Best Camera and Tech Deals on Amazon | Cyber Monday 2019

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Best Camera and Tech Deals on Amazon | Cyber Monday 2019

If you're looking for some amazing deals on cameras and tech to create content to grow your TlcShoppe WEBSITE like lighting and microphones and accessories then stay tuned because I've got over 13 deals for cyber monday and cyber week that you're gonna want to check out including how you can get a canon m50 with the kit lens for well under $500 and a lot of other great deals but if we're just meeting my name's Sean kennel this WEBSITE is called think media and it's the best tips and tools frow to build your influence with online article we talked about the tech and the tools that we use to create content as well as tips how do you get your white balance set how do you use your camera what are the best settings and how do you grow your TlcShoppe WEBSITE so let's dive straight into these deals first of all I'm recording this on Cyber Monday and one of my favorite places to shop is

Cyber Monday on Amazon and let's just talk about how you can actually organize these deals so you can see them the best way over on the left side and I recommend using a desktop computer you want to click camera and photo you may also want to check the box for computers and accessories this way it'll narrow down the deals so you can see the deals you want to focus on secondly a big tip is that on throughout the holidays and not just Cyber Monday they have additional savings on Amazon warehouse deals now I know there's different opinions about this maybe you don't want to give somebody a used or refurbished product as a gift but I know a lot of people that read this WEBSITE you're taking this time of year to invest in 2020 to invest in growing your TlcShoppe WEBSITE faster getting the gear so you can create the content that you want and so I love to shop over on the warehouse deals and it's like an additional 20% off of used products in fact I just bought two 4k monitors and this is what I did so I got two they were about 250 each on sale but I bought the open box like like new monitors for around 200 each

I checked out for 411 with tax and so check out the warehouse deals and by the way I will link to the link straight to that 20% off page and I have anything else I'm talking about this article in the description those are my links that means if you click a link I get a small percentage and that's how that works and so let's dive straight into these deals first of all I talked about this a few days ago but there is the also cannon refurbished sale happening over on canons website and I found the m54 479 dollars with the kit lens this comes with a one-year warranty and this is good as new I mean it's you know people use it for like a day and return it so these things really come in flawless condition and it's four hundred and eighty dollars on sale right now so that's definitely a big one to check out on this site also you can see there's ways to narrow down the camera so maybe you want to look at the Canon sl2 for example or you want to look at the t7 eye you can see some sales there the body on the SL - 350 899 but unfortunately you can see it's out of stock and that's what happens with these refurbished deals is that sometimes they go really fast on the other hand you can grab the kit lens it's in stock and

I would actually recommend this this would be a great way to start you got four hundred dollars you've got the mic input you've got the flip screen you've got the clean HDMI out and so you've got you know no need to adapt the lenses for hundred dollars so check that one out as well and I just want to shout out the community here Joseph good to see you Justin atomic and if you got any questions drop them in the chat if you're here on the replay let me know in the comment section below what are you planning on upgrading next for your tech are you planning on investing in a camera any kind of lighting computer laptop let me know in the comment section below and if you're getting value so far smash the like button and we're gonna get straight into my list of specific deals that I found so first of all over on Amazon the Panasonic luminix g85 30% off really pumped about you know this deal this camera we haven't talked about it a lot it it's pretty incredible for the value many people agree that it's the best amount of features you can get for the price in a camera you've got you do have Ibis they have incredible lens Ibis meaning in body image stabilization you have for a 4k camera 30p with really you know kind of a full sensor not a crazy crop type of a situation you've got that you've got the mic put a port you

