Apple Pro Display XDR | A Grandstand?

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Apple Pro Display XDR | A Grandstand?

What's up guys I'm cabby HD here and welcome back to Apple Pro week you saw the Mac Pro video the second impressions if you didn't that'll be linked up here or below the like button this is the other piece of that kit it's the pro display XDR so these will both get longer-term reviews and I've committed to keeping you guys updated on Twitter with interim findings and things like that suggestions for things you want to know whatever benchmarks may happen etc but in the meantime this is a quick sort of second impressions after using them for a bit and an unboxing of the protis play XDR and the pro stand also before you start freaking out about my eye being a bit red yes your boy got LASIK two days ago no more glasses and my vision right now is actually incredible like

I can see like kind of everything in fact you got a little you got a little lint on your shirt right now anyway that a little bit of bruising it'll go away soon try to ignore for this read let's get into the unboxing all right so huge cardboard shipping box again and inside you have the pro display XD art box that's very large and very flat I kind of expected it to be a bit more colorful like all the rest of the ads for it but just a plain white box again and then you get the box within the box which should have some accessories for the monitor that would be a thick 7 inch by 7 inch microfiber cloth with a little Apple logo on it the whole thing is about the size of a CD it's really thick actually but ok and then you get your power cable and your Thunderbolt cable both black both braided both very high quality and in the Box like cleverly shifts to each side to give you a little more room to pull the display out this is a really nice touch and it's easy to come off like a fanboy saying this but the

Mac Pro packaging and the pro display packaging are some of the nicest product boxes I've seen in a while so yeah they'll do great on unbox therapy and then of course you can't forget your paperwork which does include two more gigantic Apple stickers the same size as the Mac Pros Apple stickers again I'm not putting them on my car but if I did want to match a matte black car I totally could anyway alright I've been a fan of boxy designs on stuff in the past the new iPad pros some smart phones like the note 9 and note 10 in the past and boxy stuff like this so I really like the squared off sides of the new protis play xtr and you see that right away it's so flat on the sides that you can just stand it up on its own without a stand uh-huh I actually thought about leaving it there for a while while I went and got the stand but then I thought a bit more rationally about it and just resting it on the side for a bit so then comes everyone's favorite piece the Apple Pro stand so

Apple famously on stage announced this as a five thousand dollar monitor with an optional $1000 stand I said that's crazy it's a six thousand dollar monitor that you can buy without the stand if you want a thousand bucks off but either way this is the grand for a stand I got a lot of attention the box that comes in though which is separate not gonna lie it's also a really nice box and you get the stand out and it's just this slab of solid aluminum as it expect it's protected and all sorts of waves by various stickers and cloths but then the final piece of the puzzle is taking the pro display and snapping it on connecting it to the stand which thanks to magnets is super easy and really satisfying so there you have it so I'm not even alive look he between the new Mac Pro and the protis play XDR I think I was looking forward to the new display for a longer than I was looking forward to the new Mac Pro like some of you guys might not know if you're newer but for years I was a dual monitor person hardcore I really loved my older pair of 31 inch dell ultrasharp matte finish boxy monitors that I used for years and years after some other dual monitor combinations that

I tried these were amazing so when the iMac Pro came out you know it was great having all that power and everything but now that I've moved to a single glossy display with huge ugly bezels that was kind of killing me so these displays are clean modern looking kind of boxy the way I like them yeah I'm just really happy to exist so yeah these are very unconventional very unusual displays in a lot of ways from the spec sheet to the price to the target demographic to the stand it comes on so 2 weeks into using it here are some of my thoughts first of all this is the anti-glare version so you're not gonna see any sort of light reflections this is $1,000 option on Apple's website now typically a matte version of a display will have that top panel of glass have a film on top of it that is anti glare what Apple's describe this as is they've nano etched the back of this top layer of glass so that the coating is not like visible or felt by your hand but it's underneath and that'll scatter the light waves and stop their reflections to me the anti glare reflectiveness is really really good so there there was no way I was going to go back to a glossy monitor again and this super reinforced that decision you can see with this monitor next to a glossy display the difference is very clear they have done a great job with this and it looks great from every conceivable angle the only downside is

