BEST Nintendo, Xbox, and PS4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals! 2019

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BEST Nintendo, Xbox, and PS4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals! 2019

Today's article is sponsored by Raycon. That time of the year is upon us, again where everyone is gonna start throwing elbows at each other to get the best deals possible. (crowd yelling) Well that's right, Black Friday is on it's way we've, got some deals that've already started some that are starting early and some that are waiting until Thursday or Friday to get going. So, I looked through all the deals I can find and I'm gonna tell you guys what I think are some of the best deals you can grab. So you can get the most for your dollar. First of lets just get the big stuff out off the way, gaming systems. Starting with the Nintendo Switch, now the Switch sadly, has been selling really, really well and as a result a Nintendo isn't really doing a lot of major sales for it. The one big one that people have seen and talked about is that we're getting the same bundle as last year where for $300 you get a regular Nintendo Switch and a copy of "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" so basically a free game.

I did a whole article about why this isn't actually that great of a deal 'cause this is the older version of the Switch that has a lower battery life so if you really really want "Mario Kart 8" and just getting a Switch doesn't matter which one, pretty solid deal. Other wise there's some other options out there. Now also the absolute craziest sale out there, the best ones I've seen for the Switch if you wanna get any kind of deal at all are from Walmart. You can get a regular new Nintendo Switch that is the one with the bigger battery life and a copy of "Minecraft" for $300 or you can get a Switch Lite with a copy of of "Pokemon Sword" or "Pokemon Shield" for $240. Basically, coming out 220 bucks of savings. If you don't care about "Pokemon", GameStop has a deal for Switch Lite but their still $200 but you get a $25 gift card so you can just grab something else. It's worth noting this deal is only gonna be on Saturday and Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Again, not the craziest sales out there, but if you're just looking to save any dollar amount possible on getting a brand new Switch those are your best options out there right now.

Now if you already own a Switch or looking to grab some extra loot coins when you're buying a new Switch there are some sales going on for the original versions of the Joy Cons, you can get a paired set of those in the grays or the neon red and blue at Target or Best Buy for $60. Normally, 80 bucks is if 20 bucks there sadly, all the newer color combos though, are gonna be staying at that $80 price point for now. Best Buy in particular has one other really great deal going on if your trying to get a starter kit for your Switch going and that's a 128 gigabyte SD card branded for the Switch specifically at only 20 bucks. As for Playstation, there's also not a ton of different deals going on but there are some pretty good ones available for both getting a PS4 Slim or a PS4 Pro. For the PS4 Pro specifically GameStop is gonna be offering a sale where you can get, the one terabyte model for $300. That's basically a 100 bucks off the regular list price which is pretty solid. Honestly though if you not worried about getting a pro model, I think one of the best deals going on right now is for the PS4 Slim and this is one of the kinda standardized deals that's at a lot of different stores whether it's Best Buy, Target or Walmart and that's 200 bucks for a one terabyte PS4 Slim with copies of "The Last of Us", "God of War", and "Horizon Zero Dawn."

Three of the best exclusives that that system has, so awesome way to get started and catch up. At GameStop, you can get a white PS4 pro that comes with a $25 gift coupon and at Best Buy you can get a PS4 Pro bundle with "Call of Duty Modern Warfare" also $300 bucks. Speaking of great Black Friday deals another one going on is actually from today's sponsor, Raycon. Raycon was founded through the idea of making awesome sounding headphones that wouldn't break the bank and they live up to that promise. I've been using these E-25s' and they're super comfortable, they come with a variety of different ear tips to fit different ear sizes. They last six hours on a single charge and combined with the carrying case that charges them, you can get a full 24 hours of coverage. They're super easy to set up and have a lot of great onboarded controls including being able to skip songs, change the volume and even bring up Siri. Check out the link down below and go to to get a great Black Friday deal for some awesome headphones. It's worth learning by the way that for GameStop in particular, all their Black Friday deals are starting on the 24th, they're not waiting till Black Friday itself. So if you're looking for the deals they're doing you can do those a lot sooner.

Rounding out a lot of other great PS4 hardware deals you can get at most stores, a DualShock 4 for 40 bucks if you've just been waiting on getting a new controller. Now is a pretty good time. If you want something fancier than a DualShock 4, GameStop is also offering a slight discount on the Scuf Vantage 2 for a $180 for the wireless and wired version. If you wanna pro controller for the Xbox One, Game Stop does has a deal for the Razer Wolverine Ultimate at $130 or if you wanna go the opposite end and just get the absolute cheapest controller option out there, GameStop is also doing the PDP Rock Candy Controllers for 15 bucks. I think one of those interesting ones is that, if you've been sitting and waiting on getting PSVR and your still are actually interested in grabbing one there is a pretty solid deal going on at most stores including Best Buy, Target, and GameStop which is 200 bucks for a PSVR and five games most importantly two of which are "Resident Evil 7 VR" and "Skyrim VR." Now as for the Xbox One there's actually quite a few different deals going on for both the One S and the One X. When it comes to the One S, I think the best deal out there, at least for me is at Kohls or GameStop, you can get a one terabyte One S, any copy of "Jedi:Fallen Order" for only 200 bucks. So basically a free game and a cheaper price for the One S, really awesome deal.

