done by this team. Fantasian should hopefully be similar to Sakaguchi's previous titles like Lost Odyssey and Terra Wars. Number 18 is Doomsday Vault. Some people have been thinking that this game will be by Bethesda because the name reminds you of Fallout but nope sorry it's not. This game is by Flightless. Doomsday Vault may not even feature any or many human characters if you go off the image we have here. Number 17 we have Projection: First Light. Puppets that's what this game is all about. Puppets it's weird but it looks intriguing. Players will manipulate light shadows walls just to basically solve puzzles and move platforms. The game explores the themes of worldliness respect and understanding. Plus it will talk about the history of shadow puppets from around the world so it looks like an educational game in some manner. Number 16 is No Way Home. All that's been shared by SMG Studio is this image. Characters appear to be watching a spaceship go across the cosmos. Maybe the game will allow you to travel across the galaxy and meet aliens. That sounds pretty good right. Number 15 we have Yaga. Yaga is an action RPG that has a nice narrative attached to it.

The game will adapt to your choices providing different experiences along the way. You play as Ivan a one-handed blacksmith who is cursed with very bad luck but I don't know how that part of the gameplay works. Number 14 is Winding Worlds. Remember GNOG? Well Winding Worlds is being developed by the same team known as KO_OP. It is a puzzle-adventure that tells the story of Willow who has connections to the afterlife I believe. You can make friends change worlds and help others find acceptance and move on from their lonely planets. It really does just look like a beautiful game. Number 13 we have HitchHiker. This is a game set along lost highways apparently. You are a hitchhiker who can't remember who you are or where you're headed. The vehicle the driver and the highway will offer clues to reveal what's going on. It's a game about memory identity and loss. Number 12 is UFO on Tape: First Contact. Nothing is really known about this game sadly but the name is kind of a giveaway. It most likely will be a sci-fi game that features flying saucers. Who knows it might even be an AR game but I could be completely wrong and probably I am. Number 11 we have Spidersaurs or Spider-saurs. I don't know how to say the word. So the same team behind Shantae 5 are behind this game who are WayForward.

All I have for this game is the artwork. It shows two characters and a T-Rex attacking something out in the distance. Maybe it's a co-op shooter maybe you collect loot who knows right now? Number 10 is Overland. This is a post-apocalyptic road trip strategy game developed by Finji. You'll be fighting away menacing creatures rescuing other survivors and scavenging for supplies; like weapons fuel for your car and first aid kits. You may come across different people who could be friendly or not friendly plus you'll discover new places that offer different environments and challenges. Overland will focus on the aspect of the end of the world which is pretty obvious decision making and consequences. Number nine is LEGO Brawls. Two LEGO games are coming to Apple Arcade and here is the second LEGO game which is LEGO Brawls. LEGO Brawls will be an Apple Arcade exclusive game. It's an online fighting experience set in the LEGO universe. You can create your own characters work with your teammates to construct and operate machines and in the end you can battle other players to win. It brings destructible environments heaps of player customization and the classic LEGO humor found in other games in the series. Number eight we have Frogger in Toy Town. Nothing is really known about this one other than the name Frogger in Toy Town.

At first glance it might be a remaster or inspired version of the original Frogger game from the '80s. Anyone else play that? I did it was an absolute classic. Number seven is Where Cards Fall. Where Cards Fall is gonna be another Apple Arcade exclusive game which is brought to you by Snowman and The Game Band. It will be a narrative puzzle game that tells a coming of age story and deals with very uncomfortable but familiar experiences that you would personally go through in your own adolescent life. It will feature no guns no killing. I think it has the potential to really have positive and educational impact on the people who play it. Number six we have Little Orpheus. Okay all that has been revealed for this game is the following image. It's shows a blueprint so make what you want out of that. It's being worked on by The Chinese Room who made Dear Esther and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Number five we have Sneaky Sasquatch. All I've seen for this game is a Sasquatch driving a car and secretly opening a what appears to be an Esky. Esky if you're Australian or maybe chilly bin or cooler box if you're from anywhere else. Anyway it looks like you can control the car with the steering wheel on screen and you touch the screen to interact and move around. Number four we have Cardpocalypse. Cardpocalypse is a single-player game.

Monsters show up at school and start kidnapping students. It's up to you to defeat these monsters with games of cards. All this is brought to you within a charming school-based narrative. Number three we have ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree. Welcome to a Norse mythology-inspired game. It has all been hand-drawn which is quite notable and it blends interactive storytelling difficult puzzles and a rhythm combat system. Number two is Beyond a Steel Sky. Did you know this game is a remake or sequel for 1944's adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky? That's right! It's still a cyberpunk thriller but I don't think it's a point and click game this time it's a third person experience. It packs complex puzzles an in-depth narrative and choice and consequences. It's gonna be a full high-quality console game from the story character modeling graphics and audio. Finally number one we have Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm. This game might be the reason why gamers subscribe to Apple Arcade until more games are revealed to us. This is because Oceanhorn 2 just looks like a fully fleshed out game that you would see on consoles for instance but also because it packs incredible graphics decent RPG gameplay treasure to find creatures to meet and defeat and environments to explore. It does resemble Zelda or Breath of The Wild right now but hopefully it finds its own identity. Yeah looks kinda cool doesn't it? Which games are you most excited to play from Apple Arcade and why?

So many amazing games have been announced for Apple Arcade. Smash that like button as this article took a really really long time to produce and research. That would make all of the work I've done worthwhile so please thank you. Anyways more Apple Arcade articles to come in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading.
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