Acer Swift 5 Review | A BIG Upgrade! | Tech TlcShoppe (Late 2019)

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Acer Swift 5 Review | A BIG Upgrade! | Tech TlcShoppe (Late 2019)

Hey guys Anton the tech Jap and this is the new 2019 well early 2020s a swift five and while we'll talk about the specs on the screen and everything else in a second the first thing you want to do with a square five is just pick it up and throw it around a bit because it's so ridiculously lightweight it's a 14 inch laptop that weighs 990 grams less than a kilogram now of course being really lightweight isn't exactly new for the Swift 5 that's kind of one of its USPS but now with this new twin 19 version we get 10th generation Intel processors with specs that include the new iOS plus graphics and also options for Nvidia's MX 250 graphics chip so while it's still incredibly light it's now a lot more powerful if you're after a high spec ultra portable than the Swift 5 is well worth a look and it goes up against the likes of the LG ground 14 the Isuzu Book 14 Dell XPS 13 Lenovo yoga c 940 and the latest Microsoft Surface laptop it weighs 25% less than the

MacBook Air despite having a quad-core CPU a touch screen faster Wi-Fi 6 we get Thunderball 3 and much improved onboard graphics of course nothing's perfect and there are a couple of downsides with the mean one being just sort of the look and feel of it it's a reasonably smart looking laptop but the material that AC use to keep it lightweight while not technically plastic they go to some lengths to say it's magnesium lithium something fancy you know what at the end of the day it feels like plastic there is a little bit of flex in a laptop but overall build quality is pretty good and I must admit I really like this blue with gold accents color it's also much lighter than the competition only the LG ground 14 comes close although that does have a bigger battery and this makes it really easy to carry around in a bag and just handling it every day feels kind of miraculous considering that it doesn't skimp on power especially in the higher spectrum so the biggest upgrade here are the processors with Intel's tenth generation isolate processors

I wanted to offer a huge boost in terms of raw processor performance it's the graphics department as seen a real upgrade particularly if you get with the iris plus chip which is up to two times faster than the previous integrated graphics plus of course as I say you also get the option of getting this with any videos MX 250 graphics chip and actually means you can get away with a bit of light gaming and it really comes in handy for more graphically intensive tasks like video and photo editing the other issue is the price because well nine hundred pounds the same in dollars for the base model isn't too bad unfortunately that one has seriously cut down graphics it does get eight gigs of RAM and 256 gigs of storage however which is perfect for most everyday tasks it's also the spec I've got here and it surprised me how capable is considering this isn't the i7 model I'm also glad ASA went with 256 gigs as a minimum storage as I have an untold hatred for companies who think 128 is a reasonable base option for a laptop in 2019 you can jump up to the i7 with the mx2 50 and a 512 gig

SSD for around 1100 pounds for most of us though the i7 with iOS plus graphics will be enough for a bit of gaming unless graphically intensive titles like for night or ever watch if you don't mind dropping the settings a bit you may be thinking though why is there an option for the MX 250 when we already have iOS + on some of these models on paper it may seem that there's not much of a difference but the Nvidia card will be better supported via drivers and software in fact no book check compared both in games and found that the MX 250 had a 20 to 25% advantage on average and in some cases the increase was over 50% so if gaming is your thing or maybe you use GPU accelerated software like the Adobe Creative Suite then the discreet card is worth paying extra for I thought I'd safe gaming is too much for the i-5 and the answer is mostly yes in fortnight I was able to hit 35 FPS using the lowest graphics settings at 720p but needs easy to drop to 540 P's to get a more playable 45 FPS and boy is it ugly over watch fared well even worse although I managed 45

FPS when it was working the frame drops mean it stutters so badly it basically paused the game so I often died well before I knew what was actually going on it did get quite warm as well especially underneath but it wasn't uncomfortable which is impressive given the cooling system is so compact and it doesn't get particularly noisy either the screen is full HD 1080p which makes perfect sense on this 14-inch display it's mapped which keeps reflections to a minimum and it gets reasonably bright at 300 nits it is an IPS panel so viewing angles and contrast are good and while codes are vivid it's not the most color a queue of screens although this isn't really a big deal unless you're raising professional level photos or video it's also a touchscreen and well it's not essential it is quite nice to be able to tap the screen or pinch into zoom the keyboard is good if not maybe the best on a Windows machine I think the service laptop has that honor but it still we're fine and it has a sensible layout key travel is quite shallow but it's still good enough and the keys have a definite click to it which helps it feel responsive one thing that's slightly frustrating is the power button which is positioned at the top right just like any other key so

I kept accidentally pressing it when looking for the delete button which put the laptop into sleep mode it's annoying but I think I'll get used to over time the trackpad is a reasonable size and my fingers glide over it fairly smoothly pressing down is a little bit clucky but it still feels good quality there's also a fingerprint sensor which allows you to login with Windows hello the 720p webcam doesn't support windows hello however so you can't login with your face Wi-Fi is fast and has excellent range thanks to Wi-Fi 6 support although you'll still need a compatible Rooter to make the most of this ports wise we get a single USB type-c with Thunderbolt 3 so we get seriously fast transfer speeds and the option to connect high res external monitors hubs and fast storage there's also a single USB 3.1 gen2 type a that's a bit of a mouthful and a positively geriatric USB 2 port for some reason we do also get HDMI as well as a headphone jack but unfortunately no SD card reader battery life is better than last year's with five but it's still fairly average compared to other 10th gen full HD machines

I found they got around 9 hours of real world mixed use and around 6 hours of video playback at 50% brightness of course the MX 250 version is bound to have an impact on battery especially if you're doing more intensive tasks but with power switching it shouldn't be too bad if you're running low then there is fast charging which is a great feature if you need a quick top-up I got 38% after 30 minutes with the lid closed which is a bad if you're in a tight spot you can also charge it via the USB type-c port which is handy if you find yourself Alan about what the charger there are down firing stereo speakers but the results aren't great the bass really suffers it just isn't that clear when it's on a table and especially not on your lap so the big question should you buy the ASA Swift five well you know what short answer yes it's a terrific laptop and aside from being maybe a little bit plasticky well definitely feeling a bit plasticky and also having a good rather than great battery life there's very little not to like here it is a superb laptop and the combination of the possibility given it's so lightweight but also the solid performance with those tenth gems iOS plus graphics or

MX 250 chip Wi-Fi 6 a great keyboard a decent trackpad although it would be nice if it was a little bit bigger a good range of ports including Thunderbolt 3 the matte display which I really like though aren't enough matte screens out there so it handles reflections a little bit better and I think the smart going with Full HD as well in this 14-inch size it really is an impressive bit of kit and I would definitely definitely recommend it if you do want to find out more I put links in the description below but what do you reckon would you go for something like this or would you prefer to have a slightly heavier laptop that maybe feels a bit more premium let me know what you think in the comments below thank you so much for raeding guys I really hope you enjoyed the article and if you're not already sick of hearing my voice then why not click that subscribe button below and hopefully I'll see you next time right here on the texture.
Acer Swift 5 Review | A BIG Upgrade! | Tech TlcShoppe (Late 2019) Acer Swift 5 Review | A BIG Upgrade! | Tech TlcShoppe (Late 2019) Reviewed by Admin on 2:11 PM Rating: 5

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