Taking Amazon's $50 Echo Auto for a test drive

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Taking Amazon's $50 Echo Auto for a test drive

So I've got the Amazon echo Auto here which is this new echo device that's invitation-only at the moment that rides along in your car with you I'm excited to see what it can do so as I'm kind of unboxing here I'm seeing you know like a lot of echo products you've got these devices that are really easy to access it looks like it's quick to set up this is really small and unobtrusive I kind of like the size of this I think it would fit well on my dashboard and you can see it has these microphones here so it'll hear you but it doesn't have a speaker so it's it's going to go through your speaker's via bluetooth or auxilary wire and those are right here in this box as well so we've got this thing unboxed

I'm really excited to check it out let's go ahead and install it in my car right over here the setup for the echo Auto is super simple you have the vent clip that slides right into most been shaped you have the magnetic rack that holds on to the device itself and you have two cords I literally have the device in place within a minute you will also notice these little microphones up here the echo Auto has eight of them and it's built to hear you over road noise AC and your car stereo one nice perk is that you don't have to connect to Wi-Fi the auto just relies on your mobile network I already have an echo dot at home too so once my app connected to this device I automatically had access to my Amazon music account my skills everything that covers the basics so let's go ahead and take the echo Auto for a spin so the

Amazon echo dot costs 50 bucks which is the same as this Amazon echo OTO but the dot has a speaker and the auto doesn't so part of my question is what does the auto bring to the table or in this case the dashboard that an Amazon echo from your house doesn't what's traffic like on the way home at the moment traffic to home looks good the fastest route takes about 20 minutes via I to 65 and KY 155 so the echo auto can clearly be really helpful as a tool when you're driving but read what happens when I ask for directions bring me home getting directions if you don't see them tap the notification on your iPhone when it's safe to do so so what happens is that Amazon echo auto sends me a notification through the app and I actually have to tap on that and it brings me to a Maps app so that I can follow directions there

I don't like that at all what are most people going to use the Amazon echo Auto for in their car probably listening to music so let's see if this thing can hear me over really loud music play pressure buy quiet haulers pressure buy quiet haulers starting now on Amazon music what time is that the time is 1:05 p.m. that's not bad so what does the echo auto really add well it's supposed to hear you in a noisy car so let's give that a shot here's what we did after loading my kids into the van feeding them sugary Donuts and driving them around to get them riled up they stayed totally quiet and well behaved one of them even fell asleep so maybe we need to give this another try but pretend my kids are older wailed so do we get donuts too I feel like I'd be much better if I got doughnuts which I was feeling an affection toward where's the nearest adoption center so the echo

Auto can clearly hear over a crazy family and a minivan well let's fast forward the kids are all grown up they've gone off to college and I finally saved up for my midlife crisis car this thing should be able to hear me over road noise with all eight of these microphones let's see how much road noise it can handle so we're driving in the convertible right now we've got the wind whipping past we've got the air conditioning blasting it full I want to see how well the Echo auto can hear over all of this noise so let's give it a shot how fast can afford Mustang go how fast can afford Mustang go Ford Mustangs maximum speed is 160 miles per hour all right so we took this thing on the highway to see how the Echo auto deals with all of the noise when it's maxed out so tell me a car Joe tell me a car Joe you can tell even with all of the noise around and even with me shouting she really has trouble hearing what

I'm saying and responding so you can definitely tell when you get to a little bit of a quieter spot that the echo Auto does a fine job of hearing you over moderate noise but once you have that top down that wind whipping that air conditioning blasting it really does struggle to hear you that said the same thing is probably true for anyone riding in a convertible on a highway so at the end of the day the Amazon echo Auto does exactly what it advertises it puts a voice assistant in your car and sure those voice controls are nice but if you want directions you still have to go to a screen whether that's your phone or a smart dash display so listen 50 bucks may not seem like that much money but for this thing it is and that makes it just feel like a little impractical you can get an echo dot for half that on sale so if you find this on sale and you have an old minivan like mine then go for it.
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