Best BLACK FRIDAY Gaming Deals of 2019 | You DON'T Want To Miss

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Best BLACK FRIDAY Gaming Deals of 2019 | You DON'T Want To Miss

Black Friday is here and we're here to maybe make your life a little easier with this roundup of good deals for some of our favorite gaming stuff now keep in mind most of these deals are focused solely in North America and it's a mix of online and brick-and-mortar deals are subject to change and stuff is generally going to be changing quite a bit from Thursday November 28th to Cyber Monday December 2nd so we'll link what we can in the description below and try and keep it all updated as much as possible and none of this is sponsored but let's just jump in and first talk about console deals now if you're in the market for an Xbox I don't know maybe you waited until now to get one or you just want to refresh I don't know we've got a few deals for you Walmart is selling the Xbox 1s all digital edition for a hundred and fifty bucks but that's just the starter if physical media is important to you you can get a standard Xbox one S with the optical drive bundled with the new jet

I fall in order for a hundred and ninety nine dollars that said if you want the best that Xbox has to offer Walmart is also offering the Xbox one X Gears 5 bundle for 349 so you'll be able to be set up with the best possible Xbox option in the market right now that's the price now as for PlayStation 4 you can get some pretty good bundles for the ps4 slim packaging games like horizon zero dawn The Last of Us remastered and god of war for a cool 199 dollars which is going to be widely available from a variety of retailers like Best Buy Target Walmart Amazon all the usual suspects that's kind of like the thing right now and they'll be linked down in the description now the Nintendo switch doesn't have any real steep discounts or anything crazy this year at least at the time of writing this article that said most retailers will be selling a version of the new stealth updated Nintendo switch with a slightly better battery life bundled in with a copy of Mario Kart 8 deluxe which is still probably one of the best games for the platform and still retails for $60 normally so you're gonna be getting that free at least if you don't have a switch yet it's still a decent deal considering it does have the better battery life as we said but just make sure check the

SKU make sure you're getting that newer updated model and not just an old one from the bottom of the shelf you know what we mean anyway moving over to subscriptions and membership do there's a lot of memberships out there vying for your dollar this holiday season and thankfully we were able to sort some deals out for a couple of them if you're an Xbox player you can get three months of Xbox Live Gold for 15 bucks down ten bucks from $25 if that said at the same time you can also get three months of Xbox game pass ultimate for 25 bucks down from $45 which honestly is the way to go if you ask us since it's 10 dollars more than just getting Xbox Live Gold and it gets you the same amount of Xbox Live Gold as well as Xbox game pass on both Xbox one and PC so that's a pretty good deal now over on the PlayStation side of things you can score a year of PlayStation Plus for $45 for most retailers $15 drop from usual so if the PlayStation 4 is your platform of choice it might not be the worst idea to at least bump up your subscription while it's on sale now while there are admittedly aren't a lot of console deals this year there sure as hell are a ton of deals on console games at

Target you can pick up games like Crash Team Racing Crash Bandicoot insane trilogy and Killer Queen black force which Resident Evil 2 and the division 2 for 15 bucks which is a hell of a deal for the amount of game that each of those is going to deliver for the price you'll also be able to pick up the more recently released switch port of overwatch as well as Spyro the Dragon the remastered switch port call of duty black ops 4 and one of our favorite games of the Year control for 25 bucks each as we move up on the price scale $30 can net you Red Dead Redemption to rage 2 hmm fallout 76 Mortal Kombat 11 and judgment and for $5 more from there you can pick up Gears 5 or Monster Hunter ice-born and you can grab the very good new modern warfare for 45 bucks now granted this is just a few of the ones that we've seen as the deals are still coming in Fast and Furious so keep your eyes peeled for more now having extra controllers lying around is always a good thing right whether you like to just have one or two on deck lying around for when one breaks or if you like to have people over for game night every retailer will have their own deals on controllers but some of the better ones we've seen so far are from Walmart you can get a ps4

Dual Shock for $39 and an Xbox one controller for $44 yeah it's not the biggest savings really but it's still money saved and if you're out and about shopping whether digitally or physically keep your eye out for those now if you still don't have a psvr and it's something that you've been you know kicking around now is the time to get one because it seems like Best Buy is running a really good deal on it they have a psvr bundle for a hundred and ninety-nine dollars that comes with the headset itself the camera skyrim VR Resident Evil 7 astro but everybody's golf VR and PlayStation VR worlds so the whole full PS VR system itself and five games except I mean it doesn't have the motion controllers but still otherwise a deal now headsets wise Walmart has a great deal on headsets it actually is a favorite of ours the HyperX cloud to which you can snag for 60 bucks we love this headset it sounds great and it has a surprisingly good build quality for the price we've talked about it in other lists and articles now if you're looking to spend a little less money you can get the corsair HS 60 from amazon for 40 bucks or the SteelSeries arctas 3 from Gamestop for $35 now moving on over we do have some PC deals for you

PC gamers don't worry we didn't forget about you first up Best Buy is offering a pretty beefy pre-built PC if you are that type of person we always recommend building first but worst case scenario if you can't you can get the ax soos ROG Strix GL 12 for 1,600 bucks that's $700 off the retail price packing an Intel Core i7 9700 K 16 gigs of ram a 500 gigabyte SSD and an r/t x28 like I said we're not the biggest fans of pre-built pcs but that's a pretty decent deal there's also a pretty good deal on a gaming laptop that you can get from Dell it's the Dell g3 gaming laptop and that's a 15-inch laptop an RT X 1650 and i-5 9300 H eight gigabytes of RAM and a 512 gigabyte SSD for 850 bucks Amazon has a few PC deals as well you can get the Samsung Evo 9 7500 gig SSD for 40% off bringing it down to 90 bucks as a very good old reliable SSD if you're looking for one you can also snag an Acer predator crazy 27-inch monitor this one here that has Nvidia g-sync and has a 144 Hertz refresh rate all the good stuff and if you need a new mouse to go along with all that PC gear you just snagged you can get the logitech gene I know three wireless mouse for 80 bucks at Best Buy which saves you $70 so that's actually a pretty good amount of savings those are some things that caught our eye like

I said we'll keep the links in the description updated as much as possible but I think the big thing here is the community so if you have anything any deals you got your eye on be sure to let us know in the comments we'd love to hear from you guys if you're buying anything for either yourself or friends and family let's just share but if we helped you learn a thing or two be sure to click that like button because it does really help us out we would absolutely appreciate that and if you're new consider subscribing and hitting that notification button because we put out articles every single day hey either way thanks for reading we'll see you guys next time.
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