You have splash proof and dust proof so a little bit of a great body there it is a micro 4/3 camera meaning that the sensor is a little bit smaller than like an aps-c camera like the m50 and then you can record in all kinds of different formats and I believe it's just an incredible camera the reason I don't mention it a lot is because the autofocus is just not the best it's contrast based but what people figure it out is that if you ever work around in fact I'm shooting on a Panasonic right now with the autofocus turned off and it stays crispy right and so I definitely lean towards Sony cameras with their phase detection autofocus and dual pixel cannons but there is no question this is one of the great cameras out if you want some more advanced features and if you haven't seen our article about the most important kind of 12 things to know about cameras definitely read that first I'll link it up on the TlcShoppe card it talks all about like okay what about autofocus what about image stabilization what about the resolutions I want to record it what about the body build quality and so that way you can actually pick out the right camera for you because it's really not right or wrong

I mean are you gonna take it in the woods and shoot in the rain or are you gonna just keep it inside and barely move it are you going to really have a computer that can edit 4k or do you just need 1080 so depending on your needs definitely check out that article and then we'll keep going on some of these deals so next up is a couple good deals on Canon lenses I think this lens 34% off the canon EFS 24mm meter this will go right on your t7 I write on your 90 Dadd this will go right on to your M 50 with the converter and maybe a way to save over the 22 millimeter lenz just gonna just have a great look to it I think at $100 you know quite the steal and it's a really great lens and pancake so it's just absolutely tiny it just hooks on your camera so it makes your camera very small next is the KF concept tripod now we've talked about this tripod a lot actually on this WEBSITE and so I did a article about it and I like this tripod because even at the full percent this is a lightning deal right now actually and so I've linked it in the description if you want to check it out there's a few more hours on it and it's 24 percent off this this rarely goes on sale just all the different features you can put in inverted mode you can do a lot of cool things with this tripod so you can see over here the inverted mode it has the leg locking system that I prefer I hate the twist locks on tripods

I like the actual little foot locks as you can sort of see in the down by my mouse there and that's it's a killer one to check out and even at full price that's the thing it's such a competitive what I've been noticing is that tech really is dropping in price and I think because of the competitiveness of of what they're doing with just kind of production in China and these companies that want to dominate Amazon so I'm seeing tripods that are like 80 bucks that used to be like 160 or 240 because of you know they're aluminum they're well-built they're really nice and then I'm seeing other brands we've got a new one to reveal from DeCoteau or g-code oh and that's that's also you know trying to undercut KF and still like great products so we'll keep you in the know but that's definitely a solid one to check out there next up is some of these Manfrotto Joby and lo pro accessories if you want a little bit of a higher-end situation on like mounting your phone this is definitely you've got those quarter threads on there you've got Manfrotto build quality we recommend you know you're creating with your smartphone you want to get some kind of a cell phone mount regard this buttman photo of course is at that higher end kind of price point and so if you want kind of this tabletop is a very popular kind of tabletop mini tripod so if you wanted to kind of build out

20 bucks you know 20% off there 30% off on the universal clamp you know you're like $33 and you could have like a nice tabletop situation or selfie situation for creating with your smartphone next up is our newer 2-pack of dim dimmable by color lights definitely a really cool light kit I actually we're gonna be doing a article on these soon sorry for the buffering too if that's happening with the amount of data we have coming out but we've got this guy right here and it's a super cool buy color meaning you've kind of got that amber warmer temperature as well as that daylight temperature and we've covered some like studio pro lights in the past around $300 for a 2-pack kit we've covered you know a lot of different lights I think that the nywhere lights are pretty incredible for the price and they're even on more on sales so kind of like normally like 130 but on sale for 110 and then what what you'll notice is the difference here I recommend another one this is 480 LED lights okay and so there's another one that's more expensive but it's about 200 more bulbs and it's gonna be larger panels and so that will get you just more brightness overall so you have kind of options there so you know definitely when you look at the reviews and how well reviewed these are just it's a super competitive they come with a couple bags so check those out ravpower 2-pack battery kit

