Do most consumers prefer AMD?

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Do most consumers prefer AMD?

Most Consumers Prefer AMD?

It's Black Friday but since there's an unfortunate lack of news about brawls at Walmart we're gonna settle for news about tech starting with the processor industry it looks like there's even more good news for AMD as a recent survey by the European Hardware Association indicated that 60 percent of respondents wanted an AMD CPU for their next rig as opposed to Intel the survey asked 10,000 European users and indicated a 20% increase in preference for Team red over just last year when 40% leaned towards the AMD side there was also a small but noticeable uptick for AMD's graphics offerings going from 19 to 23 percent even over in the US eight of the top 10 best-selling CPUs are from AMD

I don't think we've seen a Red Scare like this since the Cold War here's the deal for something that you might not actually want all that much valve is now selling its remaining steam controllers for just $5 the idea was originally quite innovative sounding as the device was extremely customizable with numerous options for controlling games such as playing a fighting game only with motion controls it did end up being a little overwhelming for reviewers who mostly said they preferred more conventional analog sticks but it still sold over half a million units in the six months following its release in 2015 it appears that it failed to catch on with a larger audience though due to the difficulty of getting used to the touchpad so there you go if you want to try it out the discount will be available until

December 3rd or until supplies last and even if you hate it well at least you get to own an infamous piece of tech history to go along with your Virtual Boy when you think a bank robbery you probably picture a bunch of dudes with masks and guns but a recent cyber heist netted thieves 49 million dollars without the need for all that messy you know pointing guns at people a crypto currency exchange in South Korea lost 342,000 aetherium coins earlier this week due to theft and while the exchange is planning to replace those coins it has suspended both deposits withdrawals this week so I hope you weren't planning to use your aetherium account to pay for any of your holiday shopping this is just the latest in a series of

Larson e's involving crypto as a similar amount of money was stolen from a Bitcoin exchange back in June so as always guys you should really be using an offline wallet you know like in real life now for the buck bucks brought to you by I fix it I fix it's got all your favorite tools on sale this week you know the black and blue ones that you've been waiting for an excuse to buy get the protec toolkit and magnetic mat bundle and you'll have everything you need for your next repair or build I fix it even back som with a lifetime warranty so there's just no excuse I fix it's blue and black friday sale won't last long so visit slash linus and use code blue and black 19 to get free domestic shipping until december the 1st onto the buck quacks if you tried to use

Facebook or Instagram yesterday you may have encountered some difficulties as both services sustained outages worldwide Facebook was maman the actual cause other than to say that it was an issue with your mom no just kidding but she is probably the only one who noticed because it's Facebook they said there was something wrong with their central software systems whatever the heck that means maybe it was too many people posting pictures of Turkey and the hits just keep on coming for Google stadia this time in the form of an NBA 2k 20 bug although one of stadium's main selling points is that all the updates are handled server side meaning that gamers won't have to wait around for patches to download

NBA 2k 20 players are still getting stuck on a screen that says updates are downloading google has confirmed that this is an error oh well that's good that downloading updates is not actually necessary it just sounds like they don't understand that ball is life although Ford's weird Mustang electric SUV thing caught a lot of flack when it came out mostly due to the fact that it doesn't resemble a Mustang at all that wasn't enough to dissuade the market in general as it's now sold out in the United States because Ford only had so many batteries to go around only 50,000 of these monstrosity s will be made in year one and yeah John wrote today's episode and he's a Mustang owner with very strong opinions on this okay thank you John for throwing that in there what are your opinions we don't know if you really want to participate in

Black Friday but are really cash-strapped Hulu is currently running a special special Hulu is currently running a special where you'll get a year of streaming for only two bucks a month although it's for their ad supported version that notoriously has lots of ads to deal with but whatever I guess it's still an enticing offer considering that that's about the price of a coke and Huawei is now suing the US government over an FCC order that bans the company along with fellow Chinese manufacturers ed te from benefiting from the Universal Service Fund which is basically money that the wireless carriers can use to subsidize phones for lower-income customers since this is just the latest development in a protracted battle between Huawei and Uncle Sam folks with Huawei phones in the u.s. can still use them for now but if you're looking to upgrade you might want to get your next phone from a company that the

US isn't currently beefing with so that's our show have a great weekend and come back on Monday for some more beefy cyber news get it at Cyber Monday it's not gonna be what lets snow Lord subscribe.
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