Now if you just wanna spend the absolute least amount of, money possible on a One S there is one slightly better deal that's offered at both Target and Best Buy which is $150 for a one terabyte One S and it comes with some solid different games, "Sea of thieves", "Fortnite", and "Minecraft." Also, if you're a 2K fan, Best Buy has a similar deal to the "Jedi:Fallen Order" bundle but instead of being "Jedi:Fallen Order", you get a copy of "NBA 2K20", still at 200 bucks. Now as for the Xbox One X prices are obviously gonna be a bit higher but their are a couple of really good deals going on right now. The two that I like the most is from Target, you can get a One X with a copy of "Gears of War 5" for 350 bucks which is an awesome game. But I think the real winner is at Best Buy for the same price, instead of Gears 5 you get a copy of "Jedi: Fallen Order" again, I think one of the best games this year so that's awesome to get with it. And a three month membership to Xbox live gold. While there's a lot of obviously great sales going on for systems and games. One other thing I want to talk about real quick is, our own Black Friday sale. As you know we've been starting to sell a lot of different t-shirt designs and we got a lot of new ones coming to the store including this wrap around controller design and the newest edition to the designs made by, Digital Addict, The Combact Fighter shirt.

And to celebrate Black Friday, use the code BF20 to get 20% off your order and that will be good until the end of Cyber Monday. So if you wanna grab any of these shirts, make sure you check out the link down below in the description. If you're planning on getting any additional controllers for your Xbox One, we're seeing a similar deal as the DualShock I mentioned earlier, which is 40 bucks for a new Xbox One controller and that's pretty common every where else. One specific deal going on at GameStop is for 65 you can get a special edition Gears 5 controller. So if you're just looking to get a really awesome looking new design, that's one of the deals out there. Now as for games, there are a lot of different deals happening at a lot of different stores. You'll see some titles where it's 35 one place, 30 at the next, we're just gonna round up some of the cheapest deals possible for a lot of specific titles starting with the Nintendo Switch. Now anyone who has bought Switch games, and is always looking for the best deals possible knows that first party Nintendo stuff very rarely price drops and even when it goes on sale, it's not the craziest one out there. But there is a couple really good ones to look out for. In particular, two of the biggest hit games on the Switch, "Super Mario Odyssey" and "Zelda Breath of the Wild" are both on sale for 30 bucks at Target and Walmart. So if you've been waiting on picking up either of those two instant classics, now is the time.

Along side those though are a lot of other games still going on sale for instance you can grab "Super Mario Party" for 40 bucks at Best Buy or Walmart. "Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle" for 15 bucks at Target or Best Buy. "Splatoon 2" for 40 bucks at Best Buy and "Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze" also for 40 bucks at Best Buy. There is also a lot of different third party titles that are getting some pretty good deals at Black Friday some of my favorites include, "Overcooked 2" for 15 bucks at Target. That is an awesome coup puzzle game that will also give you lots of anxiety and break up some friendships but you know whatever. "Mario Party" is already been doing that for years. GameStop also has a bunch of PS4 deals for "Assassins Creed 3 Remastered", 15 bucks. "Assassins Creed Odyssey", 15 bucks. "Yakuza Kiwami 2" steelbook edition, 15 bucks at GameStop. "Yakuza 6", 15 bucks at GameStop. "Far Cry 5", 15 bucks. "Crash Bandicoot Insane Trilogy", 15 bucks at Target. "Rocket League Ultimate", 20 bucks at Best Buy. "Octopath Travelor", 40 bucks at Best Buy. And "Diablo 3 Eternal Collection", 25 bucks, Best Buy. And if you've been thinking about checking out "Overwatch" on the Switch, you can grab that one for 25 bucks at Best Buy or Target. Next, lets talk PS4 games.

Now there are a lot of awesome First party games going on sale for some crazy prices but before we get to those, one deal in particular that I think a lot of people been talking about looking forward to, is the brand new "Call of Duty Modern Warfare" is already going on sale for this Black Friday. A lot of places are listing it at 40, the absolute cheapest deal I've seen by just a couple of bucks is you can grab it at Walmart for 38. Now as far some great first party exclusives you can grab "Bloodborne" for just 10 bucks at GameStop. "Days Gone" for just 20 bucks at Best Buy. "God of War" for only 10 bucks at Best Buy and GameStop. "Torizon Zero Dawn" also 10 bucks at Best Buy and GameStop. "Last of Us", 10 bucks at Best Buy. "Uncharted Collection" and "Uncharted 4: A Theifs End" both going for 10 bucks at Best Busy. And "Spiderman" for 15 bucks at Best Buy or Walmart. There are of course a lot of great deals going on for the games that are not first party or exclusive to playstations. Some of my favorites include getting "The Witcher 3: wild Hunt" for 15 bucks at Walmart. "Dragon Quest 11", 20 bucks at Best Buy. "Devil MayCry 5" 15 bucks at Best Buy. "Control", 25 bucks at Target. "Kingdom Hearts 3", $15 at Target or Best Buy. "Resident Evil 2 Remastered", 15 bucks at Target or Best Buy. "Division 2", 15 bucks at Target. "Overwatch Legendary Edition", 15 bucks at Target or Best Buy.

