Dwayne Johnson on Buying His Parents Houses, Friendship with Kevin Hart & Jumanji

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Dwayne Johnson on Buying His Parents Houses, Friendship with Kevin Hart & Jumanji

And if you're looking for a book for the kids I wrote and illustrated one. It's called "The serious goose." it's about a goose that is well I don't want to spoil it for you. All the money I make from the sale of the book go to children's hospital here in l.A. And children's hospitals around the country. And if you want a signed copy go to TlcShoppe.Com to get one signed by me. Our first guest is a world champion in both the ring and at the box-office. He's one of time magazine's most influential people of 2019 and I have a feeling he'll be influential in 2020 too. You can see him with an all-star cast in "Jumanji: the next level." it opens in theaters friday. Please say hello to dwayne johnson. jimmy: how are you? Very good to see you. You were right across the street last night for the premiere. good to see you too. I was for the jumanji premiere. jimmy: where were they? we started in mexico. And then we went to paris.

Then we went to germany then we went to london and then we flew back here so we've had premieres all over the world. jimmy: why does america come in last? I thought you wanted to run for president? There's no reason to do that. we're saving the best for last. jimmy: you were also in the neighborhood this morning. I was. jimmy: because this morning your pal kevin hart you know it's one thing to get a star on hollywood boulevard. It is another level all together to get your hands and feet. yes. jimmy: impressed in cement. it's legendary. I had the honor of speaking on his behalf. jimmy: you did. I did yes. It was an amazing ceremony. jimmy: how much thought did you put into it? Did you write did you really think about what were you going to say? I mean it's kevin hart I didn't give a. Applause for that. Not giving a. I agree with you guys. No I did. I wrote an a little bit because you know as much as kevin and I give each other just hell all the time as you know it's a cool thing and it was a big honor and his family was there.

Jimmy: you have a good friendship and yeah it is a cool thing. I think we have video. This is kevin. this is kevin this afternoon. He was so excited. Now if you guys watch I think we're going to show yeah so there's actually push kevin is so small and light hunyou had get somebody pushing kevin down to get his feet imprinted. That's a true story. jimmy: gravity was not enough. no so they pushed him down. Tate it's the first time I've ever seen that. jimmy: is he still stuck out there? I wish I was. T the funny thing is he finally reached five feet. jimmy: another plus. another positive. jimmy: is kevin your best friend? he is travdefinitely one of best. jimmy: there are people above him? there's always people he definitely it's a real friendship. It was one that I didn't anticipate. But when it happened and especially as you get older in life it's not like in high school or college where you just have a lot of best friends. No he has become truly a great great friend and by the way as much as we give each other he had a tough year and I'm so happy he's back. jimmy: he did. and he's in the game and feeling very resilient very happy for him.

Jimmy: do you look for projects to work together or just specifically so you can spend time together? what do you mean like? Just so we can spend time together. Anything. The "Notebook 2." let's do it. jimmy: do you even have time for christmas? Do you celebrate christmas? we do. Of course we celebrate christmas. It's a big deal because joanna clause is coming for our baby. jimmy: and last year as I recall correct me if I have any of this wrong you bought your mom a house for christmas. I did yes. jimmy: so what then do you buy - thank you. jimmy: what do you get her the next year? well she she just I'm going to have to get her a ticket to "Magic mike" in las vegas. jimmy: she's into that. she's into that yes. Don't say it like that jimmy. I don't know how you top that. jimmy: you can't. it was just so cool to buy her a house. jimmy: and you bought your dad a house too. I did I bought my old man a house too. jimmy: that's the best thing ever isn't it? To buy your parents a house. isn't it? jimmy: I'm curious about the process you went through.

Is it as easy as it sounds? Who picks the house? well that's the thing. That's the key you know and you got to take the control. jimmy: I see. you have to you have to you know give them here's their options. For you and I scoped out the neighborhood vetted everything out. This feels good. If not it's a run away train. Have you done it? jimmy: yes I did do that and it was great but there's always the things yeah it's a little small you know that kind of stuff. yes. jimmy: did you have any of that? you know it's funny my because we just have this just father-son relationship. My old man was a little bit like that you know there's a lot of animals and kricritters in the back maybe I could get a fence. You could get it sure but maybe you could get it. Sure of course a fence you know. jimmy: and the houses have to be kind of equal in some way. And all of that stuff? Nothing's ever easy is it? nothing's easy with the parents no. jimmy: I want to talk to you about the movie. I have a few things I want to cover with you. Jumanji the next level. what'd you I said beat it. Get outta here. what did you say? I said scram! You want a piece of me? Come on come on. What you got? What you got? Come again! Come on you bastards.

Jimmy: that is dwayne johnson in jumanji the next level. And now that you are imitating danny devito because you are the avatar for devito's -- correct so in the next level danny devito turns into me and danny glove turns into kevin hart. jimmy: a lot of dannys in this movie. yes. jimmy: what is the key to doing danny devito? you have to be a little annoyed come on what are you talking about jimmy! Danny breathe breathe. It's like come on what are you get to the thing. Am I going to ask the questions or not? jimmy: did he advise you and tell you if you had the nuances correct? he did. I spent time with danny. He's a great great guy by the way. But he did. At first he was like that's horrible. Oh you want me to do it better? Yeah come on. I got to tell you one of the most gratifying things was to watch to know that he watched the movie after the movie he called me. He was so happy. jimmy: and he liked it. yeah. jimmy: that has got to be everything. You know you wouldn't get called if he didn't like it. you would get called for sure. That suck what did you do you ruinin' my legend. jimmy: you did devito. For halloween kevin hart did you. He was you for halloween. This necklace is a little longer but. Look at that. jimmy: is that -- kevin looks so cool I look like the lunch lady.

It's unbelievable. jimmy: the fannie puck has really stood the test of time though hasn't it? it has. But you're a fannie pack guy. jimmy: I am a fannie back guy. I really tried to get it kick started once on the red carpet at the emmies and people thought was a joke. fannie packs are good they serve a purpose. jimmy: you know the thing with the fannie pack is the name. It shouldn't be called a fannie pack. A terrible name. it's horrible. jimmy: it should be called a hip sack or something like that. a bad-ass bag something like that. jimmy: your weed holder or something like that. People would think it was cool. I don't do that jimmy. I don't know. jimmy: with all that stuff you have going on you have also launched your own brand of tequila. I did. jimmy: why are you doing this? is it difficult to get tequila for you? I've loved tequila for years and years and years. It's been a passion project of mine coming out in the beginning of the next year. jimmy: why is it called terra mana? it means "Spirit of the earth". I wanted it to reflect polynesian culture as well. And it has been so gratifying and so and just really so amazing because when you we're down no outside of guadalajara in the jalisco mountains.

And they're so passionate the mexican people about their agave and tequila. jimmy: and the workers are probably scared that you'll stomp them or hurt them. make my tequila good for the world! jimmy: how much tequila can you drink? Like if you're out for the night and we're talking shots here what would be a reasonable amount? I can knock'em back. jimmy: I would imagine you could. I can knock'em back. Shot wise maybe a period of time eight to ten I could probably. jimmy: I would have guessed higher. but not back to back to back. I'm also a sipper. jimmy: is this a sipping tequila? it's a sipper. jimmy: he's a sipper with a fannie pack. Happy holidays to you dwayne johnson "Jumanji the next level" opens friday up next.
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