The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda Explained | Who The New STAR WARS Character Is & Why The Empire Wants It

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The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda Explained | Who The New STAR WARS Character Is & Why The Empire Wants It

Who is 'Baby Yoda' in The Mandalorian? Our wildest theories so far

Welcome to the heavy spoilers show I'm your host definition and it's time to go back to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away throughout this article we'll be breaking down everything that you need to know about baby Yoda and the best fan theories on the cutest character in Star Wars universe if we're right there will be heavy spoilers here so if you don't want to know anything about the future of the Disney Plus show then I highly recommend that you turn off now we're only two episodes into the series so far but there's a lot of evidence here to support the things we'll be talking about and we don't want to ruin the show for anyone who wants to go in as blind as possible don't forget to subscribe to the Website for weekly breakdowns of the mandalorian as well as a whole host of other articles and without the way I just want to give a huge thank you for clicking this now let's get into our breakdown of baby

Yoda okay so we first come face-to-face with baby Yoda at the end of episode one of the mandalorian the baby has quickly become an entire mood and has reduced some people online to tears I'm not I'm not even kidding the creature referred to as the asset is a high-value target that is extremely sought after by a mysterious Imperial figure known as the client I'll get into the reasoning behind this later but it's highly suggested that the asset is a very dangerous being that has provided a wave of death and destruction for all that I've tried to take it for look at it it's just so cute anyway the client seems very blase about whether the Mandalorian needs to bring it in alive only stopping to suggest another option at the insistence of his allied doctor Pershing upon arriving at the asset the Mandalorian discovers that several of the bounty hunters in the area are after it including IG eleven voiced by Tycho OTT and later ones that look like they come from the same species as bosque though we don't know the identity of the baby just yet we do know that it is fifty years into a roughly 900 year life span and that it comes from the same species as

Yoda now unfortunately we don't actually know the name of Yoda species and while several sources list them is being called Lennox George Lucas has often refuted this stating that he wants the race to remain a mystery when discussing Yoda's origins in an interview with Moviefone Lucas said following he's a mystical character he has no background he comes and he goes he's the subversive secret mysterious stranger that enters the film and then exits at the end it's like poetry they rhyme Busta Rhymes if he may he may not have said that aspect this means that we have no concrete name for them however there have been a handful that have popped up in the Star Wars saga mainly a doll who's similar to Yoda and the baby are highly force sensitive we know that these creatures are extremely rare throughout the entire galaxy and that they all seemingly have a connection with the force which is exemplified in baby Oda who can easily use it even in its young stages of life on the whole though they are just referred to as the quote-unquote

Yoda species but who knows maybe the Mandalorian will clear this up as we get into it so who is baby Yoda at the moment online there are a lot of people asking whoo baby Yoda is with some people believing that the creature is literally a younger version of Yoda however due to the timeline of the show this is impossible and the events of the Mandalorian are set five years after The Return of the Jedi which is the film that Yoda died in the fact that baby Yoda is 50 means that it was born roughly around the same time as Anakin Skywalker just before the events of the Phantom Menace and throughout the entire rise and fall of the Jedi and later the Empire it was hidden away potentially due to its abilities so no it's definitely not Yoda it also exists in a time where people seem to be unaware once more of the force Amanda really has no idea what happened when the creature was demonstrating its ability to lift them at all this cements that the Jedi and Sith have fallen into obscurity and there's potential and a lot they have saw how the asset have died when coming face to face with it because they don't understand what it can do personally

I believe that mondo only survived because he showed that he was there to protect it killing IG 11 and this built the foundations of the bond that the two now have but where did it come from well there have been a lot of theories online that this baby is the lovechild between Yoda and yellow and that in the collapse of the Jedi the latter hid her baby from the war in order to keep it safe the old Jedi are not supposed to have relationships this may have happened though personally as I'm guessing you can tell I highly doubt it one fan theory does suggest that duty Adil's disappearance in the middle of the Star Wars prequel trilogy that she was expelled from the Jedi Order for bearing a child and with this baby she set out across the universe to make her own way we do know that she wasn't present on the Jedi Council and Revenge of the Sith and did not perish during order 66 so it is possible let this happened though surely Yoda would have been in trouble too but yeah I guess me too wasn't around back then anyway if this did happen then

