Why wait for Black Friday? These deals are here right now!

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Why wait for Black Friday? These deals are here right now!

Hey guys how's it going Joe Sahir welcome back to the Website welcome back to another article so I'm assuming you're waiting for Black Friday to buy a TV right I know a lot of people are waiting for that day to get the best deals possible but the question is should you buy a TV right now or should you wait until Black Friday alright so I got a chance to go to different Best Buy's Costco to take a look closer looked at the TV is that they have right now and also keep in mind that the some of these models are going to be exclusive for Black Friday so should you buy them right now should you wait until maybe next year in this article I want to try to cover everything almost everything within price and also TV brands and also whether you're buying a TV for gaming or for movies or maybe an overall TV so if you like these kind of articles don't forget to Like and subscribe to the Website guys

I'm just ER and let's do this so I'll be straight to the point if you want to buy a TV don't wait until Black Friday if you go to Best Buy you'll see that they have all the TVs ready on the floor now keep in mind that these are the TVs for Black Friday you see prices from two hundred and twenty dollars and up so if you're looking for a cheap 4k TV you can go and buy one right now you don't have to wait until that day now many people have criticized me before for not recommending these TVs and the reason is because well you get what you pay for now if you're looking for a TV for the kid room and you don't want to spend too much money well yes but if you want a better quality you should go for a higher to your models now here's an example of what I'm talking about on the left is the Vizio m-series in this case is this this is the m7 model with 400 meters of peak brightness on the right is the Samsung q7 yard well Costco has a different number but it is the same to me now you'll notice how the

Vizio is dimmer compared to the Samsung now so how the colors shift when viewing in an angle now those are some of the differences when buying a low-budget TV now here's another example on the left is the LG c9 all the TV on the right is the LG nano cell TV now higher-tier TVs have better light reflecting clothing which works better with ambient light or and they light in this case ohlet's I also have better contrast and deeper black levels so the picture looks far better but also they usually cost twice the price so that's why I recommend investing a bit more if you're buying a TV and one good-looking picture now with that being said let's get into some more great deals that I found when you can buy right now now Costco has the vco P series quantum X 65 inch size for $1,300 now I review the regular P series last year and it had beautiful picture this model has full array panel with 384 local dimming zones which helps for deeper black levels and better contrast this is also a bright panel he features quantum each dr 10 and dolby vision

VCO tvs don't have the lowest input lag but in game mode they do a good job so for an overall TV this is one good choice now have review VCO TVs in the past and I have had problems with them before but of course that may not be your case so just to be on the safe side I highly recommend to buy an extended warranty now Costco is also selling the TCL six series but this is last year's model which I also review here in the Website now this TV also has beautiful picture due to its full array and local dimming features and they have 55 inch size for 480 dollars now this is not bad at all but I highly recommend in the newest model the 625 series which is now equipped with quantum dot I have articles on that TB and he has an amazing picture guys colors are more vibrant great contrast deep black levels these TB also features out of game mode with very low input lag and it's great for gaming and it has

HDR 10 Dolby vision Dolby Atmos it sells for $600 for the 55 in size or $800 for the 65 inch size on Amazon now some of the negatives about this TV is the 60 Hertz panel so this affects mostly gamers also motion is not the best but it's not bad either for the price that you paying for in the features it has this TB is one of the best choices now another great choice are on the same price range as a TCL is a high since h9f now this TV offers very similar features like HDR $10 vision quantum dot full array with local dimming also low input lag for gaming and a great price the 55 inch size sells for $600 and the 65 inch sells for $900 now if you want to save some money you can buy the h8f which has similar features but without the quantum dot the 55 inch size sells for $400 and the 65 inch sells for $600 now I haven't had a chance to test this TVs but I have heard great reviews about them now if you're a gamer and looking for the best gaming features and the lowest simple AK your best choice are

Samsung TVs now Samsung has unique features like outer logging latency freezing 1440p with 121st or refresh rate the lowest input luck even with HDR they also have quantum dot in a beautiful picture now keep in mind that these features are only available in 55 inch models and above on there are you 8000 and culet models to me 2018 Samsung TVs are the best I still own the q7 FN and I'm very happy with it the 2019 models I recommend will be the q7 er which is selling for $1000 for the 55 inch size and the qadr which is selling for $1,300 for the 55 inch size now if you're looking for a more affordable fuel air from Samsung you can go for the q6 dr which is selling for $700 now you'll still find last year's q6 FN which is better in my opinion but it is a bit more expensive now for movies you should go for all it LG and Sony have all the TVs and they both look beautiful LG has the best features so far it is the only brand with HDMI 2.1 on their TVs although some of the features are not available at the moment by you will be ready for the new

Xbox and the PlayStation 5 consoles when they release now all the TVs offer the deepest black levels best contrast best motion best viewing angles but they're not the brightest panel so they perform better in a dark room although this is a great technology they do suffer from screen burn screen burn happens when you leave the TV on for several hours on the same image so that the image stays there like a stain it is not pleasant at all and this could happen at any time or it could never happen so if you can deal with that then all its art the best choice for movies and also for gaming they do have low input lag and they handle motion very well the LG c9 is the most affordable all that panel you can buy right now the 55 inch size sells for $1,500 and the 65 inch size sells for $2,000 so if you have that kind of money and want the best choice this is it guys alright guys so that's it for this article thank you so much for stopping by don't forget to Like and subscribe to the Website if you like this kind of content now so let me know in the comments below which

TV is your favorite which TV are you buying this holiday season which brand you like best honestly I like the TCO the new TCO 625 series it looks beautiful I done a article a couple three articles about it if you guys want to check it out I thought it looked beautiful beautiful contrast the colors look amazing brightness it was a good TV overall you know for $600 think it's a good great deal and also but if you have the budget also the LG the c9 looks beautiful guys you can't go wrong with all it perfect for movies perfect for gaming it's a great TV it has some flaws but overall if some isn't amazing to be alright guys so that's it I'm in and join this personally I have a projector let me just show you real quick this is the Baba 4k HDR projector projecting it on the alone vision a ELR screen this is a 100 inch sighs screen it looks amazing but that's it for this article and also I am working on the review on the nakanishi sambar this is the seven point two point four elite SSP sambar this beautiful beautiful sound with

HDR dog Edition pass through and also Dolby Atmos nd TSX support so that's it for this article guys thank you so much for stopping by I'm Justin and I'll see you guys on the next one Joe Strout.
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