Top Early Black Friday 2019 TECH DEALS available RIGHT NOW!

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Top Early Black Friday 2019 TECH DEALS available RIGHT NOW!

I have the best early Black Friday tech and accessory deals I found them online and they're coming right up consider this your sneak peak of deals that you can actually score right now hi I'm the TlcShoppe deal guy Matt granite all of my biggest deals are online right now Matt's daily deals common with retailers testing a lot of their Black Friday product lines early to see how people will respond and then obviously that helps retailers judge inventory every time a major retailer drops a deal I'm going to post it I'm gonna flag it for you right here with that being said all of the deals which are on mass daily deals calm also incorporate a couple of my favorite products that I have I think possibly ever tested right here on my TlcShoppe Website so I'm gonna go out of order you're gonna notice that there's an i cleverly might not have heard of and then there's decibel and you guys say oh why are all the other products from decibel they have launched their

Black Friday sale early so I'm profiling their three products and then I'll move into other products but I'm flagging these deals as they drop it when I happen to love the lime you're going to see it right here so that's great all right let's start with a first big deal from a brand I think it's been around longer than then many on the power charge market when you head over to Matt's daily this is a deal you will see there oh and by the way don't forget to join my email list I give everything I test away for free to these subscribers of my email list I announce the winners and the emails so you'll see an early tech accessories deals for the holidays and this is where you will find many of the power accessory deals and I clever I think one of my first TlcShoppe articles ever was on i clever their products right now are at around 56 percent off are great simple chargers for those of us that don't have the newest iPhone or Android devices although it will work with all of that it doesn't have that fast charge functionality so that's fun that's great if you do want to spend a little bit more money one of my other favorite deals goes beyond what you can see from my clever it's a wireless

Qi charger with an adapter that can power three different devices that'll kind of works as a power bank that also works as a wireless charger on the go let me show this to you up close identical in size to the MacBook Pro charger let me show you just how powerful this is so I've unplugged it from the wall I'm going to plug in first a portable air conditioner unit let's put this on high velocity mode there we go while it's doing that I'm going to take a large pair of noise-canceling over the ear headphones and I'm going to plug these in via USB and if you can see on the light right here this is charging and then I'm gonna take a USB lightning cable and I'm going to plug in the iPad pro now the iPad pro is completely dead but you'll see in a second as it goes from completely there it is see this is starting to charge and then while it's powering these three devices the base which works as a wireless charger for an iPhone or an Android it's charging my smartphone let's look at that again wireless charging absolutely incredible and you can see it's still at ninety four percent so 93 while it continues to run an air conditioner a pair of headphones and

iPhone and an iPad pro it's like a power bank and an outlet all built into one device it also offers safe charging so this knows the charging needs of the device plugged into it it's not going to overload your devices and more importantly it has a distribution system where it knows what type of charge to impart and use with each device this is incredible and something I will take with me wherever I go the I clever deal or the wireless Qi charger deal two of my favorites right now especially if you are going to score the iPhone or a Samsung or Android device this holiday season a reminder I'll be profiling all of those smartphone deals as they drop right here now since that adapter is great as a power bank if you are looking for a more traditional power bank there are two deals available right now Anker is actually going to have one I think with them three hours after this article releases so I can't show it to you now and it's a great power bank you'll see it you'll recognize it but that power bank from anchor which

I love doesn't go quite as far as this power bank from decimal this is oh you guess that all Wireless then wireless functionality and the fast charging so important right now this is also a USB or USB C charger keep in mind the new iPhone charges via USB see for that iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro so this is a great deal very slim profile virtually the size of the iPhone 11 Pro which I am giving away to the subscribers of this Website also a phenomenal early Black Friday grabber I'm going to show this to you right up close if you have any recent iPhone or Android the Samsung devices are equipped with this as well Qi charging you've seen that everywhere this is a Qi charger you put this on charging perfect ready to go if you do not have that in your phone this is a great thing about this you have two outs on this phone meaning you have two outputs where you can charge different things so USB out which means I can plug this in right here and then you also have a USB see out which is phenomenal very exciting to see not only at something this price but these days that's a little bit rare and then

