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Tipping Point of Electric Vehicle cost and Finding a Rapid Charger  Fully Charged Electric car rentals aren't at full charge yet. I found out the hard way Will the electric car take over How fast can an electric car charge Does Enterprise Rent Electric Cars Can I rent a Nissan Leaf electric car rental california electric car rental business enterprise car rental rent electric car albuquerque electric car rental san francisco hertz rent nissan leaf los angeles alamo tesla rental

Tipping Point of Electric Vehicle cost and Finding a Rapid Charger | Fully Charged

Electric car rentals aren't at full charge yet. I found out the hard way

Hello and welcome to another episode of fully charged news this one's a little bit different got one story that really caught my eye and a bit of an update which we recorded this week at the launch of a BP chargemaster 150 kilowatt charger but that's coming later so stay tuned as they used to say in the old analog TV days now this story caught my eye on the electric electric car blog written by Fred Lambert it's all about the cost of electric cars now I hear this all the time and I think it's perfectly 100% legitimate that at the moment electric cars are more expensive to buy new than the petrol and diesel cars are to buy new couple of caveats really important thing is there is now 80 percent of car ownership in the UK are leased cars they don't buy them new so when you see that a car cost twenty two thousand pounds on the road very very few people pay twenty two thousand pounds to have that car they get it on a lease

I've got two cars my wife's car and my car and they're both least we don't own a car now people in the car industry are very aware that this situation is going to change that the cost of electric cars is going to come down but I haven't actually heard any specific dates yet there's a lot of hot debate about when it is that we will see price parity in new cars between petrol and diesel and electric the moments like that but it is doing that there's no question a VW executive in the United States has said very recently that the cost of electric vehicles is approaching price parity with gasoline vehicles petrol cars and this and this will be an absolute tipping point in the industry Reinhardt Fischer the senior vice president for the Volkswagen Group in North America said we strongly believe that the tipping point is near and that tipping point will be price equity now he believes that Volkswagens massive electric push will bring economies of scale and therefore reduce the price of a new electric Volkswagen car now VW is currently investing billions to change its current electric production which is a few thousand cars a year to two to three million electric cars a year by 2025 now Reinhardt Fischer said this and

I think this is a really interesting statement to come from the absolute top level of the Volkswagen Group he said once you overcome the fear of something new the Eevee is a better choice for you I don't think it's going to take a lot of convincing there is a fundamental curiosity everybody sees the end state when you put pencil to paper owning a full electric vehicle cost about half what a gas car costs I'm just translating this because most people know but gas it doesn't mean running off gas it means petrol it's gasoline petroleum just saying that just for clarity now that new wonderful fully charged view is is I think a very important statement from one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world we are rapidly approaching the tipping point it's I don't think is going to be a tipping point it's gonna be a tipping curve we haven't really got there yet but it's very obvious that all around the world the ramped up of electric vehicles is truly phenomenal and the simple fact of the matter is the monthly cost of leasing an electric car and fueling it already makes electric vehicles cheaper than their petrol and diesel distant relatives especially if you can charge your car cheaply at home on off-peak rate electricity on a cheaper tariff now what happens if you can't do that as

I have said many times and it's a very common piece of knowledge 40% of UK households don't have anywhere off the street to charge a car which does mean 60 percent of the UK population currently could have an electric car with enormous ease but let's leave that to one side what about that forty percent there's a fairly sizable chunk we need solutions so that people who live in cities that people are going to got on the street parking can use electric cars and so I went along to see a real thing that's going to become really common really common in cities and in the rural areas and that is more rapid charges in very easy to find locations over to Robert Llewellyn on the road so we've been very kindly loaned this Jaguar ipace to test out a new rapid charger that's just been installed literally gone online today to see how how fast it charges and how easy it is to use this is a BP charge master 150 kilowatt rapid charger with touch to pay oh it's like a dream come true no membership no joining no nothing no special cards there's no special app you're paying for the electricity

I'll find out how much I'm sure it's not gonna be dirt cheap but it's the convenience and the reliability and here's the other thing that I think is very important you're driving along the road in your electric car in an area you don't know and you've got to find a charger for it where'd you look for a charger obviously if you're a regular electric car driver you know things like zap map like the open charge map those places that tell you all the places that you can charge often the car will have it logged into its sat-nav but if you're in an area you don't know and you see a gas filling station a petrol station as we would call them in this country and you know that there's going to be a rapid charger on the site you don't have to do anything you just pull in like I am now into a garage there's a queue because often people who buy fossil fuels have to queue up to get them that's quite often forgotten there's quite a bad queue this one I think that's perfect that is peachy that we're stuck in a queue for fossil fuel but is there's a sign here big green sign that says Eevee charging now that's not something you ever expected to see in a garage for car

