Walmart Black Friday 2019

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Walmart Black Friday 2019

Hello everyone fancy here you're reading Fanta vision and today we're gonna be discussing the Walmart Black Friday added so let's dive right in from cover to cover because people keep complaining about the way I'm covering these things so right away we've got two on TVs please don't buy these I I don't I've never even heard of that brand before it sounds like one of those horrible knockoff companies that makes cheap chargers I don't trust it if you're gonna get a TV get something that's actually gonna good picture quality because you mean reading this thing a lot you might as well actually enjoy it and invest real money into it there are a lot better Black Friday TVs you can get for cheaper or not cheaper but a little bit more for a lot more quality we've got the oculus go for about 50 bucks off that's not too bad of a deal but

I feel like I've seen that go for $50 less before we've got the $200 bundle for the ps4 that we're seeing every but everywhere so that's not that big of a deal hoverboard somebody buys them and they're trying to pawn off all their iPhone sixes for some reason okay and then finals why are they showing these vinyls and the vinyl the record player and like a second page I don't understand you think they'd really I don't know this is so strange the things they choose to put up there so we've got some more TVs I mean look at this 65 inch 4k for 398 on paper that sounds great but what you're gonna want to do is take that model number and you're gonna put it into Google put review at the end and if you can see if it's on the site RT ing s that will tell you the picture quality tell you if it's actually 4k it'll tell you the HDR output it'll tell you everything you need to know about a TV so

I would definitely look into reviews before picking up one of these and then don't get this because it's a stupid on thing again yeah beats but do people still buy beats I don't even know oh look there you go look at that I called that on true Wireless in your head foot so there they're just knockoff brand I don't recommend on and it's probably just junk so don't waste your money and junk especially we're gonna listen to it or read it it's gonna be something you're gonna be hearing and viewing a lot quality matters guys we've got the usual $20 Bluetooth speaker okay there you go there's your $20 Bluetooth speaker it's it's the same thing every year we've got the $500 it says saving 250 but honestly I bought this laptop at one point I opened it and it was the cheapest feeling laptop on the planet I don't recommend this laptop not great so and it's constant sale for 500 bucks it's about what

I paid for it so that's not a great deal the razor Mambo I've seen for cheaper as well as of 50 bucks isn't that great of a deal either and Maasai optics is actually that's a pretty decent monitor but I just saw it going sale for about 130 so again just because it's Black Friday does not mean that all of these are great deals bunch of laptops but I don't really trust laptops from Walmart for some reason just whenever I was looking at the selection there when I worked there they just didn't seem that great compared to Best Buy which is a much wider variety then we've got okay I love that Walmart does this it feels like Walmart waits for the other Black Friday ads to come out and then they just price match a couple of the games and then take the Call of Duty game and drop it by two bucks so $38 for call of duty modern warfare and it comes with the

Walmart exclusive three hours of double xp congratulations Walmart you get that double xp going on it's just funny to me I thought Xbox one sad that you shouldn't even look at for 150 because you can spend 50 bucks extra and get a real Xbox one that comes with Star Wars I mean it's it's just a better deal all-around comes that new Star Wars game is just coming out pretty soon there's that PlayStation bundle again now what I'm seeing not seen this year rather is I'm not seeing the the Xbox Live or Playstation Plus on sale for the usual 40 so we're gonna have to look into Amazon to hopefully have them start popping up some deals maybe eBay will have some deals but that's a shame because this is at that time that I normally buy these subscription cards so strange they didn't drop we've got Borderlands 3 for 30 bucks but I believe it's 30 bucks other places a lot of these games the same prices at Best Buy

I can't mention target because target was kind of wonky with there's deer deals this year they were probably the worst ads so far and we've got breath of the wild for 30 bucks if you don't own that game already or you're buying a switch please buy that game odyssey's amazing splatoon 2 is amazing but they did just drop event support so that's quite unfortunate ninokuni for 30 bucks I don't quite remember what that was at Best Buy but I feel like it was cheaper get the Resident Evil Collection Mario Party which wasn't that great there's Mario Tennis Aces which was also 30 bucks I believe at Target and Best Buy NHL 20 for 30 bucks it's gonna hover around that for a while so if you are waiting for that game 30 bucks isn't too bad but it is a sports game by EA and they don't really improve them a whole lot and they're full of microtransactions so buyer beware don't even buy WWE 2k 20 it's just a hunk of garbage just read the TlcShoppe articles that's hilarious we've got Diablo again for 25 bucks we've got

