What Vodafone-Idea Combine Lost After Reliance Jio’s Onslaught

What Vodafone-Idea Combine Lost After Reliance Jio’s Onslaught vodafone idea limited logo vodafone idea ltd share price vodafone idea sim vodafone idea share vodafone idea logo vodafone idea limited new logo vodafone idea customer care vodafone idea ceo email id Is Vodafone and Idea same? What is Vodafone idea merger? Why did Vodafone merge with Idea? Will Idea Vodafone survive?

What Vodafone-Idea Combine Lost After Reliance Jio’s Onslaught

It's been nearly a year since waterphone and idea decided to join hands in India to create what we become the country's largest telecom operator once the merger is complete the two telecom operators have lost some ground over the last 11 months with fierce competition from peers like Reliance geo and Bharti Airtel taking a toll on margins and consumer base so what's the situation now and will the joint entity still be the country's largest telecom operator Samet Sarkar who's done the math Johnson with more details summit what is yeah what is the situation what is a match telling you so

I start off with showing what the merge indeed look like when the merger was announced and what it is currently so when the merger was announced the combined entity the revenue was close to eighty one thousand six hundred crore rupees a beta was close to 24 thousand crore rupees the revenue market share was forty four percent while the subscriber base was close to thirty five point one percent as of now the company's the combined entity is revenue is only 72 thousand crore rupees a beta is close to seventeen thousand crore rupees revenue market share is down to 38 percent while the subscriber base is thirty three point six percent so you have seen an absolute fall of close to ten thousand crore rupees on the top line seven thousand five hundred crore rupees that is

31 percent of the advertisement or eroded and six percent fall in that a new market share and close to 150 basis points of fall in the subscriber base now if you see now this fall in revenue and a beta would worsen in the coming quarters because of the 57 percent cut in the interconnect usage charges now let's see the operations energy how has the what is it what has been the change on that side now both the companies are expecting and operational synergy of close to fourteen thousand crore rupees off it sixty percent would be a animal sims of fourteen thousand crore rupees of which 60% will be operational that is close to eight thousand four hundred crore rupees now these operational synergies could still play out but as the as the base is low because of this erosion of 7500 kuru peas in the emitter the net benefits of the merger would only be close to 900 crore rupees so because of this a bit erosion the operation synergies have been a down by around

90 percent now let's see that that site the water phone was going on transfer on fifty five thousand two hundred copies of that ideas that is close to fifty four thousand crore rupees now the merged entity was expecting the net debt bit to get a four point four times but because of this abit Terezin currently the combined entity is net debt to Abbott is six point five times now on the debt after that let's see whether the combined entity would still be the number one player post-merger now currently the combined entities that have new market size exceeding 50 percent in three circles that is Maharashtra Gujarat and Kerala and they have to bring down the revenue market share below 50 percent because of a regulatory cap in in one year of completion also the combined entity's revenue market share is just one 90 basis points ahead that of our theatre because Bharti Airtel had done some acquisitions of

Terenure and territory services which took them a revenue market share to close to thirty five point nine percent so even if we assume that geo does not gain any market share then also the merge entity will have to bring down the revenue market share to in those circles below fifty percent and the difference just being 190 basis points with Bharti Airtel the chances are very high that the combined entity would not remain the number one player going forward okay thanks a lot for that so I made some with the the other bit is there were some conversations that had come in in the past I think one of the newspapers reported that come March 2019 Wildwood a phone idea maybe the larger player Bharti Airtel will have the higher market share now I mean what is all of this is this sabre-rattling or is there some merit to what the market share could look like come

March 2019 so the combined interview was actually expecting the module to complete by March 2018 and post this completion it will they have money a time period to bring down their revenue market share in those circles where they were exceeding below fifty percent so they'll have they'll lose some ground there plus geo is gaining ground gaining grounds when it comes to revenue market share so all this would not keep this combined entity at number one position well part eight and currently has 36 percent revenue market share obviously they will also lose some revenue markets at with geo going forward but they'll still remain the number one they could still remain the number one player because the if you see in this part also the fall of revenue market seven comes apart it was low when combined to the combined entity .
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