I could charge something else via a USB or I could use a USB see two USB see so for example if you had a tablet that is a USB C powered device you could charge it via there but just to show you how powerful is for the sake of this demonstration I'm going to charge an iPad pro so we're gonna put the iPad pro into here and because this is a dual charger this is now charging and my very demanding iPhone 10 is now charging and if you're wondering these are alerts notifying me that my bubble tea order will be picked up soon awesome pocket-sized power basically your own personal power generator and then if you wanted to incorporate a USB see device as well you could essentially charge three devices simultaneously with that being said it's not a massive output this is not like that personal power generator that I featured a while ago so just keep in mind that you you can't power a macbook with this and that is USB C charge but look well this is charging I mean it still at 60% and it is gonna be at 60% as it continues to charge these devices it has a lot of power on the hub front as one of my top 5 deals right now this

USB C hub is down from 70 to $29.99 57% off by I cling this is a really advanced hub it can accommodate virtually anything and is one of my favorite deals of the day keep in mind this price will fluctuate because Amazon and many of its retailers are testing out these Black Friday deals early but I am flagging that as a sneak peek and then finally for those of us that want to stay charged at our desk or if you are using your smartphone as an alarm clock and you want this on your nightstand or even college dorm it was actually going to profile this fast wireless charger here today because it has a fan on the back and really cool features but it didn't drop at the price that I was expecting and I don't actually like it as much as this one and since decimal is running it's holiday sale early I figured I will feature this for you this is a charge stand where you can actually power your smartphone vertically or horizontally and that's thanks to the two qi wireless charging components here and here a lot of wireless stands only feature one up here so you're restricted in displaying your smart phone upright but what happens when we want to string content or if you want to read a movie or if you just want to set this down on an airplane table as

I've done let me show this to you up close so what makes this different from other chargers well if you look at its nearest competitor which I actually love this is a little bit bulkier a little bit thicker right and on the mega charger your phone always needs to be in vertical mode for it to work the decibel charger has two contacts so if you have your phone in vertical mode you can see it's charging if you put this into horizontal mode it's charging as well which is great for streaming many of the fast chargers and the Wireless shredders on the market are not invented properly so they get very warm this has a vent on the back this one has a vent on the back this is a little bit more of a bulky design if you were to buy something like this charge pad from incipio this wireless charger you need to very precisely lay your phone on its back and that's not a great way to enjoy content if you are reading or streaming

Netflix or prime or whatever it is that you read or Hulu it's great to have a device where you can prop it up you can then lay it flat this comes down right still charging and you have the ability to use this in so many different ways so many different ways that you can stay charged so many different ways that you can enjoy your content and of course it's working through the case now this is going to work through every otterbox in the thickest case ever built but for most standard phone cases you are able to charge through this decibel wireless qi dual charging pad and the reason it's called dual charging again is because you get the two contacts you got one here and one here this wireless charger which I do like only has one here or at part of me it only has one actually up here so the second you go to use this as I alluded to you are no longer charging and that's a bit of an awkward way to use this so this is a stand that can travel with you and just a really nice sleek design the fact that this also folds flat means that if you do want to use this in this formation that works as well keep in mind this is not a power bank it does not retain a charge it needs to be plugged into some type of power source when

I did my demonstration when this deal dropped several months ago a lot of you thought that this just had power running through it kind of like a power bank that is not the case but it is smaller than a power bank and it is something that could remain a permanent fixture on a desk if you so choose to do that so Matt's daily is where you can find five of my favorite early Black Friday tech deals and accessories keep in mind many people will be stocking up on products that are is good that cost a lot more and I'm getting this to you early so you don't need to deal with inventory issues I'm also making a promise to you right now that none of the prices that I feature today will be lower on Black Friday or Cyber Monday so you can shop with that confidence right now awesome if you are not yet subscribed to this Website you want to be notified of the early Apple deals of the gaming deals the laptop the early

Black Friday TV deals I have caught you covered very easy way to subscribe just click on my oversized head right here that will subscribe you to this Website if you need help turning on your notifications or leaving a comment click here and that last big roundup of deals I did right over here.
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