What's new in Linux Mint 19.2 Tina

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What's new in Linux Mint 19.2 Tina

Hey guys this is Nick and welcome to my Linux experiment Linux Mint is one of the most used Linux distros out there and for good reason since it offers very stable and user-friendly experience the mint team has released Linux Mint 19.2 codename Tina with a bunch of improvements all around so let's take a look at what's new under the hood nothing much has changed here mints 19.2 is an incremental upgrade and still based on a bun to 18.04 LTS they don't plan to change that until 2004 which will be the next

LTS and the next base for mint since ubuntu 18.04 received the newer and Vidia drivers in its updates repository mint also benefits from that and thus offers much more up-to-date drivers than it used to apart from that the kernel is still 4.15 and means 19.2 will receive updates until 2023 so don't worry about losing support look and feel cinnamon is now in version 4.2 while not much has changed visually there are still a few improvements to have this show looks a whole new collection of all papers has been added to refresh the default backgrounds and the mint Y or minty theme has been tweaked a bit generally darkening most of the various colors used in the header bars and title bars the side bars and the progress bars this results in a more contrasted theme and better legibility although you'd be hard-pressed to notice it at first glance these changes are also applied to

GDK to apps such as GIMP where they should be more visible more importantly mints now uses the Ubuntu fonts instead of the Noto fonts this change is nice I think and I always like the rounded and legible fonts are going to create for their own district so seeing them use elsewhere is always good the desktop this is where the main changes are first cinnamons memory consumption has been greatly reduced the developers mention a reduction of about 30 percent in RAM usage in my own tests mint cinnamon while idle used less than one gigabyte of RAM out of my 8 but this will vary depending on the amount of RAM your computer has there seems to be an improvement compared to the point to gigabyte meant used when

I reviewed 19.1 cinnamon in itself only used about 60 megabytes of RAM which is very low the window manager now has reduced input lag most noticeable when dragging Windows around and you can enable or disable vsync without restoring cinnamon as well as choose between various vsync methods this is a pretty good feature I'd like other desktops to add as well the default menu is now able to differentiate between duplicate applications for example if you install something for the repos and through flat-pack both entries will now be correctly identified in the menu so you know which one you're using finally the scroll bars can now be configured allowing you to overriding the themes given width and change it to something that suits you better and enabling or disabling overlay scroll bars applications means apps have seen a few changes here and there the file manager

Nemo can now pin files and folders in a specific directory so they now appear in bold and at the top of the list this makes finding specific files a lot easier if you work with them regularly most apps now support the ctrl + q + ctrl + W keyboard shortcuts to close a window or close the applications X add the text editor now supports quickly commenting blocks of code with ctrl + slash which is going to be mainly useful for developers and X reader now has a zoom selector that can be added to the toolbar the main system tools are whether work has been focused though first you can now see how long each kernel is supported in the kernel manager and you can queue the removal or installation of various kernels without having to wait for each task to complete it will also show variants

For a specific kernel such as the real-time versions outdated anna-news kernels can also be removed automatically in the preferences finally the system reports tool has been tweaked its layout is now more legible and a new system info page has been added which should allow easier copy pasting of this kind of information for bug reports and online hell a lot of other minor improvements have also been added to the system to make the experience of using the update manager a lot smoother all in all mints 19.2 cinnamon is an incremental improvement but it's still a no brainer if you're using mint already the file pinning feature animo and the performance improvements alone are worth it and the stability of the district's base is still big draws you need a production machine that won't bother you with poked updates

Linux Mint also brought these updated apps and features to its mate' and Xfce additions which were updated at the same time as the cinnamon so that's about it for this tour of mints 19.2 new features if you enjoyed please consider liking subscribing and turning on notifications if you really did like the article I also have a patreon page I'll leave a link in the description of the article thank you guys for reading and I'll see you in the next one bye.
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