This Nintendo Switch Game Is Looking Amazing

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This Nintendo Switch Game Is Looking Amazing

Hold on wife's Pikachu eating ketchup P ketchup is that the Galleon form of Pikachu why isn't Pikachu it s Pikachu and sword and shield I don't know is going old everybody how are y'all doing before we get started with this article give it a whirl what thumbs up that's right destroy that like button bro keep you pointing like all right we have some dope Nintendo switch news items for this article the first one shout out to the homie black baron he's captured footage of row company on Twitter this is the first gameplay we have of row company running on the Nintendo switch outside the Nintendo Direct which

I think was just a generic trailer for all systems but as you can see in this footage right here the game is looking good that's loading got to reload it this live is happening all right but the game is looking good it's been confirmed on the switch the game will run at 60 frames per second will support cross play and cross progression across all platforms this is a four V for a shooter tight game and the game is looking good man now this game is made by hi-rez studios and hi-rez studios they've already done great ports to the switch paladins another shooter that runs at 60 frames per second and so it looks like they've done it again this was one of my most anticipated games at the last Nintendo Direct still don't have a release date on this game but it's on track for 2020 coming in 2020 roll company on the

Nintendo switch day one bye easy man I'm gonna be a hi I am hike for this game can't wait can't wait can't wait for roll company and so the switch version is looking good man I like it when third-party developers optimize that switch alright next news item pokeymon man first the game right now is being review bombed on Metacritic its act like a user score of like a to write on Metacritic and so fans are not pleased with the final product and even though I'm liking the game I can't argue against some of these complaints especially after reading digital foundry just did their tech analysis of pokemon sword shield and their shorter echoing the sentiments of a lot of fans that more could have been done to the game the game really isn't utilizing the full potential of the Nintendo switch bro and they made some glaring points that

I didn't even notice it because I didn't probably get to these part some of these sections in the game but there's some of the towns are just really barren it's like they copied and pasted on buildings and most of the times you can't even go inside the buildings but some of the buildings that you go in like some of the apartments it's just a copy and paste from apartment so you go into the door of one apartment then you exit and you're going through the door at the apartment right next to it and the furniture is placing the same exact location they're saying they didn't call the devs lazy or anything but they're saying that the more effort could have been done could have been taken into the game and adding it onto the fact that a lot of Pokemon are missing we don't have P ketchup P ketchup is not a real

Pokemon look he's in ketchup that a lot of Pokemon are miss Pikachu is in the game bro is in the trailer but that'd be crazy to have a Pokemon game and no Pikachu that'd be madness fans would really right but crazy crazy crazy how this game has been so controversial now to digital file G's credit they did have a lot of good things to say about the game too like some of the lighting effects were good they did say like some of the textures were even like not the best quality and bro in the digital foundry take analysis of this game I was like man he gave us decent like capers good and then they showed a clip the Pokemon trailer running at the wild area and look good that's a very nice clip they showed Xenoblade Chronicles 2 running in the open environment and I have to say that's what I was like oh the swish could do a little more than what the game is offering and

I get it it's a more Japanese anime type of art style that they're going with and for the game more kid-friendly but you still can't give them excuse excuse of like said with the recycled animations they called them out on some of the reused animations - they had Pikachu side by side and so the game has good and bad points to it I still think the good outweighs the bad but I get why why friends are upset I understand it I can understand why they're upset with the game boy it could have been done and I'm wondering maybe Nintendo they just had this deadline I'm Nintendo usually if a game is it finished they'd be like no we're not gonna release it now but with Pokemon for Pokemon to have missed this holiday season I think that was a no-go by Nintendo and so I think Game Freak was possibly under a strict timeline this game has to go out this holiday season especially with

Nintendo selling switch lights Pro the high item this holiday is gonna be a switch light and a pokemon game for a kid and so I could see why the game probably wasn't quite done but they had to still release it so far I'm liking the game I'm still I'm playing through the game I'm liking it I got all three starters man this is not much I like became I said this in my last article I didn't even download Star Wars fallen Jedi yo I'm gonna be too backed up bro if I placed if I start playing Star Wars I know what's gonna happen I'm not gonna finish the Pokemon I'm already didn't finish Luigi's Mansion three haven't even started Dragon Quest 11 s I can't do it I can't do it all and so that's it that's it with that alright before I end this article speaking of Pokemon I am giving away Pokemon to a lucky subscriber all you have to do is make sure you're subscribed to me on

TlcShoppe and follow me on twitter and you get in the running for a copy of Pokemon sword or shield if you had sword you can win shield if you have shield already you get sword and you'll have both games or you could give it away as a perfect Christmas gift bro it's a win-win and if you want to join adult internal switch gaming community get on my switch friendless a game with me every day become a sponsor through twitch TlcShoppe or patreon links are in the description all right dudes what do you guys think about News ID as we talked about in this article sound off in the comments section below I want to know but before we go bro click subscribe button stay up to date with all things that's creative bro don't hate you.
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