I believe overread was cheaper it might have been 25 bucks as well as Best Buy spyro 25 bucks that's not too bad and then we've got the usual Mortal Kombat game but again there's gonna be a Mortal Kombat all DLC pack at some point so just wait for that usual $40 price point for controllers and just letting you know if you are buying more controllers they're going to work on the Xbox one Scarlett I don't know if the PlayStation 4 controllers are going to work on the PlayStation 5 that has not been confirmed yet 20 bucks for a lot of these games Friday the 13th doesn't really get updates anymore so I don't recommend it crash trilogy hell yeah 20 bucks and we've got Devil May Cry metro fallout game of the year edition now Resident Evil 2 I believe was $15 at either Best Buy or Target so I'm gonna be buying it over there because it's just cheaper and they don't price match anymore at Walmart so if you're thinking of doing that you can World War Z

I believe was also cheaper to a different store and division I believe was about 20 bucks as well if not cheaper so most of these games at at Walmart here we're seen like I said they're they're pretty close in price to the other stores if not cheaper you can usually depend on Walmart to be one of the cheapest places but one of the most in the ass places to buy these games best buy it's pretty reliable you can get all these games online target sometimes offers free shipping and believe they are again this holiday season but Best Buy in my experience has been the easiest place to shop online for Black Friday and also I would rather go into a Best Buy than a Walmart I mean Walmart is always this chaos cardboard ripped up crazy mosh pit so if you want to do that go here trials rising I've seen for 15 bucks in fact I think I've seen it cheaper at some points Assassin's Creed 15 bucks it's about normal

Lego games skate 3 is the most hilarious game I've seen because it went from like two years ago where was five bucks then it was ten bucks last year and now it's 15 again I don't I don't get that I what are you guys doing seriously it's such an old game I get that it works in the Xbox one but please drop that game bring it back down to five that's ridiculous I've got one of these arcade cabinets now I've heard mixed things on these one of my buddies has it it's pretty cool if you mod it but by itself I don't think it's worth it please don't buy the switch bundle three hundred bucks is not a special buy it just isn't it's the normal price and you're getting the inferior console from what I've heard from a lot of people this is the model that does not have the improved battery so don't get this one and I'm it's unfortunate that they're doing this I don't know why Nintendo would trick people like this because a lot of people are gonna be buying this on

Black Friday not knowing that this is the inferior version of the switch so that's it's just it's just frustrating it's really frustrating to see that moving on to DVDs some people in the comments so they buy DVDs I don't believe you I'm just not like why are you buying DVDs they're so grainy we've got blu-rays for just a little bit more we think we got 4k here for eight bucks John wick three Shazam I mean John wick three I believe came out just this year so there you go and then you get endgame on 4k so basically this is the best time to be buying these sort of things and I'm sure they've got a huge list at Best Buy and Walmart and I'm not gonna go through all of them let's keep going this bunch stuff we don't really care about that reminds me to pick up a blender keep going all the usual Keurig is on sale for like 40 bucks but

I've seen that go on sale a bunch we've got like this little mini fridge that's 20 bucks that's kind of I don't know that's kind of cool actually make it one of those for work and then the usual toy crap is anything good in here I don't think so I think we've pretty much covered it but somebody yelled at me excited and go through all the different pages and there is something that I missed on the back page oh there's more laptops there's actually more electronics back here again be wary of things that are made on Black Friday or specifically marked down for Black Friday normally laptops they don't age very well as is so be wary when you're buying these things again with the TV's RCA not a great company if you're looking for a liability got one of these gaming style chairs for $109 definitely looking to read reviews for that because it's a Walmart branded one it looks like we've got the usual ninja thing for like a hundred bucks it's it's the usual other things that are on sale so there you go not the best ad not the worst ad

I feel like Best Buy just overall was the benchmark and Walmart is either trying to rise to it but I don't think anything is beat it this year but I think Best Buy is the winner I'm gonna do a article discussing the best deals where to buy specific items and that article will be coming soon a little bit before Black Friday thanks for reading everyone subscribe for more content like the article if it helped you guys out and as always have a Fanta tastic day see you guys.
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