I think this has a real effect whoops this has a real effect on the viewing angle so if you see this looks like a pretty evenly lit display if you look on Apple site they'll say it has an essentially a hundred eighty degree viewing angle like they say you can look at pretty much any angle and get the same image but look at the way it just sort of sort of gets darker instantly on the sides here and that's the way it looks in person it's not perfectly uniform across the entire thing as far as Ewing angle which I want to test out possibly looking at the glossy version of this and seeing if it does that same thing the same way but it's not perfectly uniform this is why I tote the monitors towards me in my setup instead of having them flat then the ports on the back of the monitor are pretty nice to have so with this one you get three USB type-c and one Thunderbolt for input and if you plug this monitor into a MacBook Pro it charges the laptop through that Thunderbolt cable which saves you a cable coming out of the laptop like some other monitors do and also on the back is your power and the braided power cable which is nice and high-quality and about 6 feet long and then you of course have all the holes in the back of the monitor for ventilation what's nice though is it is completely silent which is not true about every other display in this class now for the full review

I'll be going more into detail with other pro displays which don't all have the same feature set and don't all look like this but for now yeah it's a silent monitor so yeah ventilation does its job and also you never have to look at the back of the monitor once you've put it on your desk so that's great but the front the front of this monitor which you look at all the time is great it's everything I could ask for in a monitor except for high refresh rate it's a 32 inch diagonal thin bezels boxy with sharp corners 6k resolution a thousand nits sustain brightness with 1600 nits peak 576 local dimming zones which give you a million to one contrast ratio and a fully accurate p3 color gamut and 10-bit color depth to me the 6k resolution is not the most impressive part we had a 27-inch 5k iMac if you scale that up to 32 inches you naturally arrive at a similar pixel density for a 6k 32 inch display but what I really was impressed with was the contrast all those local dimming zones have that about as close to an OLED as I've seen in an IPS or a not OLED display it's not quite the same you can still see a little bit of bleeding which somehow Apple avoided in their demos they look like there would be no bleeding at all there is still a little bit but it's really impressive so as a pixel lover I am definitely liking that but also I should say when I connected this stand at the end of the read

I should reiterate connecting the stand is really impressive it literally snaps on with magnets and takes no effort at all and then this stand itself is actually really really nice okay so it's made of a solid piece of metal so it's hefty it's weighted it doesn't wobble with a monitor of this size at all so that's a good start and then it's height adjustable with a single finger if you want and at any point if you want to switch to portrait for any reason there's a switch on the back that only activates when you're high enough that there's clearance so you find that switch you flip it to unlock and then the whole thing swivels easily to portrait and the UI even automatically switches to portrait mode without you having to do anything in the settings that's pretty sweet so really the hinge that's holding it up is just perfectly balanced and weighted that a monitor this exact size feels effortless to maneuver around on your desk whenever you want now all that being said is this stand worth a thousand bucks the good answer is just know that's an insane amount to pay for a stand but like then again it's kind of hard to evaluate the price of a monitor stand like nothing else really does what this one does nothing's made of the same stuff all the way around nothing has this level of effort into design how much does this stuff matter to you also how much do people normally pay for monitor stands like on the

Apple website it says the pro display XDR weighs sixteen and a half pounds and on amazon you can get a dual screen monitor stand made of plastic that supports up to 22 pounds each for 33 bucks plus shipping so that and a VESA mount and your set but would you what would you get that for the protis plexi are I don't know I don't I don't think I would have the people that end up getting one of these you know businesses don't even need a stand they'll just get the VESA mount and plop this into their current setup and don't need to buy the pro stand but the other half that just have millions of dollars to pour into production will just get the pro stand anyway and put it on their desk and they'll enjoy it it'll be great and then the last few percent people who are high-end consumers people like me other youtubers will get the pro stand and will also like it a lot and I will be comfortable saying this is the best stand you can get for the protis play XDR but it also proudly is still overpriced so in quality amazing as you would expect color accuracy excellent couple of video edits in I can verify it's been really nice viewing angles a little bit questionable but I took them towards me so it's no big deal anyway and also it supports true tone out the box which is their automatic color shifting based on the environment around you there's sensors up there for that and it's on by default

I I'm not sure why that's on by default anyway I'm really impressed so far having to is a major setup upgrade for me I'll tell you right now having two 6k monitors on my desk is fantastic I'll tell you what getting LASIK and then getting to 6k displays and editing videos is a totally different experience in one month than it was before but anyway yeah full review coming up which will include some thoughts on HDR some workflow talk and what that potentially means for TlcShoppe reads and of course some comparisons to some other pro monitors so keep it locked here for your holiday tech reads definitely subscribe if you haven't already new retro tech episode coming on Monday and that one is Sega Genesis if you haven't seen it yet it's really good so uh yeah keeps rolling on can I call this de September Tex Tex ember I'm gonna call it Tex ember thanks for reading catch you guys the next one bass.
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