I think definitely a cool if you use these I use these for my knee were lights you can connect them there's actually like the Sony kind of classic f-550 batteries they're used for a lot of different things LED lights they sometimes power monitors they power bigger lights if you put two in there or whatever and so these are on a cyber monday deal if if you know what these are and you recognize these always nice they also you know they wear out over time so I always get kind of new or once and then what I do is I put it like a label maker label on it of what year it was I'll call it like you know January 2020 and then I kind of have an idea of how old the light was again if you're getting value smash the like button we're experiencing some livestream issues probably just my internet connection or people trying to who knows but smash like if you can hear me loud and clear and if you're getting value out of this article couple more deals and as usual I'll summarize them in the description below some of these are pretty time-sensitive some of these will be going all cyber week so definitely check those out are there any good lights under 100 absolutely I've got a good light coming up under 100 that I'll share with you in just a second and so another one to check out here on sale 15% off and already very discounted is this gvm brand these are

RGB lights so besides by color these lights are kind of cool because you can do any kind of color you want so when you think about gaming setups and splashing blue on the wall behind you or like red on the wall behind you you know and kind of giving your shots of vibe or if you're shooting product shots like we do we're using a lot of RGB lights lately so I mentioned those newer lights around 120 these are 220 but there are GB right and so and there's 18 of them 800 of them I should say as far as the amount of bulbs in there versus you know 480 bulbs so so definitely like a bigger more robust type of a situation you can record you can control the color with the app and and so really cool and you know well rated these are just some of those brands that are being very competitive be it B&H; photo sells these lights as well so those are definitely worth checking out canon SL 2 over on amazon $600 you know not a huge sale but like you know 20% off same price the m50 with the kit lens as well on just sail across the board around 600 bucks and so I like it you know the white is kind of compelling if that's interesting to you this is the SL 3 by the way which is basically an M 50 in a DSLR body definitely a compelling value proposition clean

HDMI output people like it for the streaming and different things you get the dual pixel autofocus a little bit different autofocus situation because of mirrorless versus you know on the m50 versus yellow - but definitely worth checking out and you got black as well and so if you're looking at that and you can always check it out over on the amazon or a rather canons website directly you're probably in the same situation what what what the website here will do is I want sl3 is um they're often like throw in an extra SD card or some kind of other incentive that you've got 500 for the sl3 body great deal grab the lens for 600 suitors of free gift so you get a little gadget bag and you get an SD card and then you save some money with the kit lens and so I don't know what that gadget bad looks looks like but again if you're gonna be spending the money regardless then you why not get the SD card as well the gadget bag you know fully from Canon so that's the Canon website on that one next up is the big Ernie were 660 bulbs 132 bucks to see this is crazy like bicolor like well built like well reviewed you know LED lights for TlcShoppe when it's bicolor again that means you can match the lamps in your house or you could use them near Windows then it'll match the various color temperatures and you could just pump out and create a lot of cool content for $132 you know and there's some soft boxes the one

I want to recommend if you're looking for very budget lighting and this is going on sales throughout the holidays we just picked up one to review 40 bucks less than 40 you know $37.99 for a softbox kit from Mountain Dog now this this is not gonna like be the build quality of all-time I wouldn't want to travel with this really at all I'd want to leave it at home leave it set up it's not in built in the same way as some of these higher-end light kits you there are glass bulbs so you know we don't want to run around with those all the time but you know definitely something the fact you could get a nice softbox light kit and make those lifestyle beaut beauty articles or those food articles or just talking head or business content it's pretty compelling and I saw this drop to like 24 bucks I paid 40 for it you know I paid the full price here and so and I still it it's a pretty big good steal you can read the reviews will be bringing you our full review on that one a couple B&H; deals this one is on a limited time see it's that same brand gvm 800 RGB LED studio lights two hundred and fifty dollars they throw in three of the lights at 250 you could use one as maybe like a hair light sky type of a situation this you can see why this is like a deal zone crazy type of deal I actually think I might grab this is if we look at the two lights is 215 with the 10% off on at the normal three lights limited time is 250

