What's a GVT, & why are we doing it?? | NASA Super Guppy Transport

What's a GVT, & why are we doing it  NASA Super Guppy Transport NASA's goofy Super Guppy delivers Orion moon capsule for testing What is the NASA Super Guppy used for Who built the Super Guppy How does the Super Guppy fly How big is the Super Guppy super guppy crash nasa super guppy nasa pregnant guppy super guppy vs beluga super guppy open n941na super guppy takeoff what is the nasa super guppy used for

What's a GVT, & why are we doing it?? | NASA Super Guppy Transport

NASA's goofy Super Guppy delivers Orion moon capsule for testing

Alright guys well it's Monday so you know where I am I'll give you two guesses nope nope not the zoo maybe get airport yeah the airport cuz it's what I do especially on Mondays so it's the super guppy week and next week which is totally cool and I'm bringing it all to you get ready for a week of super guppy madness till paso time waiting on uber nice of them to give you an extra shaded place to to do it alright guys so we're out here in El Paso of course if you notice you might see the the super guppy sitting over here we're about ready to take it for an f c/f so they changed the number three engine took off the 501 D converted a Navy T 56 off of a p3 for the water meth injection ran it rigged it that everything they needed to do over the weekend they actually did all the test runs on Sunday so we get to Houston tonight and over to Cape Canaveral at Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday so cut to taxi now one hour later after a successful

FCF the old girl was ready to take us to Houston and then on to Kennedy Space Center to complete the mission dumela for sure what is up all you wonderful TlcShoppe people how are you guys doing my name is Matt Smithers and if you're new to the Website this is unusual attitudes the TlcShoppe Website that puts you in the cockpit of some of the world's most unique aircraft and speaking of unique aircraft it is the one and only air worthy super guppy transport in the entire world right here in all of her a wonderful glory on this beautiful day in I guess Central Florida we're at Kennedy Space Center today and we have been all week are you getting sick yet are you we've been out here all week and we've been doing what's called a gbt a ground vibration test on the aircraft you may have seen the article where we loaded the mast simulator into the gup-e last March or maybe it was February I can't remember I think it might have been February actually and if you haven't

I will link it right there and you can go back and check that out so we have the same article in the gup-e right now your other left mat we've got the same article in the aircraft right now at waist 50,000 pound I have 48,000 pounds just shy of 50,000 pounds it is in there to simulate the weight and the mass of the Orion crew service module and the utility service module that are now both together is one assembly then we're gonna move to plum Brook Ohio coming up in the next couple of months here pretty soon the problem is the engineers were concerned about the vibrations that are in the transient loads that are induced by the guppy in flight and on landing and all those kind of things so they had their CAD models put together of what they expected those vibrations to look like but they didn't really know for sure what it was gonna be to get some actual readings from that instead of just going off of the models we went ahead and put shakers on the aircraft and about a hundred accelerometers all over the airplane to measure

How those vibrations propagate and move through the aircraft and what those modes become or what they look like when they multiply into certain frequency ranges so that's what we've been out here doing all week so now the engineers and the techs have gathered all that data and they're gonna be poring over that data for the next couple of days and really analyzing it to find out what that means in the real world and whether it's going to put primarily us or the aircraft in danger or the space article in danger as it's really expensive and unique and there's only a couple of them there's a test article and of course there's a real thing so and it's the you know it's the first of its kind even though it's very similar to the Apollo capsule this is the first Orion capsule it is different it's bigger and everything about it is different and so it's all step by step it's all testing to make sure everybody and everything is safe and stay safe so the next couple of articles about the guppy are gonna be about us doing that and we're gonna bring it right to you so you get to be kind of part of it and check it out the other thing that I'm working on right now is as

I was kind of poring over all of my older articles at no point during the time that I've had this Website up that I ever sit back and say like hey this is me this is who I am this is what I've done and this is why I have this aviation TlcShoppe Website and here's why you ought to be reading it there hasn't been a focus as to this is what we're doing and what we're trying to accomplish so I'm gonna be putting kind of a self interview article together so I can talk about that and how to get you know why you guys should be excited about this Website why I think you guys should be excited about this Website because it really brings a unique view of some really unique aircraft platforms most you know a whole bunch of which are several of them which are NASA assets that most people otherwise wouldn't have access to seeing the behind the scenes and what we do I hope you enjoy this I hope you enjoy all these articles and please if you are enjoying these articles like the articles please subscribe to them and share them with your friends it really makes a big difference it will allow me to continue doing this so we can keep showing you these really cool articles they're always different the missions are always changing and you get to come along with us and kind of be part of the

NASA crew with us I love doing the articles and I'm making them for you not for me I'm here working and flying on the airplane regardless of whether I'm doing the extra work of shooting article about all of it or not I'd do it because I want to be able to bring you guys with us because I know there's interest in what we're doing and once the word gets out then you know I get to bring it to more people and bring it to everybody but I'm relying on you guys to share these articles share the Website spread the word and you know let's get it let's let's make this make it for everybody so thanks for being here catch you next time.
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