Anakin aka Darth Vader may have eventually tracked her down when hunting the Jedi and he could have killed her as he was unaware of the child it could have remained hidden like Luke and Leia and thus made it to the events of the Mandalorian however there also exists another pretty big theory that is currently flowing about online that says maybe baby Yoda is well just a baby Yoda and it's in fact a clone of the character now cloning is a big part of the Star Wars continuity and even so far back is 1977's a new hope we had lip service paid to the Clone Wars which with the prequels were revealed to involve stormtroopers that were cloned on mats from bounty hunter Jango Fett who could also tie in with mondo in some way we know on Kamino that this process could produce direct copies of beings and even increase or decrease the speed that they age yet one of the most interesting things that eagle-eyed viewers have picked up is that the enigmatic dr. Pershing who wants baby Yoda alive more than anyone has a symbol on his top that is the exact same one that the

Kamino cloners use this suggests that perhaps his interest in baby Yoda comes from the fact that he was involved in the cloning of the character and this would also explain why the client knew the rough whereabouts of where it was I mean who wouldn't want to clone Yoda and have their own baby army of Jedi it does make sense but I am leaning more towards a theory that baby Yoda is just a victim of a war-torn galaxy that was sent to the planet to evade the eyes of the Empire and that it has remained hidden there ever since that doesn't mean that cloning won't come into it though and personally I do believe that the client wishes to retrieve it so that he can mass-produce copies of it this is why dr. Pershing is involved as he will be carrying out the procedures that enable the character to be read I'm sure Disney will be reproducing it anyway because of all the toys I mean who doesn't want a baby Yoda teddy bear baby Yoda Funko pop baby Yoda socks does seem that the creature can be cloned whether it's dead or alive however it may be easier to clone something living and this is why dr.

Pershing was so insistent that man no bring baby odor in unharmed there's also another theory floating about online at the moment as well it says that the baby will actually have big repercussions for the Star Wars universe going forward and that there will be some major tie-ins to the upcoming movie the rise of Skywalker you know from trailers and leaked images that Palpatine aka Darth Sidious will be returning for the film but many fans have been curious about how the character has managed to achieve such a long lifespan fan theory suggests that this is partly due to baby Yoda who as we all know ages very slowly in comparison to humanoids it is possible at Palpatine wishes to have baby Oda brought in for some studying so that he can see how the creature is able to live for so long and then he can apply it to his own life through genetics in order to make it all the way through the entire nine movie arc it is an interesting theory and though we haven't had any mention of the

Mandalorian tying into Episode nine it's not outside the realm of possibility we know that the marble Disney Plus shows will tie in with the grey MCU so yeah this could likely happen going forward with baby Yoda there's just so many things that can happen when the Mandalorian reaches the client but one thing that we do know that won't happen is that he will hand it over without a fight I mean just look at that face just just look at it you can kind of see why makes some people wanna cry anyway it's clear that they've both grown an attachment to one another and it would be awesome to see these two going around the galaxy together actually though thinking about it yeah would it would be pretty funny if he just handed it over and took the money and left and it would be the final fu to Star Wars fans Kathleen Kennedy's ultimate end game she is the real Darth Sidious it turns out overall though I'm massively excited to see where the show goes and I guess we will find out what is really going on when mando returns to the client for episode 3 obviously

I'd love to your thoughts on baby Yoda and if you agree with any of the theories or if you have your even better one if you're from the future or have the foresight of a fully trained Jedi Knight then drop the truth about the character in the comments section below and if you enjoyed this article then please give it a thumbs up and make sure you check out our full TlcShoppe series which breaks down every episode of the Mandalorian so far we cover all the Easter eggs things you missed and give our theories going forward so it's definitely worth checking out if you want to know more if you want to come chat to me after the article that make sure you follow me in twitter at definition white tea or head over to my discord server which should be linked in the description below we drop articles on there early so if you want to see stuff before anyone else then that's the best place to be it's free to join and we have an awesome community so hopefully I see you over there very soon we're also giving away a free copy of the marble phase 3 part 2 box set on blu-ray which contains

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