The 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Is The Car of Your Top Down Driving Dreams!

The 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Is The Car of Your Top Down Driving Dreams! Lexus unveils the gorgeous 2021 LC 500 convertible in Los Angeles

The 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Is The Car of Your Top Down Driving Dreams!

Lexus unveils the gorgeous 2021 LC 500 convertible in Los Angeles

Hey guys this is rhomin here at the world debut of the LC 500 and this car is a little special because well you're about to see why it's special for CLC has been out quite a while but let's see what happens when you push the button there we go look at that takes 15 seconds to bring this LC 500 from top up to top down and there you have it look at that and I got to tell you my opinion this is one of the most beautiful one of the sexiest convertibles out there I mean if you look at the LC 500 from afar and you look at the lines look at the collar you look at the interior let's look at the interior I'll show you just how beautiful this car is because there is just a ton of white leather in here with all kinds of incredible contrast but I got to tell you the polar bear black or white contrast is one of my favorites especially when you pair it with this credible ocean blue collar it is spectacular so let's talk about some numbers in case you're interested like

I said the convertible top opens in 15 seconds it's under the hood of course is the big old v8 5 liter puts out 471 horsepower at 71 hundred rpm on 398 pallet of torque at 4800 rpm and if you like turbos well this is not the car for you so if you're a place from like I am with you this course in Colorado where we like turbos because it makes up for the high altitude this car is not going to be for you but if you like sexy convertibles and the roar of a v8 without any forced induction then this may be the car for you now if you're wondering when this comes on sale we're looking at the summer of 2020 so not too long from now and the car is built in Japan look at the size of these wheels oh my gosh 245 4021 yeah 20 cold h wheels that's a big old wheel and a big old tire I'm sorry look at the tire size is not wheel sizes now of course recently Toyota has added Android auto apple carplay and even Alexa compatibility so for the longest time - that did not have those features but now this

Lexus does have them let's do one more walk around in terms of the transmission you're not gonna get seven eight or even nine years you're gonna get of course 10 it's a 10 speed transmission and once again the interior here I kind of like this very linear very straightforward very in some ways almost industrial design and when you pair that with you know this very supple leather I mean look at that design and the leather based on Lexus says the shape of your body supposed to hug you it's supposed to make you comfortable and yeah it's pretty drop-dead gorgeous I think we have a heads up display right there these very cut and angular headlights you know in the world where all cars are become incredibly aerodynamic this car is still very angular sharp almost like a katana of course that may be what's in the design language that the designers used whether you like it or not Lexus has gone with this massive spindle grille over the years I've gotten used to it at first

I thought well it's a little over the top but now that Audi is also doing a very similar grille and BMW has gone triple XL on the girls it actually seems kind of conservative and check out these really sexy triple headlights I mean look at them and then of course you've got that kind of lightning bolt pattern inside the headlight which is you know also in the running lights and kind of throw out the car even the exterior side view mirrors with this very sexy little line that I'm sure lights up here and here just nice little details like that to make this that's a great car yeah there is a back seat and it's probably best for people with well let's just call it shorter legs or thinner legs because with these seats all the way back not a lot of room in the backseat maybe they're more for insurance purposes than for actual usability you can throw a set of golf clubs back there

I suppose and there's a little bit of a wind breaker right there a little bit of a wind dam to keep your hair nice and come and of course the conversation quiet and finally this has become a very interesting design queue where the exhaust pipes are hidden in kind of lower fascia you can see them down there you know a 5-liter v8 puts out for 271 horsepower is gonna be pretty loud so not quite as big as the holes are made out to you gonna get one two three four quad exhaust well guys there you have it this is the world premiere of the LC 500 convertible if you're a huge fan Alexis and you love the LC okay I think personally it's one of the sexiest cars out there then coming in this summer this might be a car for you now you're probably wondering about zero to sixty times and Lexus has not yet reveal those but it is about 200 pounds heavier than the coupe version because it is a convertible and of course pricing has not yet been but expect there to be a premium for the convertible once again it competes with cars tourists like the

Mercedes Benz convertible yes I'll of course be unguarded luxury convertible so yeah there it is you guys come back to TfL car world debuts from the Los Angeles Auto Show as always Roman reporting for the bath san cartega TfL for more news news and of course real world Lexus LC 500 convertible debuts see you guys soon from the show.
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