Amazon | Fire Stick 4K Ultra HD Black Friday (Sales Amazon)

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Amazon | Fire Stick 4K Ultra HD Black Friday (Sales Amazon)

Amazon Unboxing Article | Fire Stick 4K Ultra HD Black Friday (Sales Amazon)

All righty TlcShoppers here we go again is Tuesday hope everyone I had a good day so far everybody is safe we made it turkey day is coming we got Black Friday deals going on right now and this is one of them guys who check them out everybody knows what this is right now and there's the Amazon fire stick 4k and we're gonna set it up good stuff but you get this for under 30 already under $40 right now 4k HDR get all programs Amazon Prime you guys can sign up for Amazon Prime you guys don't have it it's free to sign up I'll leave the link down below for that Amazon music you get a free for 30 days and if you guys join the Amazon audible you get two free audible books when you sign up for free and twitch Prime you get free gaming loot I'll be down below also and also they have a Amazon home services where they'll find you local services to set up like computers uh lawn services and everything else really cool guys got some free time check it out

I have the links down below on that one second all right there we go thing coming down with the flu but this is a firestick 4k got Hulu Netflix ESPN sling and I think they give you a pro so credit for three free months of sling and I'm gonna had to set that up today so pretty much Alexa 4k Ultra HD Doby vision quad core Wi-Fi it's opening it up right now and also I'm doing Amazon live I'll leave down the link down below okay so check me out going live almost every day now but I'm still on TlcShoppe so I'm gonna set this up in my room cuz I got the four key I'll show you upstairs in a second you had the manual fire stick 4k there yeah but really easy to set up voice cable here's a dancer HD mi yeah we got the power take this off right here no you got batteries alright and here's a fire stick you can buy accessories for your remote like the grips they have here's a remote he's activated a little tricky sometimes pulling out Oh pulling out the battery there you go to double or triple a like I said if you guys need batteries I'll have that links also get the

Amazon basics these last a while to stuff in really good price also on the batteries they have got double a's and pretty much all of them right there pretty simple and I am like I would go upstairs and usually connect like this so and usually take this card and hook it up to you do do I get up to run away oh boy it's been a long day here we go pretty simple you take this guy right here it's tiny little dude and you shove it and on the side pocket right there easy-peasy you go pretty cool and next time you see me we'll be upstairs time to tell her for you all righty TlcShoppers we have the fire sick 4k set up we got pretty much all my apps installed I did Netflix Prime Article and DMB TlcShoppe HBO stars Amazon music and WWE Apple TV and watch it on Suraj Hulu sling Prime and these were ones I watched oh yeah great movie right here definitely recommend that one this is a definitely good series to watch Jack Ryan I got HBO stars Showtime Cinemax my WEBSITEs Cinemax so it's easy layout and they got discounts

I'll leave those down below so in case you want to subscribe to any of these WEBSITEs major Black Friday sales going on right right now and Fire TV at these football and less hours of entertainment right here great stocking stuffer to give to anybody under 30 bucks right for 4k and then basically one is under 30 bucks and you know these movies you get Showtime really easy to set up any callers add your Bluetooth live TV you got PSV you Phil OH gluto TlcShoppe sling AT&T; twitch and if you guys need twitch that link will be down below yes p.m. plus I got Disney you can always buy the NBA League Pass MLB TV options WEBSITE guide favorite settings go to settings by TV and what any college Alexa when a NZ hockey scores really cool go back hit the back button you can see what you watch MTV and I got a dousset download know it's really fast download - you always close to your settings TV shows apps I got a lot of apps my little back woman QVC music hockey Disney Plus Apple TV see every got downloaded WWE Network SIA and really quick doesn't show the

Article and the recommends Fight Club or fight DC Universe sling impact Plus us 8tp our UFC shrewder stars that set up boxing one Cartoon Network our boomerang and there's so much to choose from here but I'll be going on Amazon life I'll leave the link down below for that and if you guys want to see more I'll be on a couple hours doing at MIT Amazon live so alright TlcShoppers you guys be safe have a good night and show you one more settings pretty easy network display apps equipment live TV alexa patroller bluetooth yeah Article game controllers you could do anything with a bluetooth like Xbox ps4 another fire TV remote you can pair Bluetooth devices headphones keyboards mouse for sound bars for preferences this is where you go for your updates my fire TV I did a few when I got out of the box so it's all set now definitely great Christmas gift to give somebody this year you don't know what to get somebody for under 30 bucks this is the way to go and they do have bundles where you get this and the dot

I think it's 444 or something like that but that's another good way to go with the bundle so that is it TlcShoppers say you guys have a good night be safe and happy Thanksgiving to all oh my god.
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