The Simpsons Officially Ended After This Happened

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The Simpsons Officially Ended After This Happened

The Simpsons show runner debunks reports the series is ending

The Simpsons officially ended after this happened respectively The Simpsons revolutionized primetime television as we know it but nothing lasts forever as many Simpsons fans will agree the family really began to outgrow the small screen by its 9th or 10th season as many of the gags are outdated and overused due to budget cuts music class will now have a two-drink minimum grant apple juice only counts as one and perhaps it's best if they should consider taking a graceful bow laughter becoming America's longest-running scripted series given the series fair share of controversy perhaps not to be overshadowed by its many accolades it's about as good a time as any to leave Springfield behind hi and welcome to film focus where today we'll be looking at why the Simpsons officially ended but before we begin we hope to see you stay until the end as you won't want to miss what we have to show in today's article also be sure to subscribe to our

WEBSITE click that notification valve to be notified of any future articles and comment the Simpsons to be entered into our $100 Amazon giftcard giveaway Fox almost did it again the parent Network to the Simpsons 20th Century Fox are notorious for pulling the plug too early on many of our beloved programs okay what I was going to say was Shh from undeclared to the Ben Stiller show the Family Guy and even Futurama and despite bringing an untold revenue in the network in 2011 The Simpsons nearly made it into the chopping board as well Fox explained it was merely a business decision stating that 23 seasons in the Simpsons is as creatively vibrant as ever and beloved by millions around the world they continued by saying we believe this brilliant series can and should continue but we cannot produce future seasons under to this current financial model this financial model being to cut the salaries of its voice actors by 45% network executives producers and voice talent were eventually able to settle on a 30 percent cut however which evens out to around $300,000 per episode split between the contracted actors because of these negotiations

The Simpsons were renewed for their 24th season but with a noticeable drop in quality of course the Simpsons versus the bushes easily one of the series most memorable episodes is season 7 - bad neighbors in which the Simpsons well Bart and Homer mostly form a neighborly rival with former US President George HW Bush an interesting fact about this rivalry however is that it extended past the confines of the small screen boy a long time ago you want to step back sir you're trampling the flowers just as The Simpsons we're becoming a hot new hit oddly enough it compelled People magazine to ask then first lady barbara Bush what our thoughts on the show were to what she replied it was the dumbest thing I had ever seen hilariously enough show writer and producer James L Brooks sent a response under the pseudonym of Marge Simpson even receiving a polite apology from the first lady about a week later however this didn't need the end of the bushes harsh criticism once

I'm going to punch George Bush in the face okay is he expecting you it was sometime during George HW Bush's 1992 re-election campaign that he spoke rather freely to the convention of the National Religious broadcasters of the u.s. saying quote we are going to keep on trying to strengthen the American family to make American families a lot more like the wall fence and a lot less like The Simpsons as you can imagine the Simpsons were quick to rebuttal only this time with an alternate opening to the season 3 episode stark raving dad where the family is just watching the same clip in their living room only jab Bart at hey we're just like the Waltons we're praying for an end of the depression too most Simpsons apparel is banned in schools any popular franchise will often develop its own branded merchandise and the Simpsons were no exception throughout the early 90s anything you can think of from t-shirts and pens to blankets and dinner plates were sold and could be kept as collectibles

The Simpsons being nothing short of controversial at the time did end up coming out with a line of Bart Simpson related merchandise while some shirts were subtle however others read quotes like I'm Bart Simpson who the hell are you and underachiever and proud of it man these were just a couple of the tagline schools around the u.s. found troubling which eventually led to a nationwide ban on the apparel line of course teens often wanting to be rebellious schools would force students to turn their shirts inside out or switch out the shirt with another while parents were also divided on the issue at the time the ban has more or less become a permanent school policy around the u.s. decided not to reorder the shirts that some schools have banned controversial episodes never steering short of controversy and typically sticking to the same morals as they had during the late 80s and early 90s it's apparent that some episodes of The Simpsons haven't aged as well as others or well at all really homers phobia

Season eight season 15 despite already grasping gay lesbian themes prior to airing this episode in 97 non-word is centrally focused on the subject matter which while it received some praise was quickly overshadowed for its criticism the episode follows the Simpsons to a collectible shop where Homer befriends a shop clerk named John only to find out later that he's in fact gay while the rest of the family is of course loving of John we quickly see Homer adopt homophobic behaviors towards his new friend while also fearing that his sexuality could influence a son Bart we do see towards the end of the episode however that Homer becomes accepting of John Sora and that the episode also comes with a meaningful anti-homophobia message although viewers were critical of the show's depiction of gays in general and quitting homers change of character throughout blame it on Lisa season 13 episode 15 in season 13 episode of the acclaimed animated series The Simpsons traveled to Brazil in hopes of finding a missing orphan whom

Lisa's been sponsored however like any episode hijinks ensue in a variety of ways only this time under the influence of South American stereotypes from the dangerous rat-infested yet colorful slums to Barton home are being mugged by children to homer then being kidnapped for ransom and closing it out with Bart being eaten by an anaconda the Rio tourist board as well as the Brazilian government were infuriated by the episode not just for its stereotypical inaccuracies for the possible loss of tourism revenue to Rio de Janeiro as a result Fox and the show's creators issued a formal apology a tale of two Springfield's season 12 episode 2 with the u.s. considerably divided on every important issue it was about time the town of Springfield added just another reason to get rowdy on that list so what better way to do that then to divide the poor and rich folks of the town by giving each side separate area cuts the wealth you're getting to keep the old one of course essentially confused by the transition the citizens gathered to a town hall meeting with some citizens taking the change more seriously than others well as you can see

Homer arrived to the meeting covered with dynamite while there was no ill intent on the show's side given the episode aired pre nine eleven the gag requires little to no explanation for why it is not aged well during the early 21st century whiskey business a long-standing character on The Simpsons has been everyone's favorite Faraci Dee bartender Moe Szyslak someone you can always rely on to be angry cheap and down in the dumps about his love life another recurring trait about Moe as well is that he's deeply depressed often driving him to attempt his own suicide as a form of dark humor however in recent years this so-called gag has become rather straightforward often leaving us to wonder if it'll actually happen at some point in the season 24 episode whiskey business Moe closely succumbs to his emotions first putting his head through a noose and phoning the suicide hotline only deeply put on hold and prank called by Bart this time around Moe's attempt becomes accidental nearly suffocating if not for hallmark ro and Lenny coming in to save him in time it's a long-running off-color gag which has lost its taste over the years certainly due to the rising concern over mental health and instability the problem with a poo

The Simpsons have one of the televisions largest cast of recurring characters many from different backgrounds although the problem with many of them is that their design simply doesn't find today's society the big talk over the Simpsons immigrant characters primarily surround long-running Kiwi market owner a Pugh who copies various South Asian stereotypes from the cheap accent to while being cheap to being the owner of Springfield's only existing convenience store it also doesn't help the argument that ape who is voiced by a Caucasian male the debate to have a poo axe from the series all together especially raised eyebrows after well-known comedian Harry Kondabolu released his 2017 documentary Tyrell the problem with a poo sorry about the Salmonella it okay series creator Matt Groening has responded less than idealistic ly to the controversy and the decision to possibly axe a pool rather than reworking his character to try to avoid the controversy has done very little to help show writers even transitioned the real-life issue into an episode of The Simpsons but any response has been lackluster and with that say that concludes why the

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