Best Buy Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2019

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Best Buy Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2019

I'm text even I just want to say happy Black Friday now today I want to get up and go down to Best Buy and show you guys some of the specials they have now I did pick up a few items for my future articles and I finally picked up an Xbox so I can show you guys that how they set up the HDR and things like that but just off the record I'm not a big gamer so I just want to be able to show you guys the steps but in today's article I'm gonna make it very brief and just show you what to expect if you're still looking for a deal for Black Friday or Cyber Monday so sit back and relax and let's get into it so here's the landing page for the Black Friday deals let's go look at a few T's just to show you what they have to offer first let's click on televisions and you can see here there's some of them they're door

Busters they're really just meant to get people in the door and hopefully they buy it and buy other things with it so like for example this LG is normally $399 you're gonna save $100 plus you get 40% off and sling TV only for new subscribers I think this is a pretty good deal you have the TCL 65 inch television so that's $100 savings so that's a really good deal if you ask me this is the one that everybody really wanted it was advertised before the Black Friday but for 549 for a savings TV just seems unreal but you can see right there they're already sold out so you can't actually get access to one let's check your availability to see if there's something else and you can see right there there's nothing available if we go through this page there's some specials like this one the samsung is $350 off so if he was looking for a 75-inch you can see that's a pretty good deal but looking through here there's nothing that really jumps out at me

I did pick up the 43 inch version of this I think for 229 but it was normally 379 and it's a hundred and ten dollars off on the 50-inch but I'm gonna check that out and see what that television is about you can see this television has almost a perfect 5 stars so it should be a pretty good TV set to demo here's a 65 inch Sony for $400 off so that's a good deal and if you're not looking for a 4k television you have like a 32 inch right here for $109 so that's what we have on television and there's a hundred 23 items so you can definitely look through this very easy so let's take a look at laptops we have $100 off this HP laptop which has 128 gig solid state drive which is pretty decent but for me I usually run out storage plus you get some free antivirus software if you're looking for a Google Chromebook they have a hundred to one hundred and ten dollars off these two models and you have $250 off this Chromebook which is a pretty good deal you have $200 off this MacBook Air and this one has the touch

ID so you can use your finger to unlock it and lock it and all so pay for credit card type transactions this is another good deal you get $150 off this 15 inch HP laptop and it has 12 gigs of RAM and 256 solid-state drive which is pretty good and the doorbuster Dells already sold out so forget about those and you have a 4k iMac for $200 off and the 27-inch with $200 off plus you get Apple's music if you don't have it yet for new subscribers and this is a pretty good deal if you need some extra storage it's a 5 terabyte external drive for only $89 that's half almost half off and a few less things I want to show you guys again you can click on the link I'm gonna leave in the description below to look at this for yourself but let's say let's take a look at the headphones and earbuds you have the air pods for $20 off and I think this is a really good deal you have the Beats Audio Studio series for $150 off and you also get three months of free Apple's music if you're a new subscriber they really had these Flores tags to jlabbe audios right here at $20 off us almost 50% you have the beats by dre the new total wireless ones for $50 off you have some of the most popular

Sony's right here for $70 off plus you get two free items which is three months of sale like radio and Pandora 90 days but they give it to you anyway so no big deal you have 13 dollars off to Samsung Galaxy bud pretty odd number if you ask me and then this is pretty good $110 off to Sony CH 700 ends you can see there's all kinds of deals right here so again I'm gonna leave that link down below and here's some of the specials they have for Cyber Monday there's $70 off a inkjet printer by HP you have $70 off a Keurig coffee maker you have $350 all for Acer ar7 gaming laptop and you can see there's also a $300 off a 75 inch TLC 4k television as well so you have a couple of options here if you see anything that you like you can jump in your car and drive down the Best Buy and take a look at these offers for yourself or in the description below and the comments I'll leave a link so you guys can click on that go right through all the specials and check it out for yourself you can buy online and they'll ship it right to your house so

I hope that helps you guys and if you like my content go ahead and give me a thumbs up subscribe to my WEBSITE and I'll see you guys on my next article peace.
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