I'm gonna have to wait I can't get through this is even better I'm gonna wait in the shapes it's quite a hot day today so I've got to wait for people and what I've done oh no this was really unintentional what I've done is I've parked my car in front of a petrol pump which means that someone with a petrol car can't use it a little bit like and so on with a petrol car parks the car in front of an electric car charger so here it is this is the the first of BP charge masters roll out of 150 kilowatt charges which are fitted with tap to pay now I know because this is an eye pace I've got to get quite near because the charges on the side and you can tell from that beeping that has me very close to it I've got to get as near as I can so I can get there Oh turn the car off when you open the door sorry chat to pay or CCS there we go now then all perfect take out the CCS plug let's shove it in has it gone green yet it's ramping up oh it's gone green yes when it goes green so I think the important thing about the rollout of these charges is its normal it's becoming normal we're a filling station in

West London this is the first of these 150 kilowatt charges they're putting in and it's in a really recognizable easy to find location it's not a charger that's tucked behind a town hall to the side of a swimming pool in the car park or outside a hotel it's in a filling station with a shop with lose you know it's right there all those things are normal and now as these things appear more people are going to see that it is possible to drive an electric car in fact we've people from charger honest have said they've had people come already to ask what it is because it's got these big posters up a time to take charge or 150 kilowatts so the thing about 150 kilowatts is it's basically future proof home and this car can take a hundred kilowatts but only if it's nearly empty and that's the thing about charging it's not the same as pumping fuel into a tank this car was half full it's probably getting about 55 60 kilowatts at the moment and that will ramp down as it fills up so 150 kilowatts is obviously for certain new cars that are now built to take that the

Audi e-tron is a good example can take a 150 kilowatts pretty much for the entirety of its charge that's the way the cars are built and it's not just going to be in London or the southeast they're rolling these out their plan is for them to put around about hundred of these charges around the country Scotland Wales the north of England the Southwest in between now and Christmas of 2019 so really really soon how do you pay for it so if you're a subscriber to the charge master that you've got a polar card and you pay the monthly subscription this costs the poor old fool couldn't remember that it costs 20 P a kilowatt hour if you are a polar plus subscriber less now I've got to remember all the numbers okay so if you use a tap to pay it costs forty Peter kilowatt hour and people go why are they expensive how often do you use it you use it when you really need it and you have all the advantages of an electric car which includes not paying for petrol which is much more expensive per mile and even when you paying forward to peer killer out that's my argument you don't use this all the time if this is the only way you charge your car then you really need to get a subscription with someone like the polar

Network so that it's cheaper so it does cost 40 people are out but it's so easy anyone could use it it's like buying a bag of crisps on it goes plug it in it starts charging but when you need it this sort of stuff is vitally important reliable easy to find easy to use those three things are really crucial and I think they've got it right you drive up to it tap your card on it plug the car in it's charging that's all you need and then you go and get a coffee or use the gentleman's facilities which I'm going to do down and then the lovely man from evey maps on the twitters turned up in his brand-new Tesla Model 3 and of course it was much easier to see what the charge rate was inside the car we plugged it in and immediately it jumps up to 100 kilowatts which is 457 miles of range in an hour of charging and in the time it took to do this it added a mile well that's all I've got time for thanks so much for reading I'd like to thank Jaguar for lending us the eyepiece I do love driving that car is an amazing piece of engineering ok yes it's a little bit electron thirsty it likes to chunder through its enormous battery at rather a large at an alarming rate but it is an absolutely amazing car to drive

I mean it is a performance vehicle it's not a long-range economy electric vehicle it's a performance kind of sports SUV that's what it's designed to be and it's road-holding its handling its brakes its acceleration are all brilliant so I love it it just uses rather a lot of electricity I'd like to thank them I'd like to thank BP charge master for giving us access to their not quite exclusive but nearly exclusive access to their first 150 kilowatt charger hundreds of them being installed as we speak I would also very much like to thank our patreon supporters who I'm thanking right now using our new regime of thanking patreon supporters we could not do this show without you occasionally we get accusations on Twitter that we're doing like paid PR for Porsche when we did the Porsche episode no no as if we would take money from a car manufacturer imagine what all the others would say if we did we can't it's just not happening it does not happen we have to raise money in any way we can patreon is the base of what this whole show is built on it's really vitally important that's all as

Always please subscribe and have a look at the patreon link beneath this episode and as always if you have been thank you so much.
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