What's New? - iOS 13.2.2 is Out!

What's New - iOS 13.2.2 is Out! How do I update my iOS 13 with cellular data Why did iOS 13 Delete find my friends How long does it take to upgrade to iOS 13 Why is iOS 13 not showing up

What's New? - iOS 13.2.2 is Out!

Hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and today Apple released iOS 13.2.2 all supported iOS 13 devices now this was released to address issues with multitasking and some other things so multitasking and RAM management and then LTE issues and things like that and this came in at a fairly small 134 point 8 megabytes on my iPhone 11 Pro and on my iPhone XR it was under 100 megabytes so what will vary depending on the device let's go ahead and take a look at the build number the build number is 17 b1 0 2 and this particular build addresses quite a few issues we had with iOS 13 point one and two and every version since and the first thing you need to know though is if you're on iOS thirteen point three betas and you want to go to this version you'll have to use a computer with either iTunes on it or with

Mac OS Catalina you can use the finder get the IPSW file and load it on here that's what I did with my iPhone 11 Pro max and this is working fine on this version now but it does take a computer or iTunes in order to do that now Apple has actually pushed a modem update for this version so that should fix fix some issues with LTE and specifically this update does fix issues with that and I'll go over that in a moment but the first thing that they address is the problem with apps quitting in the background or what a lot of people call RAM management so maybe you have music open you have Instagram or notes or maybe you have the home app any number of things and then you want to go back in to say TlcShoppe it's no longer reloading like it was before it's finally working like we expect it to work and that's a great thing now

Ram management is a pretty big deal when it comes to the iPad especially if you're trying to multitask and get some work done so maybe you're trying to multitask you have a website open you want to go into Safari for example or use the App Store or maybe you just want to go back to TlcShoppe and it keeps reloading on you well it doesn't seem to be doing that now so you'll see TlcShoppe has not reloaded when I went into that if I go into music it just refreshed what was on the screen but didn't reload the whole app so it's definitely a better experience overall when it comes to that now this also resolves an issue where iPhone may temporarily lose cellular service a call so maybe you placed a phone call you end that call and all of a sudden your cell signal is gone this fixes that issue finally they fixed an issue

I've been mentioning for quite some time not only on my 11 Pro Max but also my XS Max and that's where cellular data may temporarily be unavailable and that usually happened to me when I was switching from Wi-Fi to cellular and it would just not allow me to connect in fact here's some examples you'll see here if I disconnect from Wi-Fi I go into TlcShoppe there's just nothing there there's no cellular data in fact if I go to Safari it also says that cellular data could not be activated and I know that the SIM card works I've used it in other phones and I've also used it in Android phones and had no issues and it looks like they finally fixed the problem and after a hard reboot the problem is solved on my 11 Pro Max so that is finally working properly and I'm glad to see that now the next thing is they fixed an issue that causes replies to s/mime encrypted email messages between exchange accounts to become unreadable that problem is fixed

I know a lot of people that were using Outlook or using in an exchange account with an iPhone and was having a lot of problems with things just not being there that should be fixed as well and then it also addresses an issue we're using Kerberos or network authentication protocol that you may or may not be familiar with single sign-on service is in Safari it may give you an authentication prompt when you're trying to use that and that's been resolved as well and then finally it resolves an issue where charging may be interrupted on Yubikey lightning powered accessories so maybe you're using Yubikey Afeni keishon and it would stop charging if you were using that so that's all been fixed in this particular update there are no new features that they've mentioned there's no changes or anything in any of these devices and when it comes to the iPad all of the changes are identical with the exception of the cellular data fixes since most

iPads don't have cellular and if they do apparently it wasn't an issue so it's fixed on all of these devices so everything should be well really how it should have been originally now as far as battery life goes well I know a lot of people were very upset with battery life on iOS 13 point two and hopefully they address it they haven't specifically so we don't really know what's going on with that but it depends on what you've been on but battery life does take a few days to know how it is overall and can vary from person to person I've I know of some people that are getting 12 hours of screen on time on an 11 Pro max on my iPhone 11 Pro max you'll see it I just rebooted it and installed this so I lost all the data but I was getting about nine hours of screen on time with the beta's so it can vary but depending on the device you have hopefully this will be improved for you now as far as speed well

I'm the oldest device here which is the iPhone 8 plus it's fine I haven't seen any issues scrolling is typically fast on iPhones in general and apps are loading fast so if you're opening an app up whatever you're doing I wouldn't expect any slowdowns everything feels nice and quick and I think most people will be very happy with that now I did run a Geekbench on these devices on all of them so I could show you but I did find that scores were not as high as I thought I ran them twice on the 11pro max because they went down a little bit but nothing significant so if we take a look at the CPU history here let's go back or go to CPU and let's find today the score that I have is one thousand two hundred and ninety eight and three thousand sixty one from multi-core if you take a look at the history maybe a little while back it's significantly lower on the multi-core score

But that could be because it's doing a bunch of things in the background to fix the phone itself now let's take a look at all the different ones together now here you can see I have my iPad pro 12.9 from 2018 on the left then the iPhone 8 plus then the iPhone XR then the iPhone 11 Pro and then the Pro Max but you'll see that these scores are significantly better on the iPhone 11 Pro and I think that's because the 11 Pro max is doing a bunch of things in the background so 3519 for multi-core and 1336 for single core is higher than i've seen on any previous versions of iOS at least on these devices so I think that's really really good now if you're expecting major changes and things like that you'll have to wait for iOS 13.3 or really iOS 14 when they in June and then it will release in September so if you're looking for major new changes and features to the user interface

Apple usually reserves those until June so I would not expect anything like that we may see small tweaks to things a couple updates back now we actually have the change for changing article resolution on some of the phones hopefully they bring that to the iPhones other than the iPhone 11 it's kind of ridiculous that we can't get that yet but even on things like the iPhone XR there's no reason they couldn't do that but you'll see we can see the actual resolution in the upper right but we can't change the resolution by tapping on it like we can with the 11 so if you're waiting for features like that we could see something like that with 13.3 by the time it's released but I wouldn't expect its release for at least another month or so and then we'll have maybe some minor bug fixes here and there but no major features until iOS 14

I would imagine that's it for iOS 13 point to point to let me know if you've found anything else in the comments below or how your experience is with it as well and also I plan to do a follow-up so be sure to check back for that where we'll talk about if there's any other issues with it and things like that if you'd like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I'll link it in the description as I always do if you haven't subscribed already please subscribe and hit that notification bell if you'd like to see more of these articles as soon as they're released if you enjoyed the article please give it a like as always thanks for reading I'll see you next time.
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