Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Comparison

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Comparison Mi Note 10 vs Huawei P30 Pro In terms of processor, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is equipped a Snapdragon 730G processor and Adreno 618 GPU, while the Huawei P30 Pro is powered by a Kirin 980 processor and Mali-G76 MP10. The Snapdragon 730G is a powerful mid-range processor, while the Kirin 980 is a powerful high-end processor.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Comparison

Mi Note 10 vs Huawei P30 Pro

Hi Chrissy and welcome to a camera comparison so in this article I've got the amino tin up against the Huawei P 30 Pro and they're both quite similar when you look at the cameras and what they can do because both of these have five times optical zoom front-facing 32 megapixel cameras and in the main sensors while there was a bit of a difference there a big difference 40 megapixels versus 108 so has the me note ting got what it takes to compete and even better the p30 Pro which is an older phone so this is our rear camera here 4k 30 frames per second is the highest you can shoot with both of these so they both are using optical and electronic image stabilization I think the article quality on the qual way is a little bit better and we're possibly picking up a little bit of wind noise too as well a focus on both is good they both have laser assisted focus

I'll try it on both of them is using electronic image stabilization which tends to do a good job removing most of the shakes trimmers in the footage let's pop over now to our 5 times optical that both of these cameras have so both of them shooting here article ok not amazing quality on both but you can clearly see that the Huawei it's image is a lot sharper it looks like we are just using the main scene see here for article with this show me me note 10 and that is why it just looks so grainy and to me it looks a little bit up scaled we're also fitting more in the shot here on the OE p30 Pro and this is a very quick sample of low-light article so both of them the quality has degraded somewhat here but the audio again better on the Huawei we are seeing some jeddah as

I walk with both of them with the electronic image stabilization of course let us know in the comments which one you think is doing a better job here with the article this is now article using the super stabilization mode on the xiaomi and to kind of make it fear I've enabled 1080p 3 frames per second with the p30 Pro so I'm just gonna run along here a little which one do you think is more steady let us know in the comments getting a bit of wind noise of course I notice there's more wind noise on the shower me I'll just jump up this here as well we don't break it so there's my comparison there thank you so much for reading so these are my conclusions here I've got to say that Shelby's done an excellent job here in collaboration with Samsung with that new senso that low light performance

I think there's actually better on the Xiaomi it's a little bit sharper more detail details and the shadows however the p30 pro does for the majority of those photos they're actually get the colors more correct when you look at that blue neon light with the hotel sign it's actually blue not purple but the Xiaomi captures purple there what we have a look at selfies and low-light as well much much better with the 32 megapixels sensor and it is on the me notes 10 now audio quality in article I've got to give the win there to Huawei the p30 pros audio is much better and article it tends to be a little bit better and everything but ultra wide ultra wide does is just definitely more shaky there now the stills okay still performance I think the p30 Pro daylight stills gets the win with the colors being a little bit more accurate sometimes we'll definitely

HDR seems to be a little bit better as well getting more details in these shadows there but when it comes to that five times optical this is a bit of a surprise but I think it actually does better than me notes Tim because when you look at it is this a little bit more detail there so they're trading blows definitely and they've just done an excellent job here Xiaomi to really go head-to-head and compete here with the p30 Pro in terms of low-light is one of the better phones out there definitely in the top five of 2019 so that's why I say hats off to show me they've done a really really good job here if they can just improve the article performance improve the audio and then we've got one of the better phones definitely when it comes to camera performance in the me

Note 10 so thank you so much for reading please do subscribe for more articles up and coming from me more comparisons and reviews I'll see you in the next one Up next.
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