"Borderlands 3", 27.99 at Best Buy. And the big winner for game of the year, last year "Red Dead Redemption 2", 25 bucks at Best Buy. One other deal for Playstation, I wanna shadow real quick that isn't a game but still useful is if you wanna re-up your Playstation Plus or you never had Playstation Plus before, GameStop is offering a full year membership for $45. Normally, it goes for 60. "Alladin" and "The Lion King" and other recent release, 20 bucks at GameStop. And "Blood Stingers" for lite, 20 bucks for the Switch. Also for the Xbox and PS4 versions. One of the biggest prices though, is that Best Buy, you can get the brand new "Fire Emblem Three Houses", for 45 bucks. And then of course for Xbox again, there are a lot of deals that's happening for some games that are third party. There's a couple really good first party ones going on sale as well. I think the biggest game Microsoft has put out this year is of course "Gears of War 5" which is going on sale for $25 at Best Buy, that's the best deal that I've seen. You can also grab "Sea of Thieves", 25 bucks at Walmart and "Forza Horizon 4" for 20 bucks at Best Buy. Some deals just now at GameStop include, "Red Dead Redemption 2" at 30 bucks. "Rage 2" for $20. "Assassin's Creed Odyssey", 15 bucks. "Far Cry 5", 15 bucks. "Sicario", 28 dollars. And "Jump Force" for 20 bucks. Talking about some third party games, "Mortal Combat 11" is 30 bucks at Target.

"Monster Hunter World Iceborne" master edition, 35 bucks at Target. "Fallout 76" for $10 bucks at Best Buy. "Call of Duty Modern Warfare", 45 bucks at Target. "Madden 20", 27.99 at Best Buy. "NBA2K20" also 27.99 at Best Buy. "Far Cry New Dawn", 15 bucks at Best Buy. "Rainbow Six Siege", 15 bucks Best Buy. And "Metro Exodus", 20 bucks at Best Buy. Again another, serious deal I wanna shout out is that at GameStop you can get the new Xbox game pass ultimate for 26.99. If you're not familiar with what the ultimate is, that is a bundle that includes not only game pass for Xbox but also game pass for PC and Xbox live gold. So that'll covers all the surfaces for Xbox in one membership for three months. So you've got your game systems and your games but the other thing you need to complete the full set up is a TV. And this is one of the most sought after things during Black Friday. Everyone is hunting for the best TV deal possible and we've put some of the ones we think are the best options out there. Starting with ones that are just the cheapest, these aren't necessarily the best TVs to get as far as quality and performance but if you just want a cheap TV, these are the ways to go. Walmart has a pair of Roku navel Smart TVs that they actually aren't specifying the brand in the ads themselves but they are at crazy low prices. You can get the 1080p 40 inch one for just under a 100 bucks or you can up that to a 50 inch 4k for just under 150.

Both of these deals are going live on the 27th at 10 p.m. eastern time and that's available online. So if you just wanna order that, and have it shipped to you, that's an option. Then if you wanna spend a little more money there are a lot of other high quality options out there and Best Buy has some of the craziest deals going on in fact, all of them are going on right now. So if you wanted to get a TV, Best Buy got a lot of these sales going on immediately. Let's start off with one of the cheapest of these deals which is a 70 inch TV that has both 4K and HDR so it is a good pick up if you want a basic TV that's gonna meet the requirements for using a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X that's going for $550. If you wanna spend a little more money another awesome option from Samsung is they have a 55 inch QLED screen. This is actually one of the ones that comes with free sync enabled so if your using a Xbox One X with it, your gonna be able to make use of free sync which gives you a little smoother frame rates for some games. Really awesome TV, it's actually one of the main ones I use or at least the newer version of it. That 55 inch you can get for $700. That sounds cool to you but you want something, a little nicer and also a little bigger, they're also offering the Q70, the next model up, it's a bit nicer at 65 inch for $1200.

Now Samsung is really cool for gaming 'cause a lot of those offer awesome gaming modes that give very low latency but if you just want something more for movie viewing, you don't care about having that super low response time, you just want the best looking image possible, of course some that are really popular to grab are OLED TVs which gets more expensive but definitely look really nice. And there's a pair of them that are worth taking a look at, at Best Buy. There's a 55 inch OLED option from Sony that's going for $1500. Or a 65 inch option from LG that's going for $1800. I know that those are so very expensive sounding but honestly compared to how much those normally sale for MSRP, those are really good deals if you just want an amazing looking screen. So those are some of the best looking deals that I can find right now for Black Friday. Obviously some companies are known to announce some last second deals, maybe add in a gift card, just some little way to also cut out extra competition. So make sure you keep yours open for more popping up. I'll also be sharing some on social media so if you follow me on twitter, keep your eyes open. If I see any great deals, I'll make sure to tweet them out.

And if you see any great deals that your excited for, let us know down below in the comments.
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