Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 review: More of the same, but better & Impressions

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 review: More of the same, but better & Impressions xbox original xbox sign in xbox price xbox 360 xbox live xbox one xbox games xbox app

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 review: More of the same, but better & Impressions

Hey what's going on guys our experience today will be checking out the Xbox Elite Series two controller I am super looking forward to this because I still to this day or at least I did until they sent me this one I still to this day use the original Xbox elite controller because it's just a fantastic controller right I appreciate when it comes to controllers everybody's got their preference right it may be based on where you like your analog sticks placed it might just be sighs it might be based on your hand size but I really like the Xbox controller right I've used it before I still use it for most of my games when I'm playing on PC or an Xbox and the illy controller was just a fantastic model right loads of customization options super comfortable and they've said supposedly this one's even better so today we'll be checking this out now do you want to give a message out out to both Xbox and

Argos for very Kearney sponsoring this article of course if you guys wanna grab this yourself you can check it out link to algis down below they've kind of become like a really good place to pick up a lot of your gaming stuff so if you guys are looking for some stuff just in general then we're gonna dive in when I take a look at this we're gonna unbox it test out some of the features let me kind of give it a little bit of a run-through in Call of Duty because you know while the elite controller the paddle is the customization it's something you can use for like a ton of different games but a game like Call of Duty kind of synergize is really nicely with something like this right so we're gonna dive in mess around with some modern warfare as well and just in general purchase through its paces so let's take a look now of course if we start off on the outside of the box you of course have the typical Xbox elite I kind of sort of premium look to it I just like I mean all black is kind of my color scheme right but I like it when they solve like all blacked out box looking very sleek

Elite Series - logo on the side you then of course have a description of what is inside this on the left-hand side of the box and on the back you then have a breakdown of the controller we're gonna take a look at this in much greater detail so we jump forward and we actually jump inside the very first thing you will see is the carry case now this in itself has always been a really nice part of the Xbox elite controller it's just a nice premium case so if you want to carry it around save just throw in a controller in your bag it's got a nice protective hardshell it's got that nice material all over it but one of the new really cool things about this case versus the original one is if you spin it on the back you'll actually see there is a USB C port now this controller is USB C charge but the cool thing about it is you can either charge it by plugging directly into the controller or if say you wanted to just pack it away somewhere

You can then plug it directly into the case and there's a cool magnetic mount inside that you can then put the controller on and it charges from there so that's actually kind of cool you could just sort of zip it up if you're not necessarily gonna be going anywhere or you finish using it for the day put it in the case leave it charging and just know that then when you get up and you just you know pull the cable out you get to go either way if we then open up the inside you can of course see the controller itself from the top you've got that nice mesh compartment if you want to put the charging cable in there you have the controller in the center and then down below you have some of the additional parts because of course the Xbox elite controller those of you guys that maybe haven't necessarily seen the original one then the main thing about this is there's a ton of customization right you can customize

The analog sticks the triggers the paddles of the back the d-pad so down below you have a place to store all that's now forced you know there's some empty parts here because some of the parts are already in the controller but to kind of go over some of the core points of this you of course have your interchangeable analog sticks so there's very different ones you of course have the two default ones that are on the controller to begin with they're your standard ones you then have two classic control sticks and you then have one tool and one dome one so depending on you know sometimes if you want some more precision when you're aiming especially if you're playing things like Call of Duty and stuff then you know you might want that saw taller analog stick it's actually kind of gives you like a nice bit of precision which is pretty cool so you can then Changez around they're super easy doesn't even like special tools they just come off and then magnetized back on so really really easy to swap on-the-fly

So it's you know you can kind of just mess around with these and find out what you'd like the best some people prefer convex some people prefer concave so there's a lot of customization there also underneath these if you do want to adjust the tension on the thumbsticks there's also a little tool you get with the controller you can then use this to tweak the tension depending on you know how you prefer your analog sticks to feel you might want them to be a little bit more firm you might want a bit more kind of looseness to them depending on say whether you're playing like shooters versus like fighting games you know it's kind of examples on top of that you also have the triggers which are I mean triggers on the X controllers have always been really nice but this one you can of course go and change between three different trigger styles if you want the ability to press the trigger all the way in maybe you're playing said like a racing game and you might want that for say the accelerator then obviously

You can leave it on there meanwhile if you're playing something like a shooting game and you really want that fast hair trigger then you can flick the switch to adjust how far you can press it the default one is all the way in you then go to kind of halfway one and you've then got a really fine hair trigger so you basically just need to tap it almost like as a face button and you're then detecting the press of course on top of that you also have the interchangeable d-pad so you have the soar festive one you see here this kind of circular one or you have the more conventional d-pad that's my personal preference I kind of just prefer like old-school d-pad but again depending on the way that you're playing all the kind of games you're playing sometimes that round d-pad can have as uses I have kind of played a few fighting games before where you know the ability to just sort of have a slightly more rounded d-pad

So you can just you know pull off those quarter circles actually does kind of work out but again personal preference take it on swap it out it's really that easy to do of course on top of that you do also have the option for the default profile and then three custom profiles so depending on what you want you know your button configurations you can of course remap certain buttons you have the paddles in the back so you know in a game like Call of Duty if you want to be there doing things like you know jump shots drop shots you can of course map some of the buttons for things like jumping and crouching that would normally be on the face buttons that would then normally require you take your thumbs off of the analog sticks you can then map that to the paddles of the back so you can then get a little more you know control precision in your matches and then of course you can then map these buttons differently

So you can then save those to your profiles and then at the press of a button you can simply swap bits the profiles additionally one of the cool things is you can actually use the Xbox accessories app to customize the buttons for other things as well so if say for example you like recording your gameplay and you want to map say like a button press to like a typical voice come on like record that or take a screenshot you can actually do that as well so you've then kind of got that convenient so there's a lot of stuff that you can do now once it's fully charged it will supposedly last for around 40 hours on the kind of rechargeable battery but given your type of typical play session especially if you just have it so that the case is just hooked up and plugged into the charge and you just drop it down and leave it charging then you're probably gonna be kind of you know maintaining that charge pretty much all the time overall though controller is incredibly comfortable you do also have that nice rubberized grip

That wraps all the way around it so you have this all nice firm grip so even when you get into those like intense gaming sessions your hands are getting a little bit sweaty you're still gonna be pretty good so you know we might as well give this a little kind of run-through kind of jump into a game of Call of Duty it's gonna give this like a little quick test and just off see see how things play out so there you have it hopefully you guys enjoyed that that is a look at the new Xbox elite series 2 controller hopefully you enjoyed the article I am super excited to kind of give this a run for his paces I'm pretty sure it's gonna be super solid I mean the last elite controller has served me up until this point so I'm I have no doubts that a series 2 controller is him to keep me going either way I'm gonna be testing that out much more extensively over the coming weeks and months but I am definitely definitely happy with sauce on the new addition something you could have options the customization options you have

So yeah they're for me some into check out either way let me know the comments down below what you guys think let me know if you guys would be picking this up and of course if you do want to don't forget you can click the link to the August website in the description box down below and check that out massive shouts you both Xbox in August for very kindly sponsoring this article.
Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 review: More of the same, but better & Impressions Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 review: More of the same, but better & Impressions Reviewed by Admin on 4:22 AM Rating: 5

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