The best DSLR cameras for every price | Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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The best DSLR cameras for every price | Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Buying mirrorless or DSLR camera as a gift is a tricky thing it can seem like there are endless features options and specifications and prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars plus you have to consider lenses memory cards and other accessories don't worry though we're here to break all that down the main thing to consider is what your loved one wants to do with the camera are they a budding sports shooter street photographer or article director once you know that and have a budget in mind you're well on your way we'll guide you through the strengths and weaknesses of all the best cameras and help you narrow it down to just the right one first let me point out that we're talking about cameras that allow you to change lenses and not compact or point-and-shoot models for those types of basic shooting most folks use their smartphones and nowadays there are two kinds we'll be looking at

DSLRs let you see directly through the lens with a mirror and optical viewfinder by contrast mirrorless cameras give you an electronic view of your subject either on the rear display or the electronic viewfinder also known as the EVF in very general terms DSLRs are a bit quicker so they're often used by pro photographers for news sports and action they also have superior battery life because there's no EVF mirrorless cameras are more compact and better suited to shooting article or for photos where speed is less important while that said many mirrorless cameras are pretty fast these days and most DSLRs can have a article as you'll see most of our pics are mirrorless cameras as they offer more features for the dollar that brings us to your budget

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras can range in price from $500 for Sony's 850 100 to $4,500 for Sony's professional a 9 mark - so what's with the huge price difference it comes down to speed and capabilities so let's break that down one of the most crucial aspects of a camera is the sensor the most expensive kind will look at is full-frame which is exactly the same size as the 35 millimeter film we shot back in the day that's about 20 times larger than the ad smartphone sensor by the way that big surface allows a camera to gather more light so it's better for shooting at night it also creates a shallower depth of field or bouquet to isolate the subject and give them a dreamy blurred background the drawback is the price of both the camera and lenses full-frame mirrorless and

DSLR cameras start at over $1,000 and go up to $5,000 and higher the next sensor size is aps-c it's about 2.5 times smaller than full-frame but still huge compared to a smartphone in general you get less a blurred bokeh inferior night's shooting capabilities and fewer shots per charge however prices are cheaper starting at under $500 and going up to about $1,700 the smallest interchangeable lens camera sensor size is Micro Four Thirds prices are similar to aps-c but bouquet and low-light shooting capability are further reduced okay we've already narrowed down the budget range with just one feature now let's talk about other capabilities if your loved one fancies themselves a sports or wildlife photographer then speed is key you'll want to find a camera that can shoot at eight frames per second or more with a continuous autofocus system that keeps every shot sharp battery life here is pretty important too if they're into portrait or landscape photography then

Look for the maximum sensor resolution you'll also want an optical or a good electronic viewfinder and eye detection autofocus budding street photographers will need a silent shooting mode a small low-profile body with a tilting screen and good low-light sensitivity if they want to be the next to JJ Abrams the camera absolutely needs sharp 4k recording you should also check to make sure it supports 1080p at 60 frames per second and preferably 120 frames per second for dramatic slow-motion shots TlcShoppe vloggers will need the screen to flip around 180 degrees for better sound it should support a microphone input and if possible headphone output as well face and I detect auto focus is also a bonus here along with in-body stabilization now that we know the budget range and what features your giftee will need let's talk about specific camera

MA first let's say you have between 500 and 1,000 dollars to spend that will buy you a great camera these days because the market is so competitive on the low end of that scale I'd suggest that nikons D 3500 which is under $500 with the kit lens I wouldn't recommend it for article shooters because it doesn't do 4k however with an all new twenty four point two megapixel aps-c sensor and small body it's great for portrait and landscape photography it has incredible battery life and nikon has a vast selection of lenses another good low end option is fuji films 24 point two megapixel x a 7 which is $700 with the kit lens it's a good little vlogging camera thanks to the flip around screen and headphone jack it can shoot at 6 frames per second and has face detect autofocus going up another notch in price I'd suggest

Fuji films 26 point 1 megapixel XT 30 which is about $800 without a lens for that price you get up to 8 frames per second shooting speeds or 20 frames per second in silent electronic mode it also offers face and I detect autofocus and 4k article with both headphone and microphone ports that makes it ideal for just about every kind of shooter whether they're into action portraits or article for action portrait and landscape shooting go for canons $900 m6 mark 2 it can shoot bursts at up to 14 frames per second with full continuous autofocus an incredible speed for a camera of that price at the same time it's the highest resolution aps-c camera out there with 31 megapixels it also delivers 4k article with face tracking a flip up screen and a microphone port now let's talk about high-end full-frame cameras if article is key

I'd recommend Nikon $1700 e6 it has full-frame 4k article that allows for buttery bouquet and both headphone and microphone ports it's pretty good for photos too with 5.5 frames per second shooting speeds with autofocus enabled the best all-around mirrorless camera is Sony's a7 three for $2000 without a lens it's pretty costly but it delivers fast at 10 frames per second shooting speeds incredible eye and face tracking autofocus and the are pissed 4k article of any full-frame Sony camera it's also good in low light and has great battery life and if money isn't an object to take a look at Sony's $3500 61 megapixel a7r 4 it's the highest resolution full-frame camera out there but delivers 10 frames per second shooting speeds making it quite the double threat the I detect autofocus beats all rivals and it can shoot pen sharp 4k article finally don't forget that you'll need to get lenses for the camera depending on your budget

It's good to start with a kit zoom lens then add better quality fixed or zoom lenses later and with that you're fully up to speed buying a camera for your favorite photographer if you liked the article hit subscribe and check out our camera and holiday gift guides on Engadget comm you.
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