Why Amazon's protesting the military cloud contract that went to Microsoft

Why Amazon's protesting the military cloud contract that went to Microsoft amazon orders amazon login amazon prime amazon shopping amazon video amazon prime video amazon sale amazon.com ap

Why Amazon's protesting the military cloud contract that went to Microsoft

Let's talk about the other big corporate story the morning Amazon planning to now challenge the Pentagon's decision to award a ten billion dollar cloud computing contract Microsoft Amazon contending that politics has played a role in part in that award notably President Trump is a longtime critic of course of Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos joining us right now for more on this story is Washington Post reporter Aaron Gregg we should mention of course the Washington Post is owned by Amazon chairman and CEO Jeff Bezos good morning to you the big question tightening thank you hard thanks for thanks for joining us I think the big question here is just how political this is going to get and to the extent that there is now going to be a lawsuit what kind of discovery could or could not happen we talked earlier in the show about this book by Madison's speech writer who talked about how

President Trump actually called the president at one point and said how do we basically screw Amazon with this contract now there's a term called cold who President Trump called Maddox let me say President Trump called the president I'm sorry what President Trump called maddis he might be he might do stuff like that so you never had he says Trump says this in trust we had a rescrew Amazon out of this contract at the time Madison you know we're not gonna do that we're gonna do this all aboveboard and it's gonna have nothing to do that but by default it feels like this whole thing has been politicized Aaron will sort of tell it to take us through the next steps of what could or could not happen that's right so what's happened here is amazon has really weighted headfirst into what promises to be a highly politicized lawsuit if you cover government contracting or follow it at all you see bid protests all the time it's almost a fiduciary responsibility to protest when you lose but they usually focus on some minor technicality of how the government handled the procurement in this case

Amazon is really going for the jugular they're saying there was political influence and clear bias and how DoD handled the contract that not only puts them in a head-on fight with the Pentagon but also with President Trump and so the other question it really Joe's question it was from Aaron's piece Aaron you highlight all of the all the other things that have been going on for the past 13 months whether it's Oracle or whether it's the revolving door criticism or whether IBM or whether it's a whole idea of going to a single contractor instead of leaving it split up this my point was that the president is going to have cover to say that wasn't what this is this is fully makes sense the Microsoft is now going to be certification six or whatever it is they're gonna have the highest level they've had a chance to get their act together and it's easy to just say Microsoft deserves it at this point that they're just just you know to get out of the criticism that it's a revolving door incestuous relationship between

Amazon and the Department of Defense I think it's easier to say that Microsoft is a legitimate player for this contract now that was a year ago but even when you ask people who are very against Amazon they will tell you that Amazon Web Services is that leader in cloud computing right so we still seen as quite a surprise but but yes it'll be very interesting to see what comes out and discovery here and and that's the other question I mean sort of how long I mean why the other question was why you go to it why not go to the GAO right yeah why not go to the GAO and stop it stop it in attracting in its tracks as opposed to go to to go to court I made the argument I imagine that there's a view that they have more to be fully independent well they don't have to get though they don't have to get their act together immediately right Amazon I mean it they can they can you know they have months to do this now instead of they they'd have to have it ready right now right that's right when I said earlier that they've kind of gone for the jugular that really is the case with kind of with Court of Federal

Claims with Gao it's kind of a closed-door process where you you you see what happens at the end and you know it becomes a very scripted bureaucratic process Court of Federal Claims we're gonna see a slow drip of discovery as this thing rolls out for however long it goes on with the Oracle lawsuit which was in the Court of Federal Claims that was very damaging for both the Pentagon and for Amazon because it every time a new filing came out you know you saw ten news articles about it it's clear that this is going to be a little bit of a sensation for quite some time well how far along will the implementation or the installation be by the you know by not stopping it into tracks can't Microsoft move ahead we're already done we're halfway finished I mean the 18 t term Wars can it not be can it not can no work be done until it's finished that's what I don't get either how much it would slow down that entire process I think it's likely that they'll move forward ahead of time right now but the other thing to remember is there are other contracts that haven't been quite as highly politicized I bet

Amazon is hoping that whatever other opportunities they have whatever whatever other irons in the fire they can keep it much more quiet than this one well but that was my question my question was by going out there as publicly as they will or are does that change the dynamic for future contracts is this is this a little bit like you know the manager of a baseball team we're running out onto the field and screaming at the UM not because they think they're going to get the call reversed but because they're hoping to get the next call it could be but the other thing to remember is that Oracle has really been raging in the Court of Federal Claims for almost a year now it's only a slight uptick in the amount of I guess vitriol that you've seen between the contractors and between DoD and the different contractors this has been a charged thing for quite some time bubbling up underneath the surface it's just just now with president

Trump's alleged involvement it has really broken into a national and highly politicized fight between these three entities DoD the White House and Amazon you.
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