TikTok It's raising national security concerns

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TikTok It's raising national security concerns

You'll hear hashtag most clicked here the story's peaking everyone's interest right now the NVA is suspending Sun Center star DeAndre Aten for violating the league's anti-drug policy Aten will miss the next 25 games including tonight's against the Nuggets after testing positive for diuretic the league bans those because they can hide the use of performance-enhancing drugs in a statement Adan is apologizing saying this was an intentional mistake and unfortunately I put something in my body that I was completely unaware of I'm extremely disappointed that I've let my team down I will continue to work with the Players Union to go through the arbitration process and am hopeful for a positive resolution the Players Association already plans to fight the suspension the team GM says he's disappointed in

Aiden's actions the deflating announcement coming just hours after the Suns clinched a fantastic season home opener win so do you think a the suspension will make an impact on the Sun season cast a vote right now 12 news calm / bullhorn or you can comment down below your reading on Facebook or TlcShoppe the results minutes away now to the number 2 most clicked story in 25k 9 appointment to our win rounds new article showing a police dog attacking a suspect in Scottsdale and that articles raising questions police releasing a canine on Patrick Gibbons a suspect accused of stealing a golf cart then running from cops back in May and old town the dog clamping down for close to two minutes now the city is facing a 2 million-dollar precursor to a lawsuit claiming excessive force the Scottsdale Police Department putting the k-9 officer on non disciplinary suspension after the incident but fines needed nothing wrong number 3 actress was the huffman is out of prison the

Desperate Housewives star serving the time after admitting to paying $15,000 to falsify her daughter's SAT score puffins release is shy of the 14 day sentence in the college admissions scandal but the Bureau of Prisons says that's normal when an is set for a weekend release 12 at 12 strives to keep you safe right now there are growing fears about the world's most downloaded app tick-tock millions are addicted but now a new warning that it could pose national security risks blame filling us in on this one it's the app popping up on phones everywhere from teens to some of the biggest celebrities tick-tock but now new concerns that information gathered on the app used to post fun articles could one day be used against Americans tick-tock allows users to create short 15-second articles often set to music and known for lighter content and fancy edits it's now the most downloaded social media app with more than 500 million active users worldwide a growing chorus of senators are calling for an immediate investigation warning the app owned by a

Chinese tech company could pose a national security threat there are a hundred 10 million Americans who have information with tick-tock and the Chinese government could be grabbing every one of them tick tocks privacy policy explicitly states that it collects data including User Content and communications location and sensitive personal information the Chinese government is already known for monitoring its citizens through facial recognition and censoring tik-tok says it does not censor content based on sensitivities related to China adding it stores us user data in the United States and Singapore there are questions about regardless of where it is stored can it be monitored and evaluated by tic-tock personnel within those countries fears those sharing 15 seconds of article could be sharing a lot more blame Alexander 12 News we're not done trying to keep you and your family safe a new study reveals more and more kids are getting hurt on trampolines

Joseph's Hospital Colorado finds trampoline related fractures jumped four percent from 2008 through 2017 researchers say the majority of these injuries are happening at a recreation facility or maybe a gym rather than on a home trampoline all right let's try to save you some money with the holiday shopping season getting underway it's easy to lose track of how much we're spending but it's getting easier with apps that can help keep his eye on everything rebei has three of the best that can help you save and manage your money wisely up first meant it's an app that brings together your bank accounts credit cards bills and investments in one place you can see what you're spending and where you can save money easily tracking balances and transactions with one swipe there's also free credit score monitoring to true bill is an automated financial assistant and budget tracker it tracks bills cancels unwanted subscriptions and even proactively request refunds on your behalf features include automatic bill tracking to monitor

New charges and those sneaky price increases showing where you might be overpaying and three every dollar creates daily and monthly budgets in minutes making adjustments as needed and keeping accounts secure by signing in with touch ID it works in real-time and lets you set reminders and more to keep track of transactions and spending the good news all three apps are free for iOS and Android in today's pulse on health it turns out women who can produce an oppressed milk are turning to informal milk sharing rather than established milk banks more than half of moms taking part in a Facebook survey say they don't have any safety concerns about using informally donated milk and formal banks are pricing the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages informal sharing do the risks of spreading disease or potential exposure to things like medications alcohol or legal drugs speaking of kids when is it ok to leave yours home alone a new study from the

University of Iowa finds a majority of social workers think it's neglectful to leave a child 10 or younger home alone for at least four hours researchers say every child is different and they recommend talking to your pediatrician before leaving the kids home alone all right well the weekend is finally here and we couldn't ask for better weather Jen joins us with the forecast for one one hey one of the most beautiful places to visit Horseshoe Bend and gorgeous conditions for that thanks to Chris Swenson one of our 12 News weather readers for capturing there's a ton of stuff going on on Saturday around the state as we get ready for Halloween you can go to Wilcox and check out the corn tastic corn maze temperatures will be in the 60s just beautiful we're looking at 80s for the enchanted pumpkin garden and carefree on Saturday follow chop farms in the 80s as well and if you're heading to show up for

Main Street spectacular in the 70s sunshine statewide a high of 85 in Phoenix today 70s Sedona price gets sixties in Flagstaff tonight it's going to be cool in the valley in the 50s very chilly up north 30s Grand Canyon and flat stop we're now getting a look at your Halloween forecast it is inching even closer Thursday we're looking at 80s and 50s for your daytime highs and overnight lows and your seven-day forecast we are still hanging on to the 70s to kick off next week in your daily juice this is a star and heartthrob Justin Hartley is guest hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show today his fellow co-stars giving him a shout-out and some pointers Justin's hosting big brothers can't wait to see the show go ahead and murder it for me today I know you're gonna be great I know without a shadow of a doubt but if you find yourself losing the crowd or getting nervous you can always dance or take your shirt off mom's always with a good advice

Dustin shows off some fan art and chats with Grammy Award winning artist Ciara about why she never liked surprises until she met her husband Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson that's today at 3:00 only on 12 News Jennifer Lopez and fiance Alex Rodriguez are giving us more reasons to love them the celeb couple is donating a year's worth of free meals to students at a Tennessee elementary school the star spotting a teachers post to help the students she paid that she says often goes hungry for JLo then taking to Instagram posting that no child should go hungry announcing their decision to step in and pay it forward the state fairs final weekend is here and of course that means it's time for the rides Trisha shows us a new power machine plus a couple other fun rides for those of us who aren't Daredevils in today's a-to-z 60 calling all thrill seekers some of the new rides here at the

Arizona State Fair are not for the faint of heart including big big boy right here a 17-story adrenaline pumping tightness so nervous but super excited this is one of three brand new rides that we have at the Arizona State Fair this year it takes you about a hundred and seventy feet in the air close to 4 G's imagine yourself on the end of an airplane propeller with all of your friends largest transportable and portable amusement ride that was so exciting you can see the entire fair from up there got some brand new rides in kid land the circus train and we've also got the new teacups oh this is a little too fast for you we've got kid land as well we have 70 total 55 games come on out all right I'm going for number two if the rides really aren't your thing maybe mini ball is try your shot at this and maybe you'll even win one of these big boys and that your A to Z sixty back to today's talker the NBA suspending son center star

DeAndre Aiden for violating the league's anti-drug policy after testing positive for diuretic so do you think eight and suspension will have an impact on the son season it's pretty down the middle 56% saying no 44% saying yes keep voting on 12news calm / bullhorn and those of you reading on Facebook and TlcShoppe comment down below time now for the look ahead the stories you'll be talking about a little later today chance the rapper is taken over Saturday Night Live this weekend as both host and musical guests so what can we expect to see your sneak peek ahead on 12 news first at four that's your 12 at 12 the fax on everything you need to know in just 12 minutes no commercials we're always on anywhere anytime on 12 news calm the 12 news app and on our socials as well we'll see you again soon let's check in with

Destry to see what's next on Arizona midday coming up on Arizona midday we are gonna hit the grill with the recipe you can make this weekend plus tons of things to do especially pumpkin patches and all that.
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