RGB on all of those so you could use two for lighting yourself normal in the front with just kind of your sort of standard white type of light and then you could splash color on the back wall behind you $250 it's like what are we talking about come on Cyber Monday smash like and so there's the Joby Gorillapod 3k is on sale just for the day 44 normally 80 great deal this is the you know kind of more plastic 3k means it has three kilograms of payload but the 5k is on sale for 90 bucks off normally 190 so that's something to check out as well and just to give you kind of my two cents on those this is the holder SLR zoom it is essentially the 3k a couple of our three KS are over at Omar's house and so love this if you got a lighter camera like the g7 X or so 100 if you've got a heavier camera 9dd on here right or a 7-3 from Sony this is the bigger guy though whoa the 5k I'm like saying how strong it is I mean it's still really freaking strong I was holding one leg and so how have the stiffness how strong it is to to wrap it build it you know set it up on a table get going plus it's a little bit taller and so I think that if you're looking for a really sturdy much larger by the way you know doesn't feel that much larger but if you were here with me you can see it's just kind of more bulky so if you're carrying that around a vlog

I mean that's what like a lot of times Peter MacKinnon or Casey would do it's kind of outrageous but you certainly could do it because you have extra strength with that guy so that's one to check out and then you know for you MacBook users I love this hub because it utilizes both the newer MacBook Pro with the two USB see kind of Thunderbolt connections it uses both and it doubles down on the speed and so this is normally 90 I paid like ninety back when I got it it's here for around 50 on bnh so all of these deals are listed below if you want to check any of those out and I hope that the article quality has been not terrible on you but if you got some value out of this can you hit like and appreciate you being here and then let me know below what kind of gear you're thinking about getting if you're gonna pick up any of these deals that I recommended and then finally a couple questions about my live streaming setup or coming in and so I'm actually using an MV 51 I'm pretty sure that is the exact model let me open up the the list and here's my kit Co this is linked below and I'm using this black magic capture card a GH five to stream and it's this own sure MV 51 but what I have on it now is a blue microphone pop filter that I just invested in because it's you can kind of see it here right around the edges and it's just been pretty awesome you know getting rid of those plosives

I've been listening to as much feedback as I can from you in the community and and it was definitely some plosives happening so um check that out and if you want to learn more about this live streaming set up and read a article on it I'll actually link that up on the TlcShoppe card if you want to read the full article and you can see all that it vary skier that I use there and let me know if you're picking up any Black Friday deals a question came in from b3t oh is the m50 still good for 2020 I think absolutely canon rumors had a rumor that the m50 was going to the mark to Matt might come up by September but it was a very weak rumor they mentioned I don't even know if we'll see a chem 50 mark 2 in this next year maybe we will but I think that we're at least a year out until we see one and the m50 is one of canons best selling cameras if not their best selling camera why because of the value proposition it's easy to use the form factor the dual pixel autofocus people just love it and so for creating TlcShoppe content it's why it's still one of my top recommendation for a GoPro under 150 you might want to try a brand that's not GoPro is one of the questions that just came in and I think the Yi 4k type that in if you type in think media yi that's why I for K we have a bunch of articles on those love those or you're saying GoPros are yeah maybe like some of the newer versions or I mean the older versions right here a 1 2 or 3 or something

I also have seen some deals on the 8 which I think could be a compelling vlogging camera with the steady shot whatever that's called Harrison Congrats on the Maverick Pro deal love the Maverick pro 2 super super great deal someone's mentioning that that's down to 1,400 that's crazy I paid more than that for mine and so check out a list of everything in the description that we mentioned if you're just getting here there's some limited time deals that you're gonna want to check out smash like if you got value out of this article and then definitely check out if you're curious what's the best camera for TlcShoppe this year the one change I would put to it still in love in the m50 and then we meant we recommend the a 6400 if you want to be doing 4k and have some more advanced features I think now the 6100 that's cheaper is more on the same level as the m50 if you wanted 4k and some other things so that one's interesting and then of course the 6600 to get the i-best as well but now the price is going up and up and up and up I think that that deal we saw on the Canon m50 on canons website refurbished for 470 is crazy so again I'll summarize that in the description below and the next article you should read is.
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