Thor: Ragnarok Ripped Off Disney’s Frozen Plot Theory

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Thor: Ragnarok Ripped Off Disney’s Frozen Plot Theory

Thor ragnarok was a surprisingly great movie I say surprising because of you know what came before it after all the Thor franchise wasn't doing too great for a minute there following the original movie as well as the dud that was the dark world the character and the accompanying movies were considered some of the most bland and uninspired in the Marvel Cinematic Universe then Marvel decided to add a bit more personality into the fold Thor became a much more likable character once he stopped taking himself so seriously and learned to have a bit of fun while saving the universe he learned it's never the wrong time to crack a joke even in the face of imminent danger the full of Asgard the great prophecy on Ragnarok completely turned things around and righted the ship but unfortunately it wasn't very original you may not have noticed but it was just a clever live-action remake of frozen yep you heard that right

Thor Ragnarok is pretty much the exact same movie as frozen don't believe me well I've got a slew of evidence that backs up this theory plus an indisputable piece that is sure to convince you let's get into it then shall we let's start with a quick refresher of the 2017 movie Thor Ragnarok in case anyone needs a recap Thor's evil sister shows up in Asgard following the passing of their father Odin and begins wrecking havoc he has to leave and travel far and wide through treacherous conditions searching for a way back to Asgard to save his home along the way he assembles a ragtag team of unlikely allies to help him okay now let's take a look at frozen on a sister Elsa takes over arendelle after the passing of their parents however I also has a major flip out and freezes everything before running off deep into the woods anna has to leave and travel far and wide through treacherous conditions searching for a way to restore arendelle and save her home along the way she assembles a ragtag team of unlikely allies to help her oh and this movie came out in 2013 four years before that's just the overview - once we start getting into the specific details you'll see that these two movies are actually one in the same let's start by examining the main characters for all intents and purposes despite

Elsa being more marketable and probably more recognizable let's just agree that Anna is the movie's main character uh Anna Anna Anna either way she's undeniably the main protagonist of the story so let's just say she's the lead role Thor's main characters obviously well the god of thunder Thor both characters come from a royal family that cares about upholding a valuable reputation as well as cares deeply about their constituents both the residents of arendelle and Asgard are to be protected at all costs there's also the fact that both families hold some sort of mystical magical abilities Thor Anana each lose their parents and struggle with the aftermath only for their sisters too recklessly wield an unholy amount of supernatural powers that cause an imminent danger to the population in fact both main characters have some complicated relationships with their siblings in frozen Anna and Elsa don't speak for years and then it's Ana's responsibility to go find her sister in the wilderness and restore order to arendelle regardless of their differences there's an unconditional sibling love between the two of them that can't be broken it's not at all unlike the relationship between

Thor and his brother Loki sure they punch each other and slam each other into buildings a tad more than Anna and Elsa do but the dynamic is similar nonetheless Thor and Loki butt heads constantly and at times even appear as though they hate each other but deep down there's a strong brotherly bond between them that will never go away sometimes they're at each other's throats other times they're the best of friends fighting alongside one another it's a real love/hate kind of thing would you say you and your babies have a love-hate relationship but the love part is that unconditional family kind that doesn't waver both films share an underlying theme preaching the importance of family through thick and thin they both tell the story of families persevering over seemingly insurmountable whether it's dealing with the loss of loved ones or needing to conquer some paranormal fantastic threat they both prove that blood is thicker than water at least I think that's what that saying means blood is thicker than the water because the food that we are eating is producing not operating our body in frozen on a had to venture off and find her sister so that she could return back to arendelle in

Ragnarok Thor along with Loki gets chased out of Asgard by the arrival of their evil sister hella he has to fight his way back to his homeland in order to confront her and restore order as if that wasn't enough similarities anna has a strip of white hair standing out of her otherwise red locks she got that trait during a freak accident that happened as a child but it was the fault of her sister Elsa Thor on the other hand only has one eye and it was the fault of his sister hella now let's jump into their journeys we've established how similar the characters are but it's time to take a look at both movies storylines along the way one has to battle giant snow monsters while the other has to go up against literal frost giants snow monsters frost giants honestly that's pretty much the exact same thing the difference between a snow monster and a frost giant is less than the difference between ketchup and catsup while they're gone they both leave the absolute worst person in charge and frozen it's Hans on a thought she could trust him but it's soon revealed that she absolutely cannot he's an awful human being with shady ulterior motives however that's certainly favorable to the person

Thor has to leave Asgard in the hands of that would be his evil sister hella who he didn't so much leave in charge as much as she booted him into outer space than usurped the throne either way definitely not the kind of person you want filling in for you while you're out of town it's definitely not smooth sailing for either character as they both hit a bevy of snags along the road for example secondary villains pop up in both in frozen it's the duke of weaseltown he used to be a valuable trade ally but he lets his true colors show and ends up being a massive thorn in the side of Elsa and Anna in Thor it's the Grand Master who rules his planet as a dictator and enjoys pitting people against one another in a gladiator style combat arena for his own enjoyment he's the epitome of a greedy wealthy aristocrat whose endearing demeanor does a pretty poor job of masking his devious behavior so not only do Anna and Thor both have to deal with the main threat in their respective stories but there's even secondary ones to keep in mind as well that they have to conquer while venturing into the wilderness Anna encounters Kristoff and his trusty reindeer

Sven the duo becomes hugely valuable to her mission and without them she could never pull off what she does at first she and Kristoff get off on the wrong foot and don't really get along whatsoever however they eventually develop a strong bond and even end up with feelings for one another by the end of the film with the case of Thor he's accompanied by his pesky brother Loki whom he shares a turbulent relationship with well they don't always see eye to eye by the end of the movie they're definitely on the same side along the road back to Asgard Thor also meets Valkyrie and Asgardian living on the planet sakaar she's the strong and silent type but always seems to have the answers she's not dissimilar to Sven who clearly doesn't speak English because he's arraigned ear but always seems to be the moral compass of the group ona also encounters a goofy lovable snowman by the name of Olaf who not only provides comic relief but is also extremely valuable to the success of her mission it's extremely similar to the role the Incredible Hulk plays in Ragnarok rather than be the untamable rage monster that we've seen in the past

Hulk is a lot more personable silly and even funny in this film baby arms both Olaf and Hulk play the comic sidekick role perfectly providing some of the best laughs of their respective films finally both movies wrap up in similar fashion as well on and Thor each need to make some sort of massive sacrifice in order to save the day honest sacrifices herself jumping in harm's way to save her sister this proved to be the act of pure love that was needed to break the curse and results in arendelle unfreezing she didn't know that when she jumped in to save her sister though she just acted on pure loving instinct with Thor he needs to sacrifice the thing that he loves most and a massive part of himself which is Asgard in order to defeat his sister and save his people he needs to offer up his homeland to be completely and utterly destroyed it wasn't an easy decision but it was the necessary one to ensure the survival of his people oh and if all of that wasn't enough to convince you that thor ragnarok is a rip-off of frozen let me offer this one indisputable piece of evidence you ready Chris Hemsworth's wife is named

Elsa I rest my case so what do you think can you see the similarities or do you want to argue with me in the comment section down below let's hear it before you go make sure to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe to behind the screen to stay up to date on all of our latest